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Nov 1, 2021, 3:47:21 PM11/1/21
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>> On 11/1/2021 12:11 PM, BTR1701 wrote:
>>> "shawn" <> wrote:
>>>> I don't care if the pilot says whatever they want about the President
>>>> or anyone else while on their own time, but when making a professional
>>>> announcement as a representative of the airline that was clearly out
>>>> of line. Not so much so as to be worthy of firing the pilot but
>>>> definitely worthy of a warning.
>>> Why? A lot of people are saying that the cockpit and cabin are not the
>>> place for the crew's personal political beliefs, but several major
>>> airlines, including Southwest, allow their flight crews to wear Black
>>> Lives Matter pins on their uniforms. American also allows them to sport
>>> pro-LGBTQI+&%$! propaganda.
>>> So it seems that the cabin and cockpit *is* the place for personal
>>> political beliefs only so long as they're beliefs that align with the
>>> 'progressive' agenda.
>> No, you're smarter than this. Wearing a pin is a lot different from
>> speaking your political views over the intercom to the whole plane.

How is it different? If anything the comment is ephemeral. There and then
gone. The pin remains. Every time you look at a crew member, you get the
message over and over again.

>> If he'd been wearing a Trump pin too, that wouldn't have caused as much fuss.

You're being terribly naive.

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