American Holocaust - Did we murder 12 million Indians?

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Oct 24, 2005, 10:46:05 PM10/24/05


Thus, according to Ward Churchill, a professor of ethnic studies at
the University of Colorado, the reduction of the North American Indian
population from an estimated 12 million in 1500 to barely 237,000 in
1900 represents a "vast genocide . . . , the most sustained on
record." By the end of the 19th century, writes David E. Stannard, a
historian at the University of Hawaii, native Americans had undergone
the "worst human holocaust the world had ever witnessed, roaring
across two continents non-stop for four centuries and consuming the
lives of countless tens of millions of people." In the judgment of
Lenore A. Stiffarm and Phil Lane, Jr., "there can be no more
monumental example of sustained genocide—certainly none involving a
'race' of people as broad and complex as this—anywhere in the annals
of human history."


BTW - in the last 15 years america has murdered a million iraqis.

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