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Phyllis C. Stange

Jan 29, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/29/98
OK everyone is saying that they play out there music so here's a few song's that I think they should put on there... 
1: Backstreet Boys...Any song fits this show  
2: Usher...You Make Me Wanna... Hey it describes Pacey and the teacher sorrta if you think about it...they never in that song really say exactally what they wanna do but we can use our imaginations 
3: Anything but Paula Cole's I don't wanna wait 
4: Sarah McLauchlan (I can't spell her name right) Sweet Surender 
5: Savage Garden...Trully Maddlly Deeplly 
6: silverchair...Freak...Hey it describes what all the guys think of Dqwson. 
Those are just some songs that I wouldn't mind hearing on the show...They found a way for Paula Cole's song and Chummbawumba's song to fit on the bitch and those songs are annoying so what about sumthing cool....Anyone else have any suggestions hey you never know womeone who works for the show might be reading this stuff and get and idea for new music...
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