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Had that DNA test yet, you delusional asshole?
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> Had that DNA test yet, you delusional asshole?
Absolutely, and I have an SRY gene. Now whether my DNA is male or
female... it's a hard question with trans people.


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Mary, Monkey, Sun, Tree and Penis Whoreshippers - Part D - Daryl
June 4th 2022 3:03 pm 123,917 words (149 pages)

“The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is
offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic,
and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them." - Canadian
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked to comment on his Open
Borders Immigration Strategy, speaking without preparation, without
the aid of a writer

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.” - Canadian Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid
of a writer

“Honour killings shouldn’t be called ‘barbaric.’” - Canadian Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid
of a writer

“They are not sexual assaults, but ‘honour’ rapes.” - Canadian Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without preparation, without the aid
of a writer

“If you’re not willing to embrace Islam, you’re not a part of our
society.” - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking without
preparation, without the aid of a writer

“Who remembers the Armenian genocide? If they can’t remember the
Armenian genocide, who is goink to be concerned about the Jews?” -
Adolph Hitler speaking without preparation, without the aid of a

“America is ruled by a homosexual Indonesian Islamist who demands that
Americans take the death jab. Similarly Trudeau is an Islamist who
demands that Canadians take the death jab, squeak squeak.” -Squeaky

“Without writers, nothing speak so good in word stuff.” - Eddie Izzard

People accuse me of “lunacy” and being a “lunatic” while at the
same time the “Christmas” and “Easter” celebrations they religiously
observe are scheduled by the placement of the sun and the moon in the
sky. Catholics defend their “solar and lunar location-based” religion
by claiming those who are opposed are insane lunatics. They have me
repeatedly arrested for daring to speak in opposition to their solar
and lunar scheduled events, and their police would repeatedly drive me
past the front gates of the University of Saskatchewan, which have
four Egyptian obelisks (representations of penises) built into them,
pointing up to the sun. They stick Egyptian penises on the roofs of
their churches, they cap their blinkin’ evergreen tree idols with
Egyptian dinks, they drive me past the front gates of the University
of Saskatchewan which incorporates the four Egyptian penises, and
deliver me to a Hindu psychiatrist there who proclaims that I think
too much about penises, and then sets to work to torture me with
nauseous horrid drugs. Hindus gain their spiritual bliss via orgasm
and here I was provided with a Hindu who told me that I think too much
about penises. Later her Brahmin Hindu husband, who was similarly a
psychiatrist, tortured me as well. Six week sessions that went on for
years, I complain on the usenet and get accused of being a pedophile,
people laugh and continue tithing to churches that have Egyptian
penises on their roofs, they laugh and turn their homes into blinkin’
temples of fertility. They borrow money from their children so they
may build new psychiatric torture facilities in North Battleford, and
then laugh.

The first round of torture took place in the fall of 1988. Then the
second time the police arrested me a police officer said “You have a
history of mental illness, you are under arrest.” The third and
subsequent times I was arrested, the officer said “You have a
‘long-term’ history of mental illness, you are under arrest.” So the
City of Saskatoon police force is able to have people arrested and
delivered to brutal horrid torture by proclaiming that it is tradition
that the individual be arrested and tortured.

Canadians spent many millions of dollars having me repeatedly
tortured, they continue to spend billions of dollars annually turning
trees into decorated idols, and not a single person has the ability to
blush over the issue. I lost year after year after year after year to
brutal horrid torture, then lost subsequent years living in utter fear
of another arrest and round of torture, and people respond by
borrowing money from their children to build new psychiatric
facilities in North Battleford, and then they publish obituaries
proclaiming that their ignorant family members are up in heaven with
Mary!!! People can’t find it in their hearts to even attempt to try to
make up the loss of years of my life to brutal horrid torture by
buying me a simple single holiday to anywhere. My best guess is that
people are waiting for Jesus to return before they start to treat me
with any respect or dignity, and good luck with that. People think
they have the freedom in Christ to accuse others of lunacy and then
work to have them arrested and tortured, they think themselves to be
assured of heavenly rewards, but they confuse their immorality with

We all make judgments of who or what to love and who or what to
hate. It used to be that the Priests of Fish-God Dagon would dress up
in full length fish costumes and teach people to bow to decorated
evergreen trees. There has been an evolution in Catholic thought where
now their Priests of Dagon reduced the scope of their full length fish
costumes and retain just the use of their fish-head hats. Most fish
lay enormous numbers of eggs and so they are viewed of symbols of
fertility, like the evergreen tree which was worshipped for centuries
because they remain vibrant, green and fertile year around. Annually
the Catholics at the Vatican turn a tree into a decorated idol and
place it next to the Egyptian obelisk (penis) they stole from Egypt,
suitable as both are symbols of fertility, like their fish-head hats.
They arrested me for speaking and gave me to a Hindu psychiatrist who
said that I thought too much about penises, but it wasn’t me who
thought so highly of penises that I would stick a pagan dink in the
center of Vatican Square or on the roof of a church, and besides,
Hindus gain their spiritual bliss via orgasm. Our community requires a
peaceful evolution in thought and action and not a violent revolution.

Peaceful evolution doesn’t begin with blocking roads, rail lines,
nor pipe lines, nor does it include acts of arson or derailing trains,
as acts such as these will only lead to violence and death.
Traditional aboriginal beliefs involve talking to grandmothers before
engaging in any actions, these grandmothers have their voices and
power removed from them by Ottawa and by the corrupt chiefs on the
reserves, then the young natives go out into the world without
consulting their grandmothers. The corrupt chiefs steal reserve lands
and hand the quarter sections out to their friends and family members,
they ship grain grown on reserves to China, and grow and ship that
grain using fuel coming from Islamic nations, and the ignorant youth
respond by helping to stop Canadian energy self-sufficiency. And there
is no precedent in Scripture that leads Christians to similarly block
roads nor burn buildings, it is instead written that vengeance belongs
to God. Saskatoon should set up a special building for indigenous
grandmothers to meet and talk - when we arrest indigenous people for
blocking streets, rail lines and pipe lines, then we can take them to
their grandmothers and see if they have permission to set up those
blockades. I think most natives living in cold Canada would like it if
they had diesel fuel and propane to heat their homes.

Wife-beater Frank Jimmy Alec stole the title of an elected woman
chief who was in favor of the propane pipeline cutting through her
Wet’suwet’en territory. The aboriginals and environmentalists across
Canada unite with the wife-beater and block streets and rail lines.
Then “feminist” Justin Trudeau hands over funds to the wife-beater’s
bogus First Nation company. Frank Jimmy Alec doesn’t get rewarded with
a needle up his arse, he gets paid very well. The issue is “Canada”
and the loss of our nation to Islamists who seek to control our energy
self-sufficiency and our very laws, so of course Islamist Justin
Trudeau is going to reward those people who help to destroy our
nation. And of course Islamist Justin Trudeau will side with and
negotiate with the wife-beater who stole the title of an aboriginal
female leader rather than with the elected female leaders of the
Wet’suwet’en band, for he is an Islamist, and Islamists systematically
strip women of their voices, power and freedom. Saskatoon requires a
special building for indigenous grandmothers to meet and talk. All the
grandmothers have to do is stop spending money on tobacco for one
single month and they will have the funds to build their own meeting
place. But of course having grandmothers stop smoking for a single
month and pool their money is an impossible task, so Saskatoon’s tax
payers will likely have to foot the bill to set up a chamber for the
grandmothers to meet. Sports groups, cadets and other organizations
should be trying to raise funds for their clubs by recording bylaw
infractions, then sharing the information and resulting fines with the
city - as a result of their work we will issue fines to the filthy
grandmothers who litter the streets with their filthy carcinogenic
cigarette butts, in an effort to recoup our investment. Many
grandmothers will arrive in rusty 40-year-old cars that have
dreamcatchers hanging from their rear view mirrors and obscuring their
vision, they will be issued fines for obscuring their vision and the
money we collect from this source alone may be adequate for us to
treat and provide clean drinking water for our entire community.

Now that the Fear Flu has started to make its way into Canadian
communities, there is little to fear as the Sikh warrior heading the
New Democratic Party has encouraged the Islamic warrior heading the
Liberal Party to ensure that communities in northern Canada are
provided with resources to combat the disease (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
March 7th 2020, page NP3). Both Sikhism and Islam are male dominated
religions, both incorporate penises into their temple and mosque
architecture, together they are on top of the issue, not to worry.
Canadian aboriginals vote for these foreign-phallic-warriors while the
male leaders on the reserves continue to strip women of their voices
and power. The Sikh/Islamic phallic-warrior-alliance (Saskatoon
Star-Phoenix March 7th 2020, page NP3) is reaching out for continued
aboriginal support. The aboriginal youth flip-flop between traditional
aboriginal beliefs and Catholicism depending upon whom they are trying
to get into their beds and fuck on any given day, so are apt to
continue to defend the Sikh/Islamic phallic-warrior-alliance, because
the “phallic aspect” of the alliance is held in common between all
three groups.

The blacks invaded Canada resulting in the ignorant aboriginal
youth whole-heartedly embracing black rap music, should the grain
grown on reserves be diverted to Islamic nations instead of to China,
expect the ignorant aboriginal youth to start wearing turbans and
trying to grow beards. The native drum beats will fall silent - the
only voices to be heard will be that of the Islamic calls to prayer,
together with Doug Cuthand loudly proclaiming in the mainstream media
that white people are “racists and rednecks” if they dare to oppose
the male organized aboriginal rail blockades (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix
February 29th 2020). Doug Cuthand speaks for all the grandmothers.

Inuit and aboriginal Indians have a history of warring against one
another. The Fear Flu will help reduce or outright shut down oil and
gas production - rather than transport limited fuel supplies north to
Inuit communities, the remaining diesel fuel will be required for the
new trucks driven by the male aboriginals in the southern aboriginal
communities (for Doug Cuthand and his male aboriginal friends). The
natives require their new GMC, Chevy and Ford trucks to help them get
to and block the rail lines and derail trains. Over the last three or
four centuries Catholic priests have been ramming their penises up the
aboriginal children’s arseholes, some of these kids were given cash as
a result of the abuse, and then used the cash to buy new trucks for
themselves which of course require fuel and oil. Many of the new
trucks and cars on the reserves were purchased from funds received as
a result of priests sodomizing and otherwise abusing the native
children, many of the other trucks were purchased by corrupt leaders
who robbed their own band members. The Alberta and Saskatchewan
aboriginal reserves require that the white farmers renting their
reserve land have fuel and oil for their farm machinery, otherwise the
grain will not be grown nor be shipped to China, and the end result is
that money will not flow to their band offices for distribution to the
chief and to “his” friends. Should Doug Cuthand’s male warriors
continue to try to prevent propane, gasoline, oil and diesel fuel from
being produced and reaching Inuit communities, the Sikh/Islamic
phallic-warrior-alliance will save the day and get the fuels to the
Inuit after all (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix March 7th 2020, page NP3).
When Canada collapses into civil war, the Inuit may find Russian ships
bringing needed supplies to their northern communities so they won’t
have to revert to burning blubber. “Thanks to the Russians, this is
the first time we’ve ever had clean water,” one Inuit resident said.
Other northern Inuit praised the Russian gold and silver coinage given
to them in trade for their carvings. “When Justin sold our land to the
Russians in the spring of 2022, things improved vastly,” said another,
adding “but soon after the Russians ships that came were all crewed by
Arabs. Now our coinage has Arabic script and our women and children
are working in places like Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
They say it’s really hot down there. At least we are not fighting
against the Cree in Canada anymore.” (Mohammad Today, 17 Shaaban 1444,
page 114).

With the collapse of the Canadian oil industry, outspoken Doug
Cuthand (speaks for all the grandmothers) and his racist and sexist
friends may have to trade their new trucks in for camels. Of course
the male aboriginal youth will also end up riding camels to get to
their construction jobs, where they will continue to help Graham
Construction build more psychiatric torture facilities for the crazy
people who are opposed to getting the trees to blink. Everybody doths
it (said psychiatrist Dr. Gene Marcoux), the entire damned lot of them
have trees that blink on and off, on and off, on and off, it is really
quite a show. Hitler too had trees that blinked on and off, on and
off, on and off, he turned trees into the decorated idols and put the
crazy people into special camps, for it is tradition, and tradition is
the most important thing on planet earth.

As society collapses, Doukhobors should expect the loss of
additional Doukhobor lands, should expect the aboriginal youth to
start stealing their camels, and expect the Islamists to resume
stealing the Doukhobor women. With the lack of fuel and oil, the
Doukhobor women will be a hot commodity during the great tribulation,
either pulling the plows across the prairies or servicing the sexual
desires of Islamists in the no-go zones. Doukhobor women who are
kidnapped and forced to service the sexual desires of the Islamists in
the no-go zones should be aware that the police do not enter no-go
zones, for it is tradition. And the tradition extends to women being
sold and sent to Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic lands.
Nobody in Canada cared too much that Doukhobor men and women were
stripped of their land in Canada, nobody was outraged when Doukhobor
children were removed from their families and placed into fenced
compounds, so they can’t be expected to care too much when the
Doukhobor women and children start getting shipped to Turkey, Iran and
to other such resorts, again. When the Doukhobor women and children
are sold into sexual slavery, the Doukhobor men will continue to
embrace Catholic fertility rites, for it is tradition. The more the
Doukhobors are persecuted, the greater their desire to embrace
Catholic fertility rites and sing Jingle Bells - when Doukhobor women
and children are sold into sexual slavery, the Doukhobor men will be
sure to sing Jingle Bells and turn trees into decorated idols with
even greater zeal. In order to avoid persecution Doukhobors in Canada
anglicized their names, so when the Islamists resume kidnapping
Doukhobor women and children, expect Doukhobors to start changing
their names to Mohammad in an attempt to appease the invaders and fit
in. Appeasement is the name of the game, in a democracy one requires
votes from all religious groups, even if people want to cut your heads
off you must continue to channel resources to them in order to keep
getting their votes, in the hopes they do not cut your heads off.
After all, six-year-old Aisha’s shit-stained panties proclaimed the
fate of the women (Sahih Collection of al-Bukhari, Hadith Number
2442), and there is no arguing with it. For more information on
appeasement and being nice, view Ann Barnhardt’s “Nice” video on

Canadians are slaves who happily spend billions of dollars annually
turning their homes, churches, cites and their entire nation into huge
blinkin’ temples of fertility. I know that to most people this all
sounds like crazy talk, but women across the world are sold out and
made subservient by Aisha’s arsehole, or perhaps just by her
shit-stained panties. And then to add to this misery another
shit-stain has entered into the fray, Saint Greta has a cult following
that is stopping the trains, and likely derailing them as well, she
dothn’t want us to drive our trucks. I guess the downfall of women
came in three major steps, it began with Eve’s poor choice of
spiritual discretion, followed by Aisha’s shit-stained panties
dictating the Koran (albeit while being worn by Mohammad), and
terminates with Saint Greta’s stormtroopers destroying not just the
Canadian oil industry, but all of western civilization. Other players
in this end-times saga includes assorted people playing the roles of
dupe, patsy and pigeon, all working in unison to destroy and enslave
not just women but all of mankind.

See “Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of
the Third World” by Mike Davis. Chinese emperors were well aware of
the cyclical nature of weather and prepared for periodic crop failures
by storing grain and then maintained the pre-famine prices of the
grain. Any famine in China was exploited by the Islamists, who
continually seek to overthrow all nations. El Nino and La Nina climate
oscillations are reality and were seriously discussed in the media a
couple of decades ago, but now this is replaced by the fiction of
“global warming”. So rather than preparing for potential famines by
growing and storing food supplies, now we have shit-stains seeking to
stop food production and energy self-sufficiency.

If there is anybody in need of a needle up their arses, it is the
teachers in the schools that teach children of a fictional climate
apocalypse, teach children to turn trees into decorated idols, teach
children to embrace Islam, and who teach children to embrace a
homosexual lifestyle. The collapse of the Canadian oil industry,
together with the continued shipment of grain to foreign nations, and
together with the immigration of people who desire to cut our heads
off, will lead to famine in Canada. In 1988 I spoke of the Bible
warning us to prepare for seven years of adversity by storing food
(Genesis 41) but was repeatedly arrested and tortured. Canadians are
sick members of assorted fertility cults and deserve the loss of their
nation to members of alternative fertility cults.

The Sikhs incorporate penises in the architecture of their Golden
Temples, the Hindus too incorporate penises into their temple
architecture, the Islamists too build penises into their Mosque
architecture, and the so-called Christians cap their churches with
Egyptian penises. Catholicism is a male dominated fertility cult, as
is Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism, so it is not surprising that the
Catholics employed a Hindu psychiatrist who told me that I think too
much about penises… but again, it is not me who thinks so highly of
penises that I would stick a dink on the roof of a church, and
besides, Hindus attain their spiritual bliss via orgasm.

Filthy penis-whoreshipping Catholics (they have Egyptian dinks on
the roofs of their filthy churches and an Egyptian dink in the center
of Vatican Square) hired penis-whoreshipping Hindus (they gain their
spiritual bliss via orgasm) to do their dirty work for them. Rather
than end psychiatry, Catholics now train and employ Sikh and Islamic
psychiatrists as well. They are training foreign-born students to
become doctors, including psychiatrists, at the University of
Saskatchewan, and Trudeau now allows these foreign-born psychiatrists
to practice their “art” in Canada without them being Canadian
citizens. In my humble opinion, it is really very wrong to allow
Iranian citizens and citizens of other Islamic nations, the right to
torture Canadians with psychiatric drugs. Laws in Canada now allow
employment to be given to non-Canadians without first advertising the
job opening to Canadians, this allows for Islamists to import
Pakistani gunsmiths and Iranian marksmen to teach their skills to
fellow Islamists living in Canada. In Sweden they teach the newly
arrived Islamists to march and shoot, but the teacher has to be a
Swedish citizen. Again, in my humble opinion, it is really very wrong
to allow Islamists to come to Canada and teach small scale gun
manufacturing and marksmanship to their fellow Islamists.

Everybody collectively closes their hearts to the brutal suffering
I and other victims of psychiatric horror was made to endure. Not a
single one of you has so much compassion in their hearts to warrant
you to even try to attempt to make up the loss of years of my life to
brutal horrid torture by buying me a simple single holiday to
anywhere, instead you filthy animals borrowed money from your children
in order to build additional psychiatric torture facilities in North
Battleford!!! Your job wasn’t to buy me a holiday, your job was to
show compassion to the people who had their rights stripped from them
and assist them to flee the country, instead you continue to spend
billions of dollars annually turning your homes and cities into
blinkin’ temples of fertility. Established Canadians are
compassionless slaves who treat their fellow slaves with utter distain
and contempt.

Satan dwells in Justin Trudeau’s heart, he is angry with the woman
and her seed (Revelation 12), it is the white people of European
descent who are the main reservoir of Christianity, the white people
will ultimately be exterminated in the war against Christianity and
Christian values. Christians of all colors are targeted, but the white
people have a special place in Satan’s heart because the vast majority
of them either worship Jesus instead of him, or they think more highly
of Jesus than him.

Justin Trudeau said “The very concept of a nation founded by
European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an
unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace
them." And indeed he is replacing us. And of course he is going to
allow a flood of people from around the world to continue to illegally
cross our border, and of course will not be checking the newly arrived
if they are sick with whatever, for he wants us to roll over and die.
One of his best acts of warfare was to allow non-Canadians to work in
Canada, even without having the job first advertised to established
Canadians. And then there is the issue shutting down our energy sector
while supporting Islamic oil. And then there is the issue of
underfunding our military and sending them out of country to prop up
one group of Islamists who treat their cattle better than women in
place of another group of Islamists who treat their cattle better than
women. And then there is the issue of handing our military over to
Sikh warriors. And then the issue of designing the carbon tax so the
greatest proportion of the money raised and rebated goes to the
largest families (the Islamists with the four wives). And then there
is the issue of allowing the Chinese unfettered access to our
resources and allowing them to sue us in secret courts should we
hamper their unfettered access to our resources. And then there is the
issue of the University of Saskatchewan and other universities
reserving seats in different colleges, including The College of
Medicine, and train Islamists, Sikhs and Hindus to become
psychiatrists, and allow them “work” in Canada without them being
Canadian citizens. And then there is the issue of Trudeau borrowing
money from banks which they make out of thin air, and at compound
interest, rather than printing debt-free money and rather than paying
people in gold and silver coins. And then there is the issue of
Trudeau threatening to impose martial law if we dare to leave our
houses while he allows a continued influx of Chinese and Islamists to
arrive at our airports, seaports and borders. And then there is the
biggest issue of them all, the height of your living room ceiling, for
the taller the ceiling, the taller the tree. Justin Trudeau is an
Islamist, they wage war on a very large front and with great
deception, and have the nicest trees. Trudeau and his council of
Islamists works overtime inventing ways to bankrupt Canada, to hand
our nation over to Islamists, to make us slaves, to exterminate us.
Obama did the very same to Americans when he was president, both
Trudeau and Obama are advised by the same Islamic Sharia council and
their leader is Charles. Actually Obama continues his presidency and
tells Biden what to say and do.

In the initial phase of this bogus pandemic weapons were unleashed
upon the Chinese in Wuhan who were shown on television to be dropping
dead as they walked along sidewalks, then later the Communist Chinese
Party attacked European and American cities with microwaves of the
same frequency and duration that they used against their own people in
Wuhan. China created a panic designed to shut down the economies of
the nations in this initial phase of the Chinese attack against
Western, African, Asian and Australian nations.

Trudeau responded by shutting down the Canadian economy and
stopping the education of children. Trudeau then continued to allow a
constant stream of Chinese to fly to Canada, when they arrived he did
not isolate them nor check their temperatures, nor test them for any
number of deadly transmissible diseases. The Chinese media now assures
the world that they no longer have the Chinese bat virus in China,
that they have cured themselves, and so they should continue to be
allowed to fly from China to Canada and to other nations. Canadians
are largely under house arrest, our American border is closed while
the Chinese soldiers may still fly in. There are certainly more
Chinese soldiers and also Islamic soldiers in Canada than we have
Canadian soldiers. Then in 2021 I hear in the news that Chinese
fighter pilots are being trained in Canada. And the Americans are
suffering horribly, they still want to come to Canada to hunt and
fish. Everybody is asleep, God has shut your eyes and minds, the only
thing that matters to people is the height of their blinkin’ trees and
their ability to go shopping, hunting and fishing. The Chinese bat
virus continually mutated and became not unlike a common cold, but the
danger remains as China is manipulating and weaponizing other bat
viruses, and China has other weapons to its disposal that they may
have surreptitiously used recently to make it seem that their bat flu
was killing people.

Seniors have always died over the centuries due to common colds.
People are dying after contracting the Chinese bat flu and other
common colds due to dehydration in nursing homes and in hospitals,
poor quality nursing home and hospital foods, medical malpractice
(drugs that accelerate death), moldy masks, masks contaminated with
toxins, masks that are cutting off the oxygen supply, and microwaves.
The university buildings and hospitals are being cleaned by Somali and
other Islamic staff who don’t give a shit about the dirty stairways,
hallways and the rooms housing the sick and elderly. Seniors who come
down with a Wuhan Bat Flu or any other flu are best advised to stay
home, drink lots of fluids and eat lots of food.

Canadians allow the loss of their nation because they are “nice”
(see Ann Barnhardt - Nice, the 11 minute long video is still on
YouTube), and only really care about getting their trees to blink. The
situation is similar to the Americans electing and re-electing a
homosexual Indonesian Islamist to the presidency of the United States
of America because “Obama” (not even his real name) posed in front of
trees that were lavishly decorated and so appeared to share the
American values (see Ann Barnhardt’s video, Obama Closet Homosexual).
The American identity has become one big Catholic fertility rite and
the American general pubic responds by blaming Jews for all their
problems. The Jewish tradition is to teach people about God and His
Commandments, the Catholic tradition is to denigrate and persecute
Jews and to teach people to bow to blinkin’ trees. The American
tradition is to vote for homosexual Indonesian Islamists when they
have nicely decorated trees. That homosexual Indonesian Islamist
turned trees into decorated idols with the medals of the American war
dead, these soldiers did not give their lives to defend Catholic
fertility rites. When the homosexual Indonesian Islamist turned trees
into decorated idols with the medals of the American war dead, it made
Americans happy, so happy that they broke out in song… Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way… The happy Americans adopted Catholic
fertility rites and sang Jingle Bells, and blamed Jews for all their
problems. The homosexual Indonesian Islamic President of The United
States of America made Americans happy, or at least content enough so
they could relax and go hunting and fishing in Canada. The Americans
had an Islamic president, and their response was to embrace Catholic
fertility rites, sing Jingle Bells, proclaim that Jews ran the world,
and go hunting and fishing in Canada.

The church separated at the Protestant Reformation, and then later
the Protestants in England began to teach people to adopt Catholic
fertility rites - the Reformation was replaced with the Catholic
Counter-Reformation, glitter and blinkin’ lights, and increased
persecution against the Jews, Doukhobors and such. The covens in the
English monarchy are on increasingly better terms with the covens at
the Vatican. Saskatoonians are looking forward to Prince Charles
becoming King and starting a new era of ecumenical love where Buddha,
Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Mohammad and Zoroaster are all praised in both
Protestant and Catholic churches, anything less will be considered
hate speech and people will be penalized (persecuted, tortured,
crucified, beheaded, killed).

Maybe the Islamists invaded and you’re losing your nation because
you have your trees blinkin’ at the wrong frequency, maybe your trees
were just too short or decorated with too many blinkin’ green lights
and not enough blinkin’ red lights. Maybe you aren’t using an adequate
amount of tinsel on your blinkin’ trees. The gold and silver balls you
hang on your trees are representations of the sun and the moon, maybe
you had too many golden sun balls, maybe not enough silver moon balls.
The Brahmin Hindus and the Catholics could only torture me for six
weeks at a time as that is what the government permitted. People are
ok with it as they do not want their churches and traditions
criticized. It does not matter to Canadians that they employ Hindu,
Sikh, Islamic and Catholic psychiatrists to torture people who
criticize their Catholic fertility tree traditions, for anybody who
dares to criticize blinkin’ trees is supposedly deserving of such
treatment. The monarchy and the blinkin’ trees have become Canadian
and American identities, people fight in defense of the monarchy and
the blinkin’ Catholic trees because they are tradition, and tradition
is simply the most important thing on earth (if your parents are
Hindus then you will be a Hindu too).

Canadians are slaves who are paid in paper promises rather than
real money, which is gold and silver coins. The paper money is made by
the banks out of thin air, and then loaned to the government at
compound interest, then the government gives the borrowed “money” away
to people in the third world (including to Islamists), or to third
world people living here (including to Islamists), and has Canadians
pay the compound interest on the loan while leaving principal intact
and much much too big to pay. Our leader, Justin Trudeau, converted to
Islam, so of course he gives huge amounts of this paper money he
borrowed, to Islamists. He also takes that “money” that Canadians
worked for, and gives that tax “money” to the Islamists as well.
Borrowing more paper “money” from the banks (and at compound interest)
is inflating the paper money supply, this inflation of the paper money
supply results in the paper being worth less, then more paper “money”
is required to purchase consumer goods. So in addition to Trudeau
taking tax “money” from Canadians to give to his foreign friends, he
enslaves Canadians with additional debt, rising prices and utter
poverty. Trudeau said that he would replace us, by forcing people into
poverty he will prevent many from being able to purchase a firearm to
protect themselves. Trudeau is an absolute genius, he fumbles around
like a clown, but his plan to fund Islamists and exterminate white
people is working. White farmers in South Africa are being
exterminated, they are ignored while Trudeau pays the airfare for many
blacks to come here from Africa, then puts them up in hotels and
eventually pays their mortgages. Islamists slaughtered the Christians
in the middle-east, then they came to Canada with the money they
stole, and were allowed to keep that money and go on welfare. Many of
the Islamists have four wives, each with a house paid for by
taxpayers, they didn’t really have to kill the Christians in the
middle-east and take their money, for in Canada they have their house
mortgages and food covered by the taxpayers (the white slaves). Now,
in the summer of 2020, black people in America are chanting to kill
the whites and are looting and burning down their stores, sure glad we
live in Canada, such a thing would never happen here (I’m joking, most
of the black people we allowed to come to Canada recently absolutely
hate white people).

Many Americans have the money to fly up north to fish and hunt.
Some Americans hunters land in Saskatoon with twelve-gauge shotguns
that are superbly machined and intricately engraved with gold inlay,
they come with shotguns costing many thousands of dollars. Saskatoon
in many ways is like Port Moresby, the rich foreign travelers land at
our airport and then immediately catch a connecting flight away from
the crime infested city. If the American sportsmen were aware that the
CIA was involved in funding torture research at the University of
Saskatchewan in Saskatoon for several decades, they still would not
venture into the city to see the facilities their tax dollars helped
purchase, they would be catching a connecting flight out of Saskatoon
with even less delay.

Trudeau floods our nation with Islamists because he has a hatred of
the European old stock Canadians, says that the Europeans are
replaceable and that he will indeed replace us. But Trudeau’s loyalty
is divided, on one hand he loves Islam, but on the other hand he bends
over backwards catering to the Chinese, either way he is replacing us.
He orders the unpleasant old stock European Canadians to stay confined
to their homes, then allows Islamists and Chinese to continue to fly
in to Canada carrying any number of diseases, and doesn’t even check
their temperatures at the airport nor places them in quarantine. The
unpleasant old stock European Canadians hear about all of this, and
also hear that they exchanged God’s Commandments for Catholic blinkin’
evergreen tree traditions, and they also hear that I was tortured in
psychiatric facilities for years for daring to say so, but they only
care about their blinkin’ trees. These Canadian people annually spend
billions of dollars turning their churches, homes and entire cities
into blinkin’ temples of fertility, they care little that they spent
many millions of dollars having me brutally tortured at the University
of Saskatchewan and at Saskatoon City Hospital for daring to criticize
their pagan fertility traditions. They claim to know the truth and are
utterly compassionless. The truth in 2020 and 2021 is that you are
being forced to take a depopulation jab while the millions of Chinese
living in Canada and the Unites States are exempted. And the millions
of Islamic women living here rarely go outside, even for a walk down
the block… well they are not going out of their way to get the
depopulation jab, and their husbands would not permit them to anyway.

Indians in Canada are now a free people when they are on their
reserves, they are on land that cannot be removed from them, unless
they are sitting on gold, diamonds or a golf course, they appeal to
their ancestors, the Satanic crown and to the Islamic run United
Nations for support. White Europeans think they own land in Canada but
will lose it like the white Doukhobors they mocked - the Doukhobors
had their land removed from them by the government, and then the other
white people laughed at the Doukhobors when the Canadian government
took their land away, they laughed at the Doukhobors and then bought
the developed Doukhobor farms for themselves for a small handful of
silver dollars. Later the government removed children from the
Doukhobor families and kept them segregated. Now I live in Saskatoon
and am surrounded by Moslems, while most white people around me harbor
a hatred of both Christians and Jews, other white people are
supposedly Christians who laugh at me for criticizing their blinkin’
trees, it is tradition, they say. White people in Canada cannot depend
on the support of native aboriginal people in Canada, during the great
tribulation Moslems, Sikhs, Chinese and Aboriginal Indians will likely
all be shooting at white people, while some of the white people
persecute other white people, especially those who dared to criticize
their Catholic fertility rites. Canada is more corrupt than Russia.

It might be a wise move for white people in Canada, Australia, New
Zealand, South Africa and USA to emigrate to the Sakha Republic
(Yakutia) and try to make a final stand there. We could collectively
transfer our wealth and factories to Yakutia, and design communities
that help secure our futures there. Perhaps we’ll cross paths along
the River Lena and meet for tea in Yakutsk. Or perhaps it would be
best to mass emigrate to Magadan and set up several communities there,
perhaps next to or near the Kolyma Hiway, at Sinegore perhaps. Magadan
is considerably warmer than Yakutia. Whichever Russian province we
emigrate to would benefit greatly by the wealth, resources and
manpower we bring along, and by the gold and other resources we mine

We can’t very well emigrate en masse to Sweden, for if people don’t
want to confront the Islamic invasion here, they similarly would not
want to confront the Islamic invasion there. It dothn’t sound smart to
emigrate to a nation that teaches Islamic youth to march in uniform
and shoot (plus the Islamists are tossing hand grenades around in
Swedish communities and commit huge amounts of rapes against the
Swedish children and women). If we were to emigrate to Sweden, we
would put our children and women at great risk of rape and murder.

We could emigrate en masse to Norway or Finland and try to protect
either nation from Sweden. We can’t emigrate en masse to Poland as the
topography offers little defense and the people pray to Mary - there
would be religious conflict. I think people would be less likely to
face psychiatric torture and Islamic invasion in the Sakha Republic
(or Magadan or Chukotka or Kamchatka Krai or Krasnoyarsk Krai or
Irkutsk) than in Canada, or Poland, that puts the Sakha Republic and
vicinity on my short list. With a “safety in numbers” mindset, a
fairly massive amount of us may choose to emigrate to Yakutia or
thereabouts and bring all of our wealth and many of our metal working
tools with us, again, we would be a big benefit to any nation that
allows us to emigrate. Note that independent journalist Rasul Yagudin
would not recommend that we emigrate to Russia (which includes the
Sakha Republic, Magadan, Chukotka, Kamchatka Krai, Krasnoyarsk Krai
and Irkutsk), for as in Canada, people there are tortured and killed
in psychiatric facilities.

Perhaps the second biggest gold play in the world may be the golden
triangle in northwest British Columbia Canada, the companies that have
staked claims have absolutely massively sized claims (on land that
Canadian native aboriginals claim). It is illegal for Canadians to pan
or sluice the rivers and creeks in this large region of the province
of British Columbia, the land is reserved for the rich elite and
Chinese who can afford a team of lawyers to stake the claims.
Similarly it is illegal to pan for gold in the creeks and rivers in
Magadan, as all the gold belongs to Putin. Similarly it is illegal to
pan for gold in the North Saskatchewan River as all the gold belongs
to Queen Elizabeth II and is about to be passed down to her son
Charles. The governments in both Canada and Russia prefer that you are
poor and that you don’t have a firearm. Maybe we should emigrate to
Finland, the people in Finland take pride in making firearms, we could
take our metal working and other tools with us to Finland and be a
blessing to the people of that nation. We can’t stay in Canada as all
the political parties allow people to be tortured to death with
psychiatric drugs, they even train Hindus, Sikhs and Islamists to
become psychiatrists at the University of Saskatchewan, and all the
political parties want votes from these “immigrants”. If you sing
Jingle Bells and adopt the Catholic fertility rites including Sunday
whoreship, then you will gain favors (employment, spouse and family)
and of course never be persecuted for your beliefs. Try to tell these
Catholics that they have Egyptian penises on the roofs of their
churches and they will call you a pedophile and hand you over to a
Hindu psychiatrist who will tell you that you think too much about
penises. Try to tell these Catholics that their priests are teaching
traditions in place of God’s Commandments, try to tell them that their
churches are censoring Scriptural references to cannibalism, and you
will be arrested for upsetting Catholics in the community, then you
will be driven past the four Egyptian dinks built into the front gates
of the University of Saskatchewan and handed over to a Hindu
psychiatrist who will say you think too much about penises and
cannibals. Or you will be handed over to psychiatrist Doctor Gene
Marcoux who will say that everybody turns trees into decorated
blinkin’ idols and sings Jingle Bells, and if you think otherwise then
you are deluded and deserving of a needle up your arse. Then with your
jaw locked open and your skin and tongue turned to hard leather, and
with your head pounding in pain, try to tell people in the community
that you are being tortured by Hindus and listen to the laughter. You
have Egyptian penises on the roofs of your God-damned Catholic
churches including upon many of the Seventh-day Adventist (aka
Catholic) churches, your priests and ministers teach you to turn your
homes into blinkin’ temples of fertility, you sing Jingle Bells, claim
Jews run the world, and you are happy. And it makes you even happier
when you see that your so-called Protestant Queen teaches you to abide
by Catholic fertility rites.

Consider TIG welding an aluminum landing craft for yourself, with a
TIG welded heated cabin, and TIG weld one of them aluminum rafts to
pull behind your landing craft, and load it all up with your supplies
and head to the Lena River Delta, or maybe to Finland. Doukhobors and
the other Canadians that desire to toil and have a peaceful life are
more likely to achieve that by living in Russia, or Finland.
Doukhobors who desire to avoid persecution can remain in Canada with
their blinkin’ trees and continue to avoid meaningful discussions.
Seriously, if white people and the First Nations peoples can’t agree
to form a government and deport the Asian and African invaders from
Canada (Islamists, Communists, Catholics and Anarchists), then the
white people in Canada should flee to Scandinavia, or Yakutia, or
Magadan. Should Canada and USA both function as Republics, we could
close our doors to the entire world and be rich beyond measure. But
the patriots are not fighting for their nations, instead they are
Catholics who laugh at me when I inform them I am being tortured by
Hindu psychiatrists for daring to criticize their blinkin’ trees,
there is no future for me in Canada. There is not even a future for
Aboriginal Indians in Canada, for they focus on blocking pipelines
rather than airports, they too have the highest regard for their
blinkin’ trees. The Indian in Canada appeal to the Islamic United
Nations and to the British Catholic Crown for assistance rather than
to God, and they don’t even consult with their grandmothers.

Oh look, now Trudeau hands $2000/month to foreigners attending
schools in Canada to assist them to overcome the supposed Chinese
virus (it is just the common cold), and nothing to Canadians who were
unable to earn money during 2019, and who did not have the resources
to attend schools, nor rent apartments (see “International students,
Temporary Foreign Workers eligible for Trudeau's coronavirus bailout
money” by Rebel News posted April 2nd 2020 on YouTube). That $2000
given to the foreign students and to other non-Canadians, is more than
what most Canadians usually earn in a month. Again, Trudeau borrows
“money” from banks which the banks made out of thin air, gives this
“money” to foreigners, and then gets Canadians to pay the compound
interest on the unnecessary debt. So the Chinese kids get allowances
sent to them from their families back in China during 2019, and that
makes them eligible to now get $2000 per month ($500 per week) from
the Canadian Liberal government that you pay compound interest on.
Trudeau hands out $2000/month not just to the Chinese students, but to
Islamic students as well. So this Chinese Virus is an excuse for
Trudeau to hand over more money to the invading Islamists. Like the
carbon tax, the Fear Flu ends up being just another Jizya tax to aid
the spread of Islam. People have many millions of dollars to spend on
having me tortured for years, certainly they can also afford to pay
the compound interest on this additional debt. If they are smart
enough to spend billions of dollars annually turning trees into
decorated idols, smart enough to pay many millions of dollars to
torture me in psychiatric facilities for criticizing their churches
(they all adopted Catholic fertility rites), then they are smart
enough to pay compound interest on an unnecessary debt, and just smart
enough to pay Jizya to an invading Islamist army. Trudeau calls this
$2000/month payment to the invaders the CERB program, or the Canada
Emergency Response Benefit, the white Canadians who are not eligible
for the CERB program yet who applied and are receiving funds, will
have to pay back the money. The Chinese and Saudis who received money
in 2019 from their parents back home in China and Saudi Arabia makes
them eligible for the $2000/month, which they may keep.

Oh look, see Rebel News again, Trudeau puts Islamic and other
illegally arriving “immigrants” into hotel rooms instead of turning
them back or putting them in tents or jails. Oh look, Trudeau reserves
hotel rooms in advance at Canadian hotels, he holds rooms in
anticipation of people entering Canada illegally, and pays hundreds of
thousands, perhaps even millions of dollars for the empty hotel rooms
being held in reserve for the arriving invaders. Oh look, Trudeau
fills our military barracks with infected invaders. Oh look, the
Canadian military did not fight to keep their barracks. Oh look, we
have docked submarines to get our soldiers to work upon. Oh look, we
are buying jets that don’t have the range to patrol our large nation.
Oh look, we have no costal defense guns. Oh look, we have soldiers
deployed on Russia’s border and not defending Canada, America or
Europe from Islamic invasion. Oh look, we have soldiers defending one
group of Islamists who treat their cattle better than women, in place
of another group of Islamists who treat their cattle better than
women. Oh look, we have soldiers that are raping women in their own
platoons. And oh look, Trudeau is allowing China to microwave
Canadians. Canadians respond by singing Jingle Bells and laughing at
me, calling me a pedophile, assaulting me, stealing from me… Anybody
who criticizes your blinkin’ fertility traditions is a religious nut
who is worthy of laughter.

Oh look. Canada’s government has abrogated its responsibility to
look out for our best interests and now instead allows foreigners to
invade our nation. The Canadians (both red and white) sit back and
wait for their “Christmas” holidays, but different aspects of this
pagan holiday are in direct opposition to God’s First Three
Commandments. God dothn’t care which particular fertility cult
occupies and rules any nation, He sees Canadians adopting Catholic
traditions instead of His Laws and allows a flood of people who abide
by yet another set of traditions in place of His Laws.

The farmers who own millions of dollars of farm land and a few guns
just sit back and laugh at the psychiatric abuse victims and the
impoverished, they gleefully go to resorts each winter and sing Jingle
Bells there, thinking that their lives, wealth, homes and possessions
are secure. Canadians allow psychiatry to thrive to the extent that
they allow Sikhs, Islamists and Hindus to be trained in psychiatry at
Canadian universities, and then allows these pagans to practice their
“art” in Canada without being Canadian citizens. It is not an issue to
the rich farmers, they have the money to send their children to the
best schools in Canada, where most of the students in the classes will
be Chinese and Saudi Arabian. The children of the wealthy farmers
won’t have to work while attending school, they will have
accommodations provided to them as close to the university as humanly
possible, they may focus on their degrees and on their money-making
futures. The white farmers in South Africa are facing genocide, and no
nation, including Canada, will provide safe haven for the white
farmers of South Africa. Trudeau spends Canadian taxpayer money to pay
the airfare and bring Islamists to Canada directly from Africa and
Asia, and then pays the subsequent costs after their arrival here, but
not a penny goes to assist the white people facing genocide in South
Africa. The blacks come in the night to torture and kill the white
farmers in South Africa, I expect the same will occur here as well,
and the media will be silent on it, and when it becomes common
knowledge the politicians and the media (agents of the Catholic
Church) will blame the murders of the white farmers on global warming,
or racism against blacks. Rich farmers on the prairies laugh when they
hear that their blinkin’ trees are nothing more than pagan idols, they
laugh when they hear that I faced years of brutal horrid torture for
daring to speak out against their pagan traditions. The farmers carry
on laughing at the Doukhobors for one hundred and twenty years now -
the English, western European and Ukrainian farmers used to heap scorn
upon the Doukhobor farmers, but since they taught the Doukhobors to
join with them in their Catholic fertility rites, the Doukhobors have
become accepted (and even more so if they anglicized their names). The
farmers have not an ounce of compassion in their hearts for anything
other than their Catholic fertility rites, their desire is to sit down
and have a big family dinner next to their blinkin’ sacrificed tree
where they and their children pray and thank God they are not like me,
and they and their children pay for years to come for the new and
upgraded torture facilities in North Battleford and Saskatoon, in
partnership with some billionaires. Each and every one of the Indians
at James Smith First Nation are goink to be getting $46.89 annually
for their share of the diamond wealth discovered on their traditional
hunting grounds, maybe each taxpayer will only have to pay $46.89
annually to lock me up and drug me, it’s a cheap and easy solution,
just print some more “money” to pay for the drugs you inject in my
arse. Food production on the Canadian prairies is about to plummet due
to Islamists, Marxists, Anarchists and First Nations starting to take
shots at the farmers doing their rounds, due to purposely set grass
fires, due to fuel and parts shortages, due to inclement weather, due
to vaccinations… and whatever food is produced will be sent to China
and hoarded by others.

The coming famine in North America will result in a great abundance
of corpses resulting in wild boar, wolf and bear populations
ballooning in numbers. That’s why I recommend getting your child at
least a .243 calibrated rifle as the bullet has enough mass and energy
to pierce the hides and bones of these animals. Try to stay in groups,
consider chartering many ships and emigrating to Russia by landing at
Magadan, bring machining tools, ATV’s, Skidoos, guns and such, always
watch out for wolves and tigers there. Doug Cuthand and the Saskatoon
Star-Phoenix are pushing for a First Nation’s - Black Alliance, if
that is what the native grandmother’s want then I think it would be
best to move to Magadan and to Yakutia via Magadan. We’ll get
permission from Putin to bring our guns with us when we emigrate, we’d
be idiots to go there unprotected. Whichever country that accepts a
mass immigration from Canada, together with our guns, tools and
factories, would be blessed by the wealth that we would bring with us
and by the wealth we create while living there. If we were allowed an
orderly exit from Canada, then we could bring our machines, guns and
wealth with us, and leave the rich farmers to their plight. All they
do is sing Jingle Bells and laugh anyway. The rich ignorant farmers
are pleased when their rich ignorant daughters learn to become nurses
and help torture some poor slob in the psychiatric facilities.

Oh look, Trudeau makes it possible for foreigners to work in
Canada. Oh look, my dad Sam died (shortly after taking another flu
shot), when we went to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
to deal with the paperwork we were directed to an office of a woman
who was an Iranian citizen. Oh look, the bank official you talk to
regarding obtaining a loan may be of the Islamic faith and be a
citizen of a foreign nation. Oh look, we are using our universities to
train Islamists to become psychiatrists, who may then work here
torturing Canadians while remaining as citizens of foreign nations. Oh
look, our present city mayor is employing non-Canadians as well.
Concerned about your safety, Sasktel will send an Islamist to your
home to insure your security system, television and internet are
working just fine. Oh look, we have more Chinese soldiers in Canada,
and we also have more Islamic soldiers in Canada, than we have
Canadian soldiers. Oh look, there is an army in Canada that is
entirely composed of black people, and many of the soldiers in that
army are children. Oh look, in Canada children can kill you without
facing any serious penalties. Oh look, Mexican gang members no longer
require visas to enter Canada. Well look at the good side of life, all
these people are busy working.

Nothing in the Canadian Constitution grants Canadians the right to
own land nor guns (you just get a temporary permit to possess the gun
and pay taxes on the land), and that constitution foisted upon you
allows them to pay you in paper or plastic coupons, and in coins
manufactured out of carcinogenic metals. There are people here that
are trying to utterly destroy you and they want you to deal with it by
getting a blinkin’ tree (and by staying home and singing Jingle
Bells). The Canadian Indians don’t care too much that the constitution
doesn’t guarantee our rights to own guns nor land as they have guns
and land. If Canadians try to obtain a new constitution that
guarantees guns and land, then the Indians will complain to the crown.
The crown claims ownership of the gold and other resources and
prevents the Indians and others from extracting gold from the North
Saskatchewan River and other locations. The ruling class dothn’t want
Canadians to mine gold, they want Canadians to work for wages, and
they want the Canadians to be impoverished and hand over the nation to
Islamists so they don’t have to pay wages to women. It is like the
Australian gold rush, the Australian government did what it could to
keep people from leaving their jobs and searching for gold. Now the
Australian government shuts down Australia, for China. China doesn’t
invade Australia just yet as they have puppets preparing Australia for
the invasion by shutting down Australian industry and using the
Australian police and military to force the Australians to stay home
and shut up.

Oh look, now Trudeau will buy your guns, he will borrow “money”
from banks that the banks make out of thin air, and will have
Canadians pay back this “money” at compound interest. Trudeau makes
you a slave by failing to pay you in real money (gold and silver
coins) then has you slave away so you can pay the compound interest on
paper “money” borrowed from the banks used to buy your guns. Slaves
are paid in paper promises and not allowed to have guns. Trudeau
borrows massive amounts of money and hands it over to Islamists, then
challenges the white Europeans to not only repay the “money”, but to
pay the compound interest on this massive debt. The white Europeans in
Canada and USA and Australia are slaves, they are unable to mount even
a feeble attempt to control their ports of entry. The Australians have
no guns and cannot make a feeble attempt to control their ports of
entry, while the Canadians and Americans have guns and still can’t
make a feeble attempt to control their ports of entry. Everybody wants
to stay home and sing Jingle Bells.

The unpleasant white British people (in England) are now being
spied on with drones and reported if they dare walk outside
(especially if they are walking dogs), while the Moslems are still
allowed to congregate in large numbers. Brits have become second class
citizens in their own nation, just as Canadians have become. The Brits
have an excuse though, as they gave up their guns and are nice. And
the Canadians have an excuse as well, as they are too indebted to buy
guns as the jobs and resources are all directed to the invaders, and
they too are nice. Being nice to invaders is more important than
protecting your nation. In Canada the Islamists bought courier
franchises and get further aid from Sikh truck drivers to help them
move arms and drugs across the nation. Some people (the Islamists and
Sikhs) are on top of things and are actively preparing for a period of
adversity, while the Canadian children are taught to ram their penises
up each others arseholes (and to sing Jingle Bells).

Many of the unpleasant white European old stock Canadians desire to
separate the western provinces from eastern Canada - should they get
enough Islamic, Hindu, Sikh and Catholic votes they may succeed and
separate, and then they would retain the use of and continue to fund
psychiatry, and they likely would also continue to pay people in
inflationary paper promises instead of with real money, which is gold
and silver coins, nor would they help the homeless get established in
their own small country homes. The wealthy farmers don’t want poor
white people around unless to shovel grain. Everybody will be allowed
to have guns in Alberta’s new western separation deal except those
people who criticized the Catholic Church and faced psychiatric
torture as a result.

The laws in Saskatchewan allowed the psychiatrists to torture me
for a three week period, then I would be wheeled into a psychiatric
appeal panel hearing and allowed to appeal my sanity, which is very
difficult when sleeping in the wheel chair or if awake with my head
banging in pain while undergoing the worst possible case of nauseous
horror, my jaw would be locked open and my mouth and tongue have dried
up and turned to leather. Because of my condition I would limit my
appeal by stating that the Bible repeatedly condemns turning trees
into decorated idols and that people are in fact bowing to these trees
when they place and retrieve presents at the base of the trees. After
years of being tortured by Hindus, white Catholic psychiatrist Doctor
Gene Marcoux took over torturing me with drugs, and the horror he
brought upon me with these drugs dwarfed by magnitudes what the Hindu
psychiatrists did to me. I told Doctor Gene Marcoux that all the
different drugs he was forcing upon me had death as a side effect, and
he just smiled and said it was his call. Then eventually this white
Catholic psychiatrist Gene Marcoux heard me state my defense at one of
these three-week appeal panel hearings, he smiled and said that I was
deluded, because everybody does it (turn trees into decorated idols).
The Catholics seated across the table from us at that psychiatric
appeal panel hearing smiled together with Marcoux and gave him
permission to torture me for another three weeks. That was the law in
Saskatchewan, they are allowed to torture you for a three-week period,
then allow you to appeal your sanity, then they allow you to be
tortured for a second three-week period, then on the final day of the
six-weeks of torture the victim will be given a depot drug (long
lasting psychiatric drug) injection and sent on his or her way
(leaving in the victim in a state of nauseous horror for a couple
months after his or her release). The psychiatrists never torture
people for a single three week period as they are allowed to keep
their victims for a second three week torture session, back to back,
and earn twice the amount of money.

Then the New Democratic Party (NDP) came to power in Saskatchewan,
and their first act of legislation was to allow the psychiatrists to
force medication upon the victims after the initial six-weeks of
confined horror. Normally they would release me after six weeks of
torture, then a few weeks later a police officer would approach me and
say, “You have a long term history of mental illness, you are under
arrest.” Generally some ignorant Catholic would be offended by my
words, call the police and I would be arrested for speaking, and
returned to another six weeks of brutal horrid torture, and the pain
and the nausea of the drugs would remain for weeks after the six weeks
of confined torture. But then the communist New Democratic Party (NDP)
came to power and they legislated more of people’s rights away - they
gave the Hindu and Catholic psychiatrists the right to torture people
with drugs for the remainder of their lives, not just for the six week
periods with a short interruption, but for every week thereafter,
people were forced to take psychiatric drugs after they were released
from the six weeks of confined horror. The NDP came to power in
Saskatchewan and removed additional rights from the people, then the
people in British Columbia and Alberta elected NDP provincial
governments as well. Then after the NDP were voted out of power in
Saskatchewan, the subsequent Saskatchewan Party kept the NDP’s new
24/7 torture legislation on the books. People laughed at me (and
assaulted me, and robbed me, and libeled me) when I tried informing
people in the community that I was being tortured by Hindus, now they
train Islamists and Sikhs to become psychiatrists in our universities,
and allow these people to torture Canadians without they themselves
being Canadian citizens.

The Canadian NDP went on to elect a Sikh to head their communist
party, and other left-wing Canadians appointed another Sikh to run the
Canadian military. People did not know that the NDP and Liberal
parties were both communist parties, then these two communist parties
merged the seats they won and took power, they gave Canada’s wealth
and all of Canada away to the world’s poor and to their Islamic and
Chinese buddies, they insured that they gave so much money away that
Canadians would never be able to recover. Indeed, the major right-wing
provincial and federal parties in Canada are also implementing
Communist agendas for they too are using taxpayer money to fund their
assorted businesses, they too import the third-world to help keep
wages low, and they too cater to and seek votes from the Islamists,
Sikhs and Hindus. The Canadians and their children and grandchildren
and great grandchildren would have to slave away for the remainder of
their lives just to try to pay the compound interest on the debt the
communists created when they gave the newly printed money away to the
Africans and Asians. Considering the high Islamic birth rate with the
four wives, and additional births due to sex slaves and rape, and
considering the increasing numbers of Islamists flooding across our
border and into Canada, and considering the increasing numbers of
Islamists coming from Saudi Arabia to take up seats at our
universities, Canadians should expect the tipping point, where the
Islamists have such a high percentage of the Canadian population, that
they will make increasing demands upon the white European population.
The police will act as in England, where if you are beaten and raped
by an Asian or African man, then the police fail to come that day to
investigate, if at all, but if you say something regarding Islam, if
you even dare to quote and discuss some Islamic teachings, the police
will immediately be at your door and charge you with hate speech.

All the mainstream political parties in Canada are seeking the
Islamic, Sikh and Hindu vote, so nobody will address the issue of
Islamists, Sikhs and Hindus being trained as psychiatrists in Canada
and "working" in Canada without them even being Canadian citizens. The
same is going on in other western nations. People have no compassion
for the victims of psychiatric horror, they just want to fly to
resorts each winter and sing Jingle Bells. The left and the right
unite each winter to decorate and bow to trees and sing Jingle Bells
together, and together these Catholics employ psychiatrists to prevent
criticisms of the Catholic faith they hold in common. Even the
atheists adopt the Catholic fertility rites, when one adopts
God-damned Catholic fertility rites, then one becomes a God-damned

People are compassionless to me and to other victims of psychiatric
horror, all sit back and allow psychiatry to not only continue, but to
thrive. They train Islamists to become psychiatrists at Canadian
universities, I sure hope that works out for you people. I complained
for years about being tortured by Hindu psychiatrists, people laughed
and laughed. Now you also train Islamists and Sikhs to become
psychiatrists, that should help matters even more. Borrowing money
from your children so that you may build new torture facilities in
North Battleford was one of your finer moves. Look at the American
experience in the matter, veterans are being tortured in psychiatric
facilities in the USA while the educated talk. They talk and talk and
talk, much more talk than in this little book you are reading now.
Americans allow their veterans to be tortured in psychiatric
facilities and sleep on the streets, and then honor them by sticking
statues of veterans next to or on top of Egyptian penises, which they
bow to when they place wreaths constructed out of evergreen trees at
the base of these pagan dinks. The Americans annually turn their homes
into blinkin’ temples of evergreen tree fertility, then they go to war
cemeteries and decorate the tombstones of the war dead with additional
green symbols of fertility - these soldiers fought for your freedom,
not for your Catholic fertility rituals. The Americans embrace pagan
fertility rites, then God allows members of alternative fertility
cults to invade their country. Canadian, Australian and American
universities all reserve seats to train foreigners from radically
different cultures to become brutal psychiatrists.

Since 1988 I started talking about being tortured by Hindu
psychiatrists, it is 32 years of talking and nobody cares, psychiatric
torture is not an issue, all people want to do is turn trees into
blinkin’ fertility tree idols and sing Jingle Bells. When people
embrace pagan fertility rites then God allows their nations to be
ruled by members of alternative fertility cults. Canadians are
compassionless to me and to other victims of psychiatric horror, they
deserve the loss of their nation to Islam.

The Chinese are attempting to manipulate bat viruses, this latest
onslaught was likely a test run and other manipulated viruses will
soon be released upon the world. Trudeau allows the Chinese to fly in
daily, directly from Wuhan where they are attempting to manipulate the
bat viruses, people don’t really care and then sing Jingle Bells. Our
native aboriginal Indians sell their grain to China and then block
pipelines, rather than block airports and seek to maintain a seven
year supply of food reserves - the Bible supports the idea that we
should save food in anticipation of a future period of adversity
(Genesis 41). So, Canadians respond to criticisms of their Catholic
fertility rituals by training and employing Hindus, Sikhs and
Islamists to torture the offending Canadians in psychiatric
facilities, and then when China launches viral warfare against
Canadians, the Canadians respond by allowing infected foreigners a
continued free pass into our nation while they shelter in their homes
waiting for an appropriate time to bow to decorated idols and to sing
Jingle Bells. The Ukrainian community in Canada is certain to be using
their free time to turn numerous eggs into lavishly decorated
fertility idols. Nobody really cares what God says about embracing the
pagan fertility rites, people are sure that killing and decorating
evergreen trees is an acceptable sacrifice to God.

Mock the individual if he or she criticizes your pagan fertility
rituals. If that isn’t sufficient, shun the individual, then libel
them, then assault them, and if they still complain about your church
exchanging God’s Commandments for pagan fertility rites, then have
them repeatedly arrested and tortured in psychiatric facilities until
they are no longer able to speak. If that still dothn’t work for you,
libel the individual in the media and call him a pedophile, in the
hopes that somebody on the street will kill the individual and shut
them up for good. Drug your own children and even drug the elderly in
your families, and get ready for an influx of victims to the North
Battleford torture facilities by borrowing money from your own
children to build larger torture facilities there. Prepare for a wave
of anger and poverty in the community by reserving more seats in
medical schools for Islamists, Sikhs and Hindus to be trained in the
art of psychiatry. And remember to hunt down anybody that spent time
being tortured in the psychiatric facilities and then steal anything
from them that they value, including pets. The secret here is not just
to steal from those who have been beaten down over the years, make
sure to take something from them that they value, no matter how little
it is. Fight the good fight, teach them a good lesson for daring to
criticize your blinkin’ trees. Laugh and party.

Turning trees into decorated idols is such an entrenched tradition,
that it is ok to have me tortured for daring to criticize the pagan
practice. This is your sacrifice to God, you adopt Catholic fertility
rites that are in direct opposition to God’s First Three Commandments,
and He better like it, and too bad if He dothn’t. Put an Egyptian
penis on the roof of your church, that should get His attention. Cry
out to the world that your freedom in Christ allows you to embrace any
number of pagan fertility rites.

Currently the single welfare recipients in Saskatoon are eligible
for $459 per month for their rent, and $241 extra that can be used for
food for the month. Sometimes they get an extra $40 for disability
allowance, sometimes another $40 for a landline phone, sometimes up to
$40 is provided for electrical per month. That is what is given to the
single old stock white Canadians who are an unpleasant relic. What
matters here most to The City of Saskatoon, is that The City of
Saskatoon will be getting at least $459 per month from the single
welfare recipients who choose to live in a concrete home in the
country that the city constructs (pours) for them, until they pay for
their mortgage, which the city holds.

Saskatoon should invest in several contiguous sections of land and
provide concrete houses (200 square feet) for the welfare recipients,
who would then use their allotted $459/month for a payment on a
mortgage for that structure rather than on rent to some landlord in
the city. The houses have to be concrete because the residents will be
sharing the land with bison who will rub against the houses. With flat
concrete roofs, additional stories may be added. Some of these western
pioneering homesteaders will fail in their homesteading efforts,
unionized city employees will find their corpses in the spring and use
power washers to remove the stains. Using a combination of unionized
employees, borax, soap, power washers and “science”, The City of
Saskatoon should be working towards eliminating the unsightly stains
and smells that appear after the spring thaw. There are many benefits
to investing in the concrete structures.

Each concrete house would be provided with a small surrounding lot,
the occupant who pays the mortgage would have the option to place a
fence around the perimeter of their lot. Each lot should have spaces
between them to allow the bison, moose, deer and coyotes to roam. Some
people may opt to erect tall fences to prevent the animals from
trashing their gardens and yard, that’s perfectly ok as long as
corridors are provided for animals to pass through. If the new
homeowners desire wooden homes, then in their leisure and on their own
dime, they may add wooden rooms to their 200/square foot concrete home
that was initially provided to him or her. I suggest that the people
who occupy these small concrete houses be allowed to fence off only a
small portion of land for their yards, perhaps limit their yards to
1,000 square feet, and insure that the fences are separated by 100
feet in order to provide the space for the animals to roam. Trees
located between the houses should be left for the wildlife and also
planted for wildlife, homeowners may obtain wood from other sources or
from the trees growing within their fenced properties.

Some people may be killed by the bison and their house will of
course become available to others, name a street after him or her.
Some people may desire plumbing, they will be encouraged to dig a hole
and build an outhouse or build a chemical toilet for themselves. So we
can get $459 from social services for their rent which would be
applied to their mortgage payment for their small concrete homes,
which the city builds for them. Stop providing welfare recipients in
Saskatchewan with rent money, let the poor take on mortgages instead,
for an unserviced concrete 200 square foot concrete structure in the
country where the bison roam. They may take pride in home ownership
and dig outhouses and wells for themselves and build solar systems and
attractive fences. I suggest that the people who move out to these
concrete homes find some way to heat their homes, consider purchasing
a stove and some stove pipe and burning some coal.

Ceasing to pay rent to welfare recipients in Saskatchewan should
result in many “immigrants” leaving the province, but keep in mind
that they have come not for the welfare but for the land. The
Islamists have federal government assistance to insure they remain
here, they also have provincial government assistance to insure they
remain here, even individual cities have programs to help the Islamic
invaders, and there are people in Catholic churches assisting to
entrench the Islamists as well. And even the City of Saskatoon has
begun a program where it is employing non-Canadians. If we were to
cancel the federal, provincial and city assistance given to the
Islamists, and if the supposed Christian churches were to stop giving
aid to the Islamic invaders, then Prince Charles would cover the costs
to insure that his Islamists are happily established here. After all,
Prince Charles has been funding the spread of Islam, for decades. And
because the Islamists have many sources of income and are provided
with homes in the city, they would not be eligible to own or live in
the bison park. People are largely homeless and living under bridges
because resources and housing is provided to the invaders, we should
be providing the concrete houses to our own people who are homeless
largely due to the Hindu, Islamic and Sikh invasion.

Lenin ordered Stalin to shoot the landlords, I probababbly wouldn’t
be having any landlords shot if I were the mayor. Lenin clearly
traumatized Stalin, but Stalin overcame the abuse and went on to get
Russian children to build composite Yaks that out-performed and easily
shot the invading German planes out of the sky… why God leaves me to
explain this all to you is beyond me. Lenin actually hated Stalin, can
you believe that?!!! Workplace bullying… Lenin hated Stalin as he
perceived Stalin to be illitrat, and he despised Stalin’s Georgian
accent. Stalin exiled many people to Siberia, Yakutia and Magadan,
perhaps that was due to God’s Holy Spirit working in Stalin’s heart to
guide his people to the chosen land, where they were put to work in
gold mines. Quite a few Ukrainians and Poles, and Hungarians and such
dislike Stalin, they don’t appreciate the suffering that Lenin made
Stalin endure. Even the Finns hated Stalin. All these people were
udderly compassionless to Stalin… poor guy. I imagine it all started
with Lenin farting forth assorted “microaggressions” at both Stalin
and Trotsky, who were both busy trying to placate Lenin and understand
his litrature. Eventually Hitler, Stalin and Trotsky all had enough of
Lenin’s litrature and wrote their own litrature. It’s really hard to
write anything nice about Stalin (either in refined litrature or in
illitarat ramblings), and attempting to do so may jeopardize my bid to
become mayor. People are not allowed to say anything good about Stalin
or bad about Mohammad, but it is ok to laugh at, slander and assault
psychiatric abuse victims who say they are being tortured by Hindus at
the University of Saskatchewan and at Saskatoon City Hospital. Go

Starting in 1988 I tried to advise Canadians to store up seven
years of food supplies (see Genesis 41), I was thwarted from
delivering the message as I delivered this message together with other
messages that were not welcome. Now I think it is too late to
accumulate seven years of food reserves and instead advise people to
buy rifles for their children. My advice is to get a rifle calibrated
to at least .243 Winchester (or perhaps .270, 7mm-08, .308, .338, or
.50) and emigrate to Yakutia (Sakha Republic). If the Canadians of red
and white can united and close the airports, seaports and borders, and
deport the Asian, African and Latin American invaders, then perhaps we
can make a last stand here in Canada instead. Many jets are parked on
runways and waiting to be used to transport the invasion force back to
their home continents, or can be used so we may emigrate to Yakutia.
Presently in Saskatchewan the slaves are not allowed to go to Alberta,
British Columbia or the Yukon to mine gold, and have never been
allowed to mine the North Saskatchewan River sands for it’s fine gold,
but if we fled from the North American Indians, and fled from the
Black invaders, and fled from the Chinese invaders, and if we fled
from the Islamic and Latin American invaders, and if we fled from the
white people who are communists or anarchists or Catholics, and fled
from the British Crown, then we could always emigrate to Yakutia, mine
gold and collectively become rich, and be a blessing to the Sakha
Republic as a whole (or maybe Magadan). When enough Islamists reside
in Canada, then mining laws will be changed and allow these Islamists
to mine the gold, and women will be covered and walking in large
groups with their chains clanging. The Canadian government trains
Islamists to become medical doctors, including psychiatrists, we could
flee Canada and flee the Islamic, Sikh and Hindu psychiatrists who are
now allowed to “work” in Canada without them being Canadian citizens.
It would be better to flee Trudeau’s Islamic Canada and start a new
community, perhaps in one of the many gold fields of Yakutia, or maybe
in Magadan. Maybe we can rebuild the community of Kadykchan, we would
need a great deal of glass to replace the broken windows. We could
fill the community of Kadykchan with industrial tools and manufacture
airplanes, ATV’s, glass, high quality guns and such, we would be a
blessing to the established residents living in the vicinity and a
blessing to the country as a whole. And there is housing waiting for
occupancy nearby in Sinegore. After we emigrate to Russia, some of us
will be arrested and tortured to death in Russian psychiatric
facilities, while those that do not receive this “treatment” will
continue to tithe to phallic-capped churches and sing Jingle Bells.
The Russian Orthodox priests will wave smoke and glory in pomp and
glitter, best not to speak out against them while you are in the
process of emigrating there.

Check out the Youtube video “Across the Suntar-Khayata Range to the
Sea of Okhotsk” parts 1 and 2 by Marina Galkina. The author hitchhiked
along the Hiway of Bones and then hiked across country, these and
other of her videos on Youtube give you some idea of the beauty in
Yakutia and surrounding regions, and provide many ideas of the
equipment that would be useful when traveling in the Russian far east.
I hope to marry Marina Galkina some day.

As the Canadian slaves laughed at me (and libeled, assaulted and
robbed me) when I begged for assistance to flee the country, I now
laugh at the Canadian slaves sheltering at home while their Prime
Minister places them further and further into debt and hands their
nation over to members of alternative fertility cults. Trudeau borrows
money that the banks make out of thin air, gives this “money” to
members of alternative fertility cults, then he saddles you with both
the debt and with the compound interest on this unnecessary debt, and
people slave away for low wages, landless and unable to pay rent, it
is a perfect recipe for prostitution, drug abuse, crime, the downfall
of civilization, the establishment of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate,
and the end of the earth. Your churches teach pagan fertility rites in
place of God’s Commandments and tortured me for saying so, your
response was to laugh at me and sing Jingle Bells and allow the
ingress of Islam.

Slaves are paid in paper promises and are forbidden to own guns,
allowing the slaves to purchase silver and gold coins at the post
office at greatly inflated prices, and allowing some Canadian slaves
to possess guns, is all just a show. Canadians are just a bunch of
ignorant slaves who are totally compassionless to me and to other
victims of psychiatric horror, their love is for their pagan
traditions. They are even willing to place their children in debt so
they may build additional torture facilities, and they have their
children and elderly parents drugged. Slaves are helping to enslave
other slaves. Parents are enslaving their children to psychiatric
horror and insurmountable debt, while the newly arrived Islamic and
other “immigrants” sit back, smile and collect. The Islamic leaders of
both Canada and the USA are using this bogus pandemic as an excuse to
hand over mountains of cash to the newly arrived Islamists while
injecting white people and native Indians with death serums.

Canadians are slaves and our slave owners are determined to replace
the white slaves with Islamic slaves, this way they will not have to
pay women for their work. The Islamist has four wives, none of them
get paid for their work, the Islamist male is the head of the family
and takes ALL the money freely handed to them. In addition to the four
wives, the Islamist may also have sex slaves who similarly are not
paid for their “work”. The Islamist is above our laws, they have laws
of their own. Their Koran instructs them to acquire slaves, they
isolate themselves into no-go zones, and the police have no idea what
befalls the women and children taken there.

The Canadian slaves annually turn their homes and entire cities
into blinkin’ temples of fertility worship, and tithe to
phallic-capped churches that teach them to engage in the pagan
practice, then they fly to distant resorts and post photos of
themselves posing next to blinkin’ trees that they find in hotels and
malls in distant lands. They think themselves open-minded when they
engage in and allow multiple perversions to be taught to their
children, they have me tortured for years in an attempt to prevent me
from speaking and then have the audacity to smugly sit back and tell
me to stop judging them. They exchanged God’s Commandments for pagan
traditions, then God allowed their nations to be invaded by members of
alternative fertility cults, and they responded by singing Jingle
Bells with even greater fervor. Scripture proclaims that these
Canadian and other slaves are to be spread out like dung over the
surface of the earth, and I think it is absolutely hilarious and
entirely necessary. Go borrow some more money, put your children in
debt and build additional torture facilities in Saskatoon and North
Battleford, accumulate enough working hours so you may go on
unemployment insurance, and continue laughing. Laugh about the
non-Canadians receiving over $2000 per month from the government
during this supposed crisis, that we are to pay back plus pay compound
interest on.

Real money is gold and silver coins, people are enslaved with paper
debt. Politicians hand out money they borrowed from banks, which the
banks make out of thin air, then saddles you with the debt and the
compound interest on that bogus debt. Every dollar Americans and
Canadians give to non-Americans and non-Canadians, enslaves Americans
and Canadians with debt. You are slaves, your slave owners are wanting
to replace you with Islamists, that way they will not have to pay
women for their work. And you are hated for being white - white people
are the main reservoir of Christianity and are targeted for
elimination due to hatred of the Christ that dwells within some of
these people. Most white people are actually Catholics, rather than
embrace God's Holy Spirit they instead embrace Catholic fertility
rites, then think themselves rich enough to import members of
alternative fertility cults and provide them with free houses. They
have no money, only paper debt, they are but slaves and think
themselves rich. They are so rich that they spend billions of dollars
annually turning trees into decorated idols, so rich that they can
afford to spend millions of dollars having me tortured for years for
saying so, so compassionless to anything other than their
traditions... it is hilarious that they strip me of my rights and then
laugh at me, then they fly off to distant resorts and post pictures on
social media of themselves and their family members posing next to
decorated trees, then they elect and re-elect a homosexual Indonesian
Islamist to the presidency of the USA because they see photos of the
sodomite posing next to the decorated trees, or they elect and
re-elect an Islamist to head Canada because he has a full head of hair
and legalized marijuana. Now you have to stay home. I had to stay
confined and tortured with psychiatric drugs for years, now you have
to stay home. Stay home. Stay. Be a good slave, stay. Sit. Post
pictures on social media of your child posing next to the Catholic
tree idol or engaged in turning chicken eggs into decorated idols, use
images of your very own children to teach others to adopt Catholic
fertility rites. Stay, sit. Good boy.

Restoring The American Republic:

“When they are allowed to cross our borders in violation of our laws
infected with deadly diseases, forced into crowded facilities that
enable the contagions to further spread in their numbers, and then
bused and flown to cities and towns across the republic, those people
are weapons being used against us… America is no longer sheltered from
battlefields abroad, the enemy is within and the battlefield is
America. - Thomas Mick, Restoring the American Republic, August 10

“I mean no disrespect to honorable veterans and members of the Armed
Forces of the United States but I have no respect for oath-breakers…
nor does the God I worship. The Constitution is under the most intense
attack in the history of the republic and every damn one of you is
sworn to defend it. Your oath is to the Constitution, not the
President, Congress, the Court or any subdivision thereof… If you
don’t agree with that, you shouldn’t have taken the oath.” - Thomas
Mick, Restoring the American Republic, November 8 2015

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