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Jul 23, 2007, 8:20:11 PM7/23/07

of actually selling the
> black box that allowed cellular phones to be cloned.
> This was far more than Ed was ever accused of - he merely sold kits that
> could be built into boxes. The man in Kentucky decided to fight the
> charges and he showed how there were many legitimate uses for cloned
> phones. In front of a jury in Kentucky, he won the case. Unfortunately,
> Cummings' lawyer knew nothing about this and Cummings was forced to plead
> guilty last year in the mistaken belief that he would never be able to
> convince a jury that he hadn't committed a serious crime. Had he been
> found innocent, there never would have been a probation violation and
> Ed would be free today.

How absolutely disgusting of the Secret Service to persecute Ed Cummings.

The Secret Service are the same bunch of Cro-Magnums that put on rubber
gloves to search gay members of Congress visiting the President.

They didn't want to catch any gay cooties.

The President ordered all Secret Service members to take "sensitivity" classes.

There are two more things to know about this case of persecution.


Ed Cummings was savagely beaten by another inmate.
His jaw is shattered, and his arm is also completely shattered.
He had surgery on both his arm and his jaw.
His jaw was so shattered, they had to "slit my throat in two places"
to put the metal in to hold it back together as it mends.
His mouth will be wired shut for 2-3 months.
There is also a chance of nerve damage which
might leave him with permanent droops in his face.

And two:

Cummings was imprisoned under a little known attachment to the
Digital Telephony bill allowing individuals to be charged in
this fashion. Cummings was portrayed by the Secret Service as
a potential terrorist because of some of the books found in
his library.

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