Twenty-Five Years and Counting

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Sep 13, 2018, 6:28:56 PM9/13/18
Yes, still counting... and counting... and boy, suffering from OCD is
sure One Crummy Drag! But never fear, a cure is within easy reach --
assuming you have an anvil within easy reach. It's good for what ails
you.... <<<CLANG!>>> Ah, memories!

... Or, in case your memories happen to have been wiped out by excessive
repeated blunt-force trauma to the head -- ah, DVDs! Why remember when
you can relive the moments, over and over again! Now THAT's good for
what ails you. Ah, reruns!!

Time for more Animaniacs!
They were zany to the max.
We could sit back and relax,
And laugh till we'd collapse,
With Animaniacs!

We'd join the Warner Brothers
(Why, were they coming apart?)
Just for fun, they'd run around
The Warners' movie lot.
They got locked in the tower
Whenever they were caught.
But they'd break loose and then vamoose,
That's basically the plot!

They were Animaniacs!
Dot was cute, and Yakko yakked.
Wakko snacked and snacked and snacked,
Bill Clinton got impeached (not sacked).
They'ere Animaniacked!

Take Pinky and the Brain,
Who tried to rule the universe;
Goodfeathers flocked together;
Slappy now must need a nurse.
Buttons rescued Mindy,
While Rita sang a verse!
The writers quit, the actors split,
There's nothing to rehearse!

Those Animaniacs!
They had play-or-pay contracts.
Their credit-cards were maxxed--
All that baloney in their slacks!
The Animani—
Drove us fans insaney,
Time to watch again-y!

-David "those were the facts" Green
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