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Jul 23, 2010, 7:09:46 PM7/23/10
Bing Today:

Bing Today

iPhone 4 Case Program Rollout Begins!

Well, there's nothing like masking bad news with good news, right
Apple? Just moments after quietly announcing that the white iPhone 4
is now scheduled to ship sometime between tomorrow and your New Year's
Eve party, the company has also fired up its iPhone 4 Case Program.
Just as Jobs promised last week at an emergency press event, this
program will ensure that anyone who purchases an iPhone 4 prior to
September 30th will be able to receive an iPhone 4 Bumper or select
third-party case from the company at no charge. 'Course, you need to
be located in a country or territory that Apple actually ships to, but
if that's all squared away, feel free to hit up the App Store to
download the iPhone 4 Case Program app. Once there, you'll need to
sign into your iTunes Store account, select your Bumper or case and
wait oh-so-patiently (read: "3 to 5 weeks"). Better hurry -- wouldn't
want the servers to get overloaded, now would we?

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