NBC's Olympics ratings are terrible. The bigoted Washington Post sucks NBC black cocks to make up for it.

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NBC - Niggers Before Caucasians Olympics

Mar 6, 2022, 8:40:02 PM3/6/22
Nothing but niggers and queers presenting the Olympics from NBC

The TV ratings for the Winter Olympics in Beijing aren’t just bad —
they’re historically terrible.

NBC — which has broadcast every Olympics since 2000 and will do so
until at least 2032 — knew it was facing strong head wind coming
into these Games. The 13-hour time zone difference between Beijing
and the eastern United States meant most events would be as much as
a half-day old by the time they aired in prime time. Another
competition so close to the pandemic-delayed Summer Games in Tokyo
in July might give viewers Olympics fatigue. And some worried that
public health restrictions would sap some of the color from

There’s also the long shadow hanging over the host country, China,
given its record of human rights abuses, its threats to invade
Taiwan, and its lack of cooperation in international efforts to
investigate the coronavirus’s origins. Even some Olympians are
participating in boycott campaigns.

And yet somehow, with all that going against them and expectations
set low, the Olympic telecasts have still managed to underperform so


NBC, take your black Bob Costas and shove him up your ass. We've
had enough of that nigger Mike Tirico.
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