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Former CNN+ Host Rex Chapman Admits Bizarre Obsession With "Sexy" Nancy Pelosi

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Nov 4, 2022, 12:58:27 PM11/4/22
Former CNN+ host Rex Chapman, 55, admitted this week that he has a romantic
crush on 82-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in the wake of a man
smashing her husband’s skull in with a hammer after breaking into the
couple’s home in San Francisco.

The former NBA player, who once pled guilty to multiple felony charges
stemming from an incident where he stole $14,000 from an Apple Store, ranted
about new Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, writing: “An attempt to maim and
maybe murder Nancy Pelosi happened a few days ago. Her husband was attacked w
a hammer. Skull fracture. ICU. The new owner of this platform questioned the
story. Painted 82-yr old Paul Pelosi as gay. Total bulls***. He deleted. No
apology. We may be doomed.”

“Not one person ever in history accused Paul Pelosi of being gay. Ever. In
82-years. Dude married Nancy f***ing Pelosi,” Chapman continued. “Kids.
Grandkids. Was attacked with a hammer and republicans felt like it was ok to
take shots at him. Hilarious, desperate, sad. Pathetic.”

“Paul Pelosi is a real person. He’s lived 82 remarkable years. Republicans in
2022 have no problem taking your social security so you know they don’t give
ONE F*** about trying to ruin your reputation when you’re old,” he continued.
“And by the way – being gay shouldn’t ruin anyone’s reputation. I’m ranting.”

“I love Nancy Pelosi. Full disclosure Like huge crush. Huge. From way back,”
he concluded. “Beautiful yea. But big brain. Big big brain. Huge confidence.
Sexy personified.”

bruh calm down

— Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) November 3, 2022

Chapman came under fire over the summer after the former drug addict launched
a vicious tirade against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that was
deemed by many to be racist, The Daily Wire reported.

Chapman, who had a show on CNN+ before the streaming service was abruptly
canceled because it was a total failure, began his attacks on Thomas by
sharing a 2018 video from when Thomas “attended the graduation event of
Christendom college students along with Late Justice Antonin Scalia’s son.”

Chapman, who is white, complained, “Not another person of color in the

The time Justice Clarence Thomas attended the graduation event of
Christendom college students along with Late Justice Antonin Scalia's
son. 2018.

Not another person of color in the picture…

— Rex Chapman???? (@RexChapman) July 1, 2022

“I think the thing I think is most funny about this is that these white kids
and their parents view this as their entry into black America,” Chapman
continued. “Clarence Thomas would last 20-30 seconds in an NBA locker room.”

Chapman then complained that Thomas never came to watch him play professional

“Why have you never seen Clarence Thomas at an NBA game? As in — ever?” he
continued. “Bill Clinton used to come to our games in Landover with the
Bullets. Clarence Thomas – never.”

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