NBC Olympics coverage suffers poor ratings, reviews

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NBC - Niggers Before Caucasians Olympics

Mar 6, 2022, 8:30:02 PM3/6/22
Nothing but niggers and queers presenting the Olympics from NBC

The Winter Olympics have been everywhere this past week — on
broadcast TV, on cable and on the Peacock streaming service.

But there are two things that are difficult to find — large
audiences and good reviews for NBC, the host network.

As far as audiences go, Wednesday’s NBC telecast drew 9.787 million
viewers, despite the presence of one of the premiere events of the
Games, the men’s figure skating finals. The ratings did go up as the
telecast went on, thanks to Nathan Chen and the men’s figure
skating, but the numbers were down 55 percent from the Olympics of
four years ago.

NBC will be quick to point out that the audience blew away
everything else on broadcast TV. The “Jeopardy!” college tournament
on ABC was second with 4.57 million viewers. An audience of 9.787
million viewers, however, would not qualify for a gold medal — or
any medal, for that matter.

Those who are watching have complained about NBC’s coverage.

Here’s the biggest beef — NBC’s habit of taking a point and beating
it to death until you’re sick and tired of hearing about it.

How many times, for example, did we hear that Chen fell down in the
2018 Olympics and failed to medal? About once for every flying sit-
spin that Chen executed Wednesday.

The fact that Chen was able to redeem himself was a good story — but
NBC overdid it.

One would think they had something else to talk about — Chen’s
dominating skating. Analysts Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir, who were
fresh voices when they made their debuts eight years ago, didn’t
give viewers any analysis, just superlatives. They have become stale
in a hurry.

The same scenario was true when American Shaun White was competing
in the snowboard halfpipe, his final Olympic appearance.

That’s all the NBC commentators talked about, hardly mentioning the
other two Americans who were in the finals.

Granted, White’s farewell appearance was a big story.

But it wasn’t the only story.

That’s one of the faults of live coverage — NBC has too much air
time to fill.

And it keeps repeating itself while it does it.

Bad bets

The state’s local newscasts have noticed that there is something
different about Sunday’s Super Bowl.

It’s the first time that state fans can legally wager on the big
game. During news features about the availability of sports
gambling, there has been concern that some people may not be able to
control themselves and bet over their heads.

If the state was really serious about problem gambling, however,
they should eliminate all those commercials that promise
unbelievable odds in order to get people to use their service.

One commercial, for example, promises you can bet $5 for a chance to
win back $280 — 56 to 1 odds.

That is an easy way to get someone hooked on gambling — offering
something that’s too good to be true.

It would be like a tobacco company offering free cigarettes to get
someone to sample their product.

The state never would allow that. Why would they allow it for sports

The commercials put on the air by sports books — offering something
for virtually nothing — could influence people to gamble who
ordinarily wouldn’t.

Perhaps that’s what the sports books want, but that isn’t what the
state should want. It should be more responsible than that.

Obviously, you are not going to eliminate problem gambling by
eliminating these introductory offers.

It would, however, be the responsible thing to do.

Sports gambling is going to make a lot of money for the state. It
doesn’t need sports books to make unbelievable offers to make even
more money.


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