Winter Olympic coverage on NBC and USA are garbage

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NBC - Niggers Before Caucasians Olympics

Mar 6, 2022, 9:20:04 PM3/6/22
Nothing but niggers and queers presenting the Olympics from NBC

Am I crazy or are they trying to act like it’s live but then cut
away to the same event they showed the day before. Does Paramount+
have more? If so that’s BS

7 days ago
I wish it were possible to get edited coverage that didn't go big
into the back stories, etc. Only a little during the person's event.
Not a view of the mothers rec room, etc etc etc

6 days ago
Use a VPN and watch them on the CBC website. The coverage is much
better. Their is way more focus on the actual events and results.
They also don't just focus on Canadian athletes like NBC does with
American athletes.

6 days ago
edited 6 days ago
This is what also ruined American Ninja Warrior. I want to see all
the athletes compete, and not historical, emotionally dramatized
stories of only the top contenders. Which then takes takes time away
from showing the performance of the rest of the athletes.

6 days ago
Watch it on the NBC Sports app. They show raw feeds in their
entirety and unedited. For example, if you want to watch an entire 2
hour Italy vs Sweden Curling match, you can do so.

7 days ago

5 days ago
I honestly don’t understand this mindset.

Why would anyone care about who wins or who loses if they don’t know
anything about them? Would we just be cheering for “Generic American

These people get the spotlight once every four years. That’s it.
It’s not like the NFL where you might know all the players on your
favorite team and you’re following them all the time.

No one pays attention to bobsledding or ski jumping except when it’s
time for the Olympics. Aren’t the athletes deserving of a little
coverage on how they’ve worked to get to this point?

7 days ago
The idiots in charge of the coverage will never learn. It’s been
abysmal for years now and nothing has changed.

6 days ago
It just cracks me up that the commentators keep acting like they’re
in Beijing, when NBC announced they weren’t going and everyone knows
they’re in a ski lodge set in Connecticut.

6 days ago
I think they have a few on-site people but yea the main desk is
clearly in the states

6 days ago
Wait they are not in China? LOL!!! I thought they were.

NBC, take your black Bob Costas and shove him up your ass. We've
had enough of that nigger Mike Tirico.
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