Anonymously Publish Thieves' Conviction Record on Internet

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Sep 7, 2005, 6:35:06 PM9/7/05
Publicize thieves' criminal record anonymously on internet.

On December 25th, 2001, I found out that my digital camera and many
other electronic good is missing. I frustratedly search diligently all
over the place, only to find out it's really gone. Someone stole it.

I graciously tell 500 people that the thief have 24 hours to fully and
unconditionally return my property. I was fined $273 further for
intentionally "annoying" the thief.

Since then, day and night I yearn for vengeance and justice that never
come. Every December 25th, I spend 10% of my earning to buy electronic
goods I destroy to commemorate my lost of properties in the hand of

I was surprised... Honest people making honest money has to pay tax.
Fine for misparking, smoking, missing immigration document, have
someone stupidly pour coffee on her own lap, can result in lawsuits and
fine that's so disproportionate with damage cause. It doesn't matter
that the person doing it doesn't have malevolent intention. It
doesn't matter it's done undeliberately. It doesn't matter that the
freaking law is so complicated it's hard to understand. People are mean
to good honest people.

A whole family kill themselves, because a Judge convicts him of making
"frivolous argument" against income tax. Many productive Jews and
capitalists, are killed everywhere by angry mob that are envy of them.

Good people are being slaughtered, yet when one inferior vermin
deliberately, malevolently steal, there isn't enough deterrence to
prevent them from doing so. Government's message is forgiveness and

Thieves and larcenies take money away from productive individual.
However, thanks to a loophole in the law, thieves' victim has the right
to know the identity of thieves. The purpose is for lawsuits, which is
expensive and tend to hurt more financially responsible individual
rather than the guilty. However, any thief victim can use the identity
for vengeance by anonymously posting thieves' conviction record on
the net.

To protect thieves government do not post conviction records on
internet. Thieves are way more dangerous than sex crimes. The latter
are often victimless and consensual. Yet the latter is forced to
publicly report their conviction, while thieves are not.

If you're a thief's victim, don't you want vengeance? Don't you want to
give a hard time to vermin that failed to respect your right? Don't you
want to get down to their level and play in the same playing field with
those thieves and robbers, say by killing them? Unfortunately
governments need thieves to terrorize good hones productive individual,
and hence protect thieves from that. If you kill even one thief, you'll
go to jail. That's a waste of time. So many parasites, so little time
to slaughter all of them.

But there is something you can do. You can post their conviction record
all over the internet anonymously in newsgroup.

Good people and good businessmen often have their reputation tarnished
for very little or even no mistake. They're often getting sued
frivolously. It's about time we treat parasites, at last as cruel as
the way we treat good people to flatten up the playing field. This will
motivate people to be good instead.

The sole purpose why we need government is security. If we let the
worthless die and kill parasites, the market will take care of the
rest. We can even make the deal sweeter to the parasitic inferior
people that cannot make money productively by getting them high with
drugs as long as they stop making kids. Yet, governments virtually
prohibit consensual acts and rewards in consensual ones. No wonder
we're not moving forward fast enough.

Some innocent people may get imaginary conviction there, but every
conviction records can always be double checked by potential employer,
or neighbor. Employers are less likely to hire those evil vermin.
Hence, the world will be a safer place.

Some would argue that thieves without a job will steal again. Well,
guns, properly used, don't kill people. They kill vermin. We shouldn't
reward evil acts with appeasement. If we do, we'll end up like the Jews
in Second World War, or Jesus. We should reward evil, justly, with

An eye for an eye is good enough for those vermin's. When inferior
people oppose us, we should get down to their level, and fight them
within their own game.

Money don't bring happiness, vengeance does. Avenge your lost of
property. Exterminate thieves. We'll all be better of.

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