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Apr 16, 2022, 5:33:31 PM4/16/22
On 4/16/2022 10:49 AM, Ubiquitous wrote:
> wrote:
>> The GQP, the party of letting the govt. suck at the teat of big
>> business, seems to be becoming aware of an error in their ways. Social
>> media platforms, being free flowing places of convo somewhat moderated
>> by their corporate overlords, have become something of a problem for the
>> right wing. Liberals freely discuss whatever is on their minds, and
>> right wing clowns can only sit back, agape in horror, because they're
>> too morally, intellectually and ethically bankrupt to say anything of
>> consequence. So they've latched on to a new pile of crap: complaining
>> these forums violate "free speech" in a desperate effort to pervert the
>> First Amendment to their plight. I'm sure a good portion of them know
>> the First Amendment doesn't pertain to private industry, with the rest
>> of them being stupid dipshites perpetually running in the wrong
>> direction with the ball. Just horribly, desperately trying to get
>> liberals to shut up because obviously the right wing has nothing valid
>> to say and can't compete. As ever, the people on the left however don't
>> come up with proper messaging on this and the people on the right run
>> amok running at the mouth about yet another garbage "complaint" that has
>> popped into their alleged brains.
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Pubie, I'm really getting tired of your self portraits that look like a
giant anus.

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