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New 24/7 restaurant in the Big Easy

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Cajun Gwailo

Aug 2, 2003, 11:36:40 PM8/2/03
But Lewis, Where's the News?!

This headline is relevant to absolutely nothing in this essay, except for
the fact that tonight I tried out "Huey's," the new 24/7 diner in the CBD.

A local chef/owner, who has had his share of "hits," has opened Huey's 24/7
Diner at the corner of Common and Decatur. When I first saw the sign
indicating it was coming, I was expecting a suitable replacement for the
Humming Bird, but alas, no such luck. Better luck, perhaps, in a 24 hour
city that has few places to dine after 11PM.

Huey's is a cross between a diner, patisserie, and upmarket coffee shop -
with valet parking. Despite his local heritage, the chef has (thankfully)
eschewed including the standard local fare on the menu - there's not a
po-boy, jambalaya or etoufee in sight.

The rather lengthy menu starts with breakfast, as it well should, with
omelets, short steaks, biscuits and gravy, and a delightful newcomer, banana
fritters. Available sides are in abundance, including fresh muffins,
scones, and biscuits. Most of the breakfast plates are in the range of
$5.95, not bad considering amenities like a relaxing decor, exemplary
service, and linen napkins.

Eight appetizers are on offer, including a sizable stack of onion strings
(the very thin and crispy kind), served with a dipping sauce; cheese and
chili cheese fries, of course; and one of my favorites that I haven't seen
else where in the Crescent City, a heaping mound of fried dill pickle chips,
served with two side sauces, a dill hollandaise, and a smokey bbq.

Along about now, you're saying "wait a sec, this doesn't sound like a diner
to me!"

Well, relax, your old diner favorites are at hand: meatloaf, chicken fried
chicken, chipped beef on toast (wahoo!!!), spaghetti and meatballs, burgers,
and a smattering of deli sandwiches, served in two sizes: roast beef w/
horseradish, corned beef on rye, ham, and grilled cheese.

If you're in the mood for something more substantial, Huey's offers entrees
as well: blue cheese encrusted strip steak, stuffed peppers, parmesan
encrusted pork chops, a bread veal, and grilled fish of the day.
Huey's doesn't skimp on quantity, or the quality of the ingredients. We
tried three appetizers and two mains, and all were excellent. The corned
beef sandwich was made from hand-sliced brisket. The fries were hand- cut
as well.

Most sandwiches are in the range of 6.95- 7.95, and entrees run up to 16.95.

Lighter appetites are appeased with an extensive "international" salad
selection, including a Seared Tuna, Roasted Chinese Chicken, Brazilian
Churrasco, Texas Cobb, Herb Crusted Salmon, and traditional Caesar. The
ample portions are priced from 7.95 - 9.95.

Desserts are fresh baked cakes and cheesecakes. Full bar available.

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