Characters' 8 Weirdest Weaknesses

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Jun 27, 2021, 9:53:51 AM6/27/21

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Characters' 8 Weirdest Weaknesses

Although there are some strong villains and heroes on Buffy The Vampire
Slayer, they often have the weirdest weaknesses.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer has an unprecedented array of iconic characters.
Over its seven seasons, audiences could delight in both allies and enemies
of every demonic and magical shape and form. However, while most characters
are best remembered for their strengths, many are known for their odd

Of course, when it comes to weaknesses, Buffy Summers' enemies aren't the
only ones with odd exploits. A few fan-favorite heroes of the Buffyverse can
have some weird weaknesses as well. For both heroes and villains, these
weaknesses vary. Some are odd phobias, others are interesting character
traits, and some come with the job.

The Anointed One

While prophecy was on this immortal child’s side, puberty wasn’t. Season 1
of Buffy spent important time setting up this child vampire to be the Master’s
successor. While the Anointed One did lead Buffy to her first death, it was
the Anointed One's potential that offered the biggest threat to Sunnydale
and the Scooby gang.

Bearing an innocent exterior and the promise of a wide scope of powers, it
came as a shock when the Anointed One was killed early in season 2. Spike
took advantage of all vampires' weaknesses - sunlight - and burned him
alive. But this demise was less a weakness of the character and more a
weakness of the show. A series oftentimes shift their stories to account for
real life, and in this case, the reality of actor Andrew J Ferchland’s
visible aging became his character’s undoing.


The final season of Buffy opens with a seemingly indestructible
proto-vampire invading Sunnydale. The Turok-Han are like vampire
neanderthals and possess increased strength, making them a pretty
devastating foe for Buffy and the Scoobies. This season showed the Turok-Han
defeating Buffy and killing a few potential slayers. The gang spent most of
the season trying to find a way to defeat the Turak-Han, only to find out
that the team would have to face an army of them in the Hellmouth.

However, during the final confrontation with the First Evil, it seemed that
the Turok-Han had many of the same weaknesses as regular vampires. This
meant regular humans could defeat them in mass numbers given enough
training. Here, this uber-vamp manifested the weakness of plot necessity
because even they couldn't win against a series finale.

[I always figured the first one to crawl out of the Seal was the most
powerful one, and the First wanted it out to kill Buffy and the Potentials
before unleashing the rest of them on the world.]

The Gentlemen

"Hush" is easily one of the memorable episodes in Buffy as the atmosphere in
this episode is so unique and chilling. No one speaks for a majority of the
episode. Somehow, the Gentlemen have the eerie power to render everyone in
an area speechless. They then glide elegantly around and overpower their
victims with grace and eerie smiles because no one can hear their victims

Of course, what would be the weakness of a silent monster? Sound. While it
makes perfect sense that a scream could be their undoing, what is probably
the weirdest part of this weakness is the Gentlemen's reaction to sound.
Their heads become geysers of goo, dramatically shifting the tone of the

The Judge

This legendary demon was summoned to Earth in the 14th century to burn
humanity from the world. While “no weapon forged” can stop him, he is
defeated in the 14th century by armies of humans who scatter his dismembered
body “in every corner of the Earth.” In 1998, he was reassembled and learned
nothing from his 600 years wallowing in defeat.

Before he has even had the chance to reclaim his former power, he encounters
Buffy and the gang. Thanks to his hubris and a rocket launcher, the Judge's
body was blown to bits and once again scattered to keep him from coming

The First Evil

The First is a primordial force that predates humans and demons. It is evil
itself. While it wants nothing more than to tip the balance of good and evil
and appear in a physical form, it is actually a non-corporeal being. To
compensate for its intangibility, The First has become a master manipulator,
creating illusions, impersonating the dead, and sowing doubt into its

While it has powers and can use others for its ill will, it cannot move past
its inability to interact with the physical world. This is a big weakness
for a villain. What's more, this is a weird weakness for a villain set to be
the final villain for a series finale.

The Trio

While individually members of this team provided episodic difficulties for
the Slayer and the Scooby gang, in early season 6, they banded together to
become ultimate super villains. They persistently created many troubles in
Sunnydale, but nothing so dramatic as to actually get themselves noticed by
the Scoobies or the Demon population.

What kept them alive was their inability to cause permanent damage, which
might be considered a strength. But all that changed when Warren kills his
ex-girlfriend, Katrina. This landed the trio on Buffy’s radar.
Unfortunately, it seems that killing is the Trio's ultimate weakness as
Warren killing Tara marks Trio’s downfall.


Anya is a strong fearsome woman who happens was once a demon. But, despite
her strength, she has Leporiphobia - a fear of bunnies. While many see
bunnies as relatively harmless bundles of cuteness, the former vengeance
demon sees something far worse. But what makes this weakness so odd is that
before becoming a demon, Anya, known then as Aud, raised rabbits in Sweden.

Sometime during her tenure as the Patron Saint of Scorned Women, Anya feared
her former charges. As a vengeance demon, Anya saw other dimensions and
realities. Maybe she learned some dark secret about bunnies that the show
never explored?


As the Chosen One, Buffy Summers isn't excluded from the harsh realities of
the normal world. After her resurrection, she is faced with not only the
shock of leaving heaven but the responsibility of being the primary
caretaker for Dawn. While money troubles and having to work a terrible job
are normal issues, it's weird to have the Chosen One taken advantage of by
everyday problems.

Giles, her Watcher has significant wealth, her witch friends never seem to
have money troubles, and an entire Watcher’s Council exists solely to help
the Slayers do their jobs. Yet, it seems that all a big bad has to do is
take out Buffy's checking account.


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