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Is Katherine Trimble an envy racist bigot?

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Jan 31, 2007, 11:08:44 PM1/31/07
Is Katherine Trimble an envy racist bigot?

A person, mistakenly think that she's in his friend list. However,
rather than denying it, she'll simply give a friendly reply.

>Hi [My Friends' name]
>Many thanks for your message.
>Remind me what *** is again?
>There are some networks that I simply don't bother with anymore.
>Best wishes

Such mutual communication automatically make each person in the friend
list of another in a social networking site.

Not suspicious of any problem, the person then build his business
network in a friendly manner to many of those in his list, which
unfortunately include the old hag.

Soon, the beldam is engaged in serious slandering campaign the person.
She claimed, "I have never chatted to or had any discussion with this
person." She claimed that the alleged communication is "fantasy". She
claimed that the person is spamming, the claim that does not match the
official rule. She also claimed that the person is pretending to be
her friend to get her friends.

>BEWARE: Spam using my name is doing the rounds
>If any of my network buddies find themselves getting a mesage from someone proporting to be "a great friend of Kat Trimble" PLEASE >IGNORE IT.
>Someone is using this ruse to get to all my network contacts -
>on the premise that he is a great friend of mine.
>This is not how I network (of course not, what's her IQ?)
>and I am sorry that you have targeted in this manner
loathe spam messages. If I connect you with any of my
>valued contacts believe me you'll get a message from me first, or a personal introduction face to face.
>This is a first for me. Be wary - you might be next
>Yours in fury!

The accusation is absurd. Who the hell does she think she is that
anyone would pretend to be her friend? What makes her so arrogant?

What sort of idiot cannot tell a different between someone trying to
be friendly to many people and someone trying to fraudulently get
extra credibility by pretending to be someone's friend?

Thinking this is just a friendly misunderstanding, the person simply
explained to Katherine:

>I don't mind your comments about me as long as it is true. So keep in mind that we did chat in a friendly way and we were indeed in
>each other network, which you can check, before saying anything about me. Also, *******'s definition of spamming is trying to sell
>something without intent to network which is far from what I do.
>I'll try to get both of us disconnected. could have understood and tell me privately like Peter did. Then we could have really been
>friend. It's a tragedy, but I got 400+ other friends to concentrate on.

The beldam didn't stop. She got even madder.

She kept making many false claims. She claimed that the person is a
robot with no public information. She said that she had never
communicated in any way to the person. She tried to portray that the
person has some fraudulent intent, friendless, and that nobody trust
the person. She claimed that the person is a nazi.

All these are over a few friendly gestures to her friends.

Now, put your self in the persons' shoe. What can he do to make her
leave him alone?

The world is filled with thieves, burglars, robbers, and fraudsters.
We wonder what set this thing of? Rape (no body would do that to her)?
Murder? Burglarry? Robbery? Fraud? What set this thing off? Just a few
friendly gestures. You can't avoid wrath from this type of vermins
just by being careful.

Or maybe there are better explanations.

Expert analysis suggests racism as her real motives. The person is
Asian and Katherine is white.

She kept doing so after being told about the fallacy of the claim.
It's not until the truth is published that her tone start changing.
Then she raised totally different issues.

That didn't left not many amicable options to deal with this kind.

Guess she knew all along that the claim were false. She just didn't
expect anyone would publish the contrary. She's a time bomb. She had
gone the extra miles condemning a person for a few slight friendly
gesture, we'll never know what she'll do to anyone.

It seems that her other much related real motive is best explained by
her very own words:

"I do not like the way you ramp up your connections"

It's quite unfortunate that the world is filled with envy vermins that
just get this thing against those more successful than them.

The truth is they're simply uncompetitive. Hence, they craft lies and
prejudices against those who are. That's why we have so many nonsenses
justifying prohibition against so many consensual acts.

Some have reasonable cases. Most can be appeased. But some, like the
beldam, should get the fuck out of the gene pool for good along with
all her kind for the sake of prosperity for all before they form
another Nazi party.

It's very stupid trying to reason to such bigots for the same reason
we don't reason or negotiate with mosquitoes and germs. We just get
rid them.

More effortlessly we should set one of the vermin as a sample to show
the rest their proper place. They hit, we hit harder; Those maggots
don't deserve higher level of communication.

Let us know if you know any conviction records of the beldam or any of
her family, friends, friends' family, or familys' friends. Someone as
screw up as her must have some criminal background. We'll blast some
of those records on the net so anyone knows the kind of vermins she
is. We can never be too cruel when facing thieves, burglars, robbers,
and an envy bigot. Only when those vermins are all gone we can assure
our freedom to pursue happiness through any consensual means.

Currently our world is filled with unfair misery given to those who
are honestly successful. The mere acts of making honest money are
punishable by tax. Getting many chicks is also condemned. Yet, we have
to lock our doors in fear that someone will steal our properties
because governments protect thieves.

Unless those who run the fastest also hit the hardest, success will
then simply be a bridge to gas chamber.

Even if we let the worthless die and kill parasites, the market will
take care of everything anyway. Believing otherwise is practicing envy

Yet, capitalists, out of benevolence have given more and more to those
who oppress them. Only capitalists patiently give the other cheek and
repay hatred and genocide with aids and helps often to ungrateful
angry mobs.

When vermins like Katherine keeps being influential, it should be
about time all of us to stop playing nice. Keep doing otherwise means
having to realize that it's really fear and not benevolent or mercy
that motivate us.

Long live freedom, competition, rationality, meritocracy, prosperity,
and proper alignment between individuals' interests to productivity as
a whole. The world will be a better place if all of her kind went

What do you think?


Mar 5, 2007, 5:51:57 PM3/5/07
On Jan 31, 8:08 pm, wrote:
> Is Katherine Trimble an envy racist bigot?

Just what does this have to do with Dr. Quinn? IDIOT!

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