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Mattew Henry

Aug 12, 2014, 4:48:11 AM8/12/14
Today's obscure cartoon...

"The New Adventures of Gilligan" wasn't the only time that franchise was
brought to animation. A few years later, CBS made one more swing to
recapture the magic with Gilligan's Planet. Let's just totally ignore
the fact that the Professor couldn't fix the SS Minnow...but could make
a viable spacecraft. Let's just totally ignore that instead of flying
this spacecraft to any civilization (seriously, just flying blind, they
still could have eventually reached a US territory), the Skipper took it
into deep space. Let's just totally ignore that the perpetual fuck-up
and chronic accidental saboteur Gilligan wasn't put in a cage for the
duration of the voyage...we all know how the voyage ends...and hilarity

On a more macabre note...the cute animal companion was swapped out for
an alien reptile...bu no explanation was given why the chimp was gone.
Poor Snubby...left behind in a shallow grave on the island...


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