Best and Worst Cartoon Network Moments in 2014

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Dec 24, 2014, 6:31:13 PM12/24/14

To name another worst moment, there's moving Ben 10: Omniverse to weekday mornings until November 14th. CN should've left it for Saturdays. It was fine right there.

I really can't think of any good things, but I guess I can say Clarence and Sonic Boom are alright shows and Over the Garden Wall was great.


Really bad scheduling for both CN and Boomerang: Seriously, both networks have the same shows airing non stop (CN has TTGo! and Gumball, while for Boom it's What's New Scooby-Doo?, Tom and Jerry, and The Freaken Garfield Show of all things), it's just awful. Because up until June (for Boomerang) and September (for CN), both networks had pretty solid schedules. And now Teen Titans Go! and Gumball are on Boomerang for some reason, and of course, Adventure Time and Regular Show hardly air at all.

Randomly screwing over Ben 10: Omniverse and The Tom and Jerry Show: Both shows were doing pretty well, then they decided to burn off those shows on weekdays (but at least they bothered to promote T&J when they were getting burned off). It's safe to say Ben 10 is over, though I think T&J have a chance since maybe they'll renew it and move it to Boomerang for the rebrand.

Screwing over Sonic Boom: I'm not a huge fan of Sonic Boom and yeah it's just an acquisition, but they could of at least gave it a better slot for Sonic fans to watch rather than 7AM, airing the series after Pokemon would of at least been okay.

Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa getting long hiatuses: This issue has been solved now since we got a lot of new episodes when both came back, but still.

Hmmm, let me think...

Best moments:

Giving Steven Universe, Clarence, and Uncle Grandpa more seasons: Especially in Steven Universe's case, which is going to have a total of 104 episodes for it's first two seasons. This news came during the three month hiatus, so saying that the SU fandom was relieved is an understatement. Also, with Adventure Time and Regular Show getting long in the tooth, these new shows need to last if they are going to replace them.

Over the Garden Wall: This was an absolutely wonderful miniseries. I would love for more miniseries to be made if they're as great as this one.

Having Detentionaire as a digital exclusive: There are three other digital exclusives, but Detentionaire is the best one, in my opinion. Being online allows me to binge watch it and enjoy the storyline without having to wait once a week. Now if only the second half of the series was released...

Neutral Moments:

Giving Adventure Time and Regular Show more seasons: I am a huge fan of Adventure Time and have been really enjoying the recent episodes, but with over 100 episodes under its belt, I'm wondering when it will end before it takes an extreme drop in quality like many long-running shows do. The same goes for Regular Show, even though I don't like it as much.

Christina Miller as the new president of Cartoon Network: So far I think she's doing okay. Who knows, maybe she'll start doing something spectacular next year. I just hope she doesn't turn out as bad as or worse than Stuart Snyder.

Worst Moments:

Too many Teen Titans Go reruns: I know this show has high ratings, but that doesn't mean it should be played all the time at the expense of all the other shows. I'd say this for any show that gets too much spotlight, even if I like the show (and I don't like Teen Titans Go).

The revelation that the Cartoon Network uppers don't like females being part of the audience: This was one of the few times that I was absolutely pissed at Cartoon Network rather than annoyed. However, this was during the Stuart Snyder era, so I wonder if Christina Miller will be any different and include more shows with female protagonists down the road. That Back to Backspace pilot looks promising.


That's all I got.

Best moments:

Over the Garden Wall: This was a fantastic mini-series and I loved it. I wish it was longer since it was so great, but it covered everything that it needed to do in ten episodes. It was a great choice to get this mini-series.

Steven Universe getting more episodes: I still need to catch up on some of the last couple of months worth of episodes, but the series has been really solid and I'm glad that it's getting more episodes.


The treatment of Beware the Batman: While the first few episodes weren't anything outstanding, it was a pretty decent opening and the show itself became more interesting after awhile. They really should have aired the rest of the first season. At least it got better treatment from Toonami. They even made a last minute change to their schedule just to air the remaining episodes before they lost the rights, which was pretty awesome. I still need to watch the last few episodes myself, but this show definitely deserved better treatment.

Teen Titans GO taking up too much of the schedule: I honestly hate this show. It's not funny and the characters are more annoying/unlikable in the episodes I have seen. I can understand why it takes up parts of the schedule due to the ratings it must get, but practically every time I turn on Cartoon Network during the weekdays, a Teen Titans GO episode is on.

Burning off the last chuck of Ben 10 Omniverse on weekday mornings: This was a rather surprising decision. Even with the long breaks, I figured that they'd put it back on Saturday mornings eventually. While this was a lousy way to treat Omniverse, I don't think that I minded it too much, especially compared to how they treated Beware the Batman. I think that I prefer getting through the rest of the series faster, especially when there were a lot of painfully bad parts to that last chuck of Omniverse. It's still bad, which is why I still put it here, but a part of me is okay that they made that decision. It probably helps that Omniverse was becoming progressively less enjoyable to for ever since the Monster World arc.

The treatment of Sonic Boom: This was another odd choice. It is a third-party series and it isn't particularly good in my option, but giving it a 7AM premiere slow right off the bat was just strange. I still don't think it's particularly good, but I don't think it's bad enough to warrant that kind of treatment either right away.

I can't think of a best moment, but I know one worst moment that makes me unhappy.

The worst moment with me is with Teen Titans GO. I have been noticing that this show has been taking a lot of the schedule and I definitely don't like the series. The series just overall looks like a huge unfunny and giant mess of comedy. Not a single joke made me laugh or chuckle and the characters are just a bunch of stupid and obnoxious idiots. No wonder kids networks barley have action shows nowadays. Sure the series has good ratings, but I don't think it needs to be rerun constantly.

-Over the Garden Wall. Not only was this a fantastic experiment for the network, but it's my new personal favorite cartoon series, period.
-Steven Universe. This series started off fairly decent when it started in 2013, but throughout this year it's been for the most part fantastic. So much beauty in the technicals and the characters and even the interactions. It's just a very well handled show.
-CJ in Regular Show. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical on having her replace Margaret at first, but she's definitely proven herself to be a worthy character in just about every episode she's in. She's full of personality and is very likable, but of course has her flaws - which is what a good character should be. Granted, her fate with Mordecai is kind of left up in the air as of "Merry Christmas Mordecai", but even if this is it for her, it sure was nice while it lasted.

The worst:
-Teen Titans Go. Just look at the two posts above mine; they sum it up better than I could. Though I will say that I'm genuinely curious as to why this, of all shows, has the highest ratings in the network.
-Adventure Time's downgrade. I've heard Pendleton Ward left the show, and that definitely explains a lot on why the show's current season feels utterly directionless in what it wants to do. The first part was so-so with the arc involving Finn's arm and his father, but after "Breezy", it became pretty obvious that they had no idea where to go from them. Episodes actually starring Finn and Jake became surprisingly rare, and those that did lacked the spark that the previous seasons had. It just feels like they're trying to experiment with several different character combinations, but most of them don't work because they are executed in a mundane way that just doesn't fit this show.

Best Moments:

1) Steven Universe getting more attention: When SU was initially released on Cartoon Network, it was the least received (in ratings) of the three new series (counting Uncle Grandpa and Clarence). I thought that CN was definitely done with the series. However, I was glad to see that the network did not lose faith in Steven (maybe I should have said "believe in Steven") and that it has paid off with SU getting some really good ratings, as well as more exposure.

2) Annoying Orange ending: When I heard that the series got a second season renewal of 35 episodes, I was not pleased, especially since this came after the series only aired 5 or 6 episodes. With the ratings decreasing after the renewal, I knew that CN jumped the gun too soon. I never really enjoyed AO, so I was pretty glad that it ended. I was also glad because it was the final live-action series (okay, live-action/animation hybrid) on the network. Now, the only live-action ventures on the network are the Flicks (which could go on and air more animated movies) and Hall of Game Awards (which, looking at its ratings this year, I'm surprised that it has not been cancelled yet).

Neutral Moments:

1) Stuart Snyder stepping down, and Christina Miller ascending: While I didn't enjoy many of Snyder's decisions (CN Real, cancelling of Toonami, Canadian imports that were not great), that's not to say that he made some good decisions (AT and RS, CN's 20th birthday). With Christina Miller, I'm not sure what to think of her, but all I'm hoping is that she makes Cartoon Network a better cartoon network.

Worst Moments:

1) Teen Titans Go! hero-worship: Just like the previous posters mentioned, I really don't like TTG. Sure, there are some episodes that are pretty good, especially when they don't rely on the usually humor they go for. However, TTG seems to go for the Adult Swim-esque humor of hero-worshipping stupidity, punishing common sense, and having generally unlikeable protagonists that you're supposed to get behind because they're the protagonist (that's not how a protagonist works!). However, I do realize that there are shows that I will dislike that will be popular, so I understand that TTG does get some airtime on CN due to it popularity in ratings. Nevertheless, I don't understand the over-exposure of it. The fact that this series gets so much airtime that it can go through its entire series once every 7-8 days is ridiculous. Plus, the times that many of the episodes air are ridiculous. For one thing, why does TTG air at 6/5c in the morning (or anytime in the morning)? Its target audience isn't up then, so CN can spare airing the series then and air something different. Secondly, why do weekday mornings have a lineup of two episodes of TTG, followed by Pokemon, followed by another two episodes of TTG? What, do the executives think that viewers are going to miss their TTG that much? And finally, I don't know if it has been going on now, but why was there a time in which TTG aired for the same hour on CN's east and west feed on weekend mornings?

2) The insignificance of Saturday mornings: I know that CN isn't trying to win ratings for Saturday mornings, but it seems like it could do a little better. However, with the cancellation of GL and YJ in 2013, and the botched treatment of BtB in late 2013, Saturday mornings have been a little lacking. Even now, Saturday mornings are lacking toyetic action series. Currently, Pokemon and Sonic Boom are the only series that air. This is first time in a while that CN has not had an toyetic anime other than Pokemon air (which is good or bad, depending on your opinion). Now, it seems like Saturday mornings for CN (or just weekend mornings in general) are spent rerunning the same programs from Thursday night (despite there being numerous chances on weeknights). In fact, I think I remember seeing a promo for Cartooning Weekends; it was basically a promo for reruns. Plus, it was promoted on a Friday morning. Sure, Pokemon and Sonic Boom can't get a promo until the day of, but Cartooning Weekends gets promotion earlier.

3) Adult Swim taking over another hour of Cartoon Network: Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Adult Swim. If I watch it, I only watch for Toonami and series that I believe are good (The Boondocks, Rick and Morty, Mike Tyson Mysteries). I don't really care for the surreal, absurd stuff that they air (especially not whatever Mr. Pickles is supposed to be), but I understand that it is done to reach a niche audience. However, I can't understand why Adult Swim has another hour just to air Fox animated comedy repeats. I just realized now that Adult Swim has 6 Fox comedies. What doesn't make any sense is that three of them air on TBS (with American Dad airing new episodes on that network) and three of them have ended (two of which, The Cleveland Show and Sit Down and Shut Up, were not fondly remembered during their runs). Does Adult Swim really need that many Fox comedies to air on its network? I feel like 2-3 hours could be cut down and some can be sent to TBS. Plus, couldn't Adult Swim opt to air some of its older original series like Home Movies as a buffer between it and CN instead of KotH (not that I hate it, but it would be a good resource of buffer material).

Sorry for the rant-like response to this thread. All-in-all, CN is my favorite channel of the Big Three. I just hope that some good decision are made in 2015.

Best Moments:

Sonic Boom, Beware the Batman, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence, Detentionaire, Over the Garden Wall, Pokemon XY, and Tenkai Knights: They were all my favorite awesome enjoyable next generation Cartoon Network cartoons with sweet comedy/action all around.

Awesome Cartoon Female Characters: Both Amy/Sticks, Teenage Gwen/Kai/Julie/Lucy/Helen/Ester/Charmcaster/Princess Attea, Princess Bubblegum/Marceline/Flame Princess/Susan Strong, Margaret/Eileen/CJ/Starla, Rose/Garnet/Amethyst/Pearl/Sadie/Connie/Lapis, Mary/Cynthia/Chelsea/Amy/Kimby/Malessica/Courtlin, Sara/Beatrice/Miss Langtree/Lorna, Serena/Bonnie/Shauna, and Kiro/Beni(Venetta) were all awesome likable enjoyable female characters while loving their best moments.

The Annoying Orange cancelled and Pokemon Black & White gone for good: I'm glad those gosh awful shows are gone, yaaaaaay!!!!!

Transformers: Robots In Disguise coming to Cartoon Network: I'm happy the next Transformers reboot comes to Cartoon Network after enjoying the last Transformers reboots.

Worst Moments:

Really bad scheduling for Cartoon Network and Boomerang: Agreeing with Pac-Attack all the way as much as it's really terrible.

The Annoying Orange: My least favorite worst awful live-action hybrid cartoon with annoying stupid unlikable characters(except for Grapefruit/The Broccoli Alien Overlord who're my favorite funny antagonists).

Cartoon Network's bad treatment on action cartoons: Both Generator Rex, Sym-Bionic Titan, Young Justice, ThunderCats 2011 series, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, and Beware the Batman were all interesting/enjoyable with great potential when they get cancelled as much as they needed better treatment, but Adult Swim Revived Toonami gave Beware the Batman better treatment which was sweet.

Both The Tom and Jerry Show, Ben 10: Omniverse, and Sonic Boom getting the lousy morning death slots: Really stupid of Cartoon Network as much as they needed better timeslots like the afternoon timeslots and have Ben 10: Omniverse be on Saturday mornings after Pokemon XY.

Cartoon Network's issues on no cartoons with major female protagonists: Agreeing with Gatordragon all the way as much as I hope for some sweet new cartoons with major female protagonists in the future maybe.


Over the Garden Wall was excellent. Top-notch work all-around.


CN shedding the last of its action cartoons in an extremely insulting way. I pray that Robots in Disguise gets better treatment, but it probably won't.


-The premiere of Clarence. One of their best new original shows in a while.
-More attention for Steven Universe.
-Over the Garden Wall. Holy cripes, this mini-series was really good!
-The end of Annoying Orange and Johnny Test. Good riddance.
-Rescuing the new Transformers series after the Hub went kaput.


-Their treatment of Beware the Batman. Thank you, Toonami, for at least airing the whole series.
-Their treatment of Sonic Boom. No advertising and airing it at the crack of dawn? Come on!
-Selling off most of their action programming as a tax write-off.
-Filling most of their schedule with Teen Titans GO. It's not a good show. Tone it down, please.
-Losing yet another hour of the day to Adult Swim. Wasn't it long enough already?
-Failing to rebrand Boomerang this year. They keep delaying and delaying...

best moments:

Steven Universe, Clarence, and Uncle Grandpa betting more episodes
Always a good thing for the network to have more original shows

Over the Garden Wall
This may very well be THE best thing Cartoon Network has ever created

Back to Backspace getting nominated for an Annie
Let's hope this increases the pilot's chance to get picked-up
as I already said, it's always a good thing for the network to have more original shows

the regime change
I don't hate Snyder.
He did a bunch of really stupid decisions, but it's also his regime we have to thank for all the current shows
the new boss still has to do any big decisions who's impact we could judge

I can't think of anything negative, asside for Teen Titans go becoming the new Johnny Test
but even that's an improvement


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Other than a few things on Adult Swim the channel is mostly dead.
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