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First Experience with the Show

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Jul 28, 2022, 8:31:17 PM7/28/22
Hi! This group isn't super active, but I thought I would post something to contribute anyway. Since Animaniacs has been around for so long, I was wondering how everyone got into the show.

I first discovered Animaniacs back when it was on The Hub about ten years ago. I was relatively young so I had never heard of it before, but I was quickly charmed by the older style of animation and the witty dialogue. The first segment I ever watched was "Hooked on a Ceiling" and immediately fell in love. (I couldn't believe the writing they got away with--"But we're not doing it for the sake of art, and we're not doing it for the sake of money. No, we're doing it because... we like painting naked people!" So funny.) Been obsessed ever since! :)

What was everyone's first experience with Animaniacs?

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Lars van Maanen

Jul 29, 2022, 2:36:17 PM7/29/22
I first discovered Animaniacs when it was (dubbed in Dutch) broadcast on
Nickelodeon in the Netherlands around 2009. I can only recall first
season episodes and Wakko's Wish being broadcast.
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Sep 13, 2022, 2:07:05 PM9/13/22
Dear Abby, [I never get tired of that one!]

> Hi! This group isn't super active

It's barely sub-active!
> The first segment I ever watched was "Hooked on a Ceiling" and immediately fell in love.

That is one of the best.

> What was everyone's first experience with Animaniacs?

*Everyone's* first experience was twenty-nine years ago this very day,
when the Warners escaped and hit our screens for the first time. Boy,
were we mad at having to replace all our screens. And the mess!

Of course, some of us latecomers didn't see ANIMX until a week or two
later, when the new "Pink Panther" cartoon turned out for some reason to
have given him a voice, prompting us to flip through the channels until
coming across the very end of "Wally Lama", which made absolutely no
sense, although we always were a sucker for the "background music blends
into foreground music" joke used in "Where Rodents Dare", but ultimately
it was the "Jane, stop this crazy thing" gag from "Space Probed" that
really hooked us on a ceiling.

- David "not doing this for the sake of art; and not
doing it for the sake of money, that's for sure" Green


Aug 12, 2023, 3:41:35 PM8/12/23
...working through the night on studio projects, i often kept the local
UHF station on for background noise just to help stay awake, and whoever
manned the station at those hours often run random clips of this-and-that
laying amongst the station's promo tapes rather than structured
programming, since almost nobody tuned into rural markets during those
godforsaken hours and certainly no advertisers cared to pay for unseen

...and that was how i first experienced yakko's world, played all by
itself, nearly thirty years ago...

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