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Re: NYPD Officers Arrest And Pepper Spray Queer Liberation March Protesters

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Feb 22, 2024, 9:55:04 AMFeb 22
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NYPD officers arrested and pepper sprayed protesters at the
Queer Liberation March Sunday afternoon while attempting to
arrest two people for graffiti, according to witnesses.

Numerous videos shared on social media show a crowd of officers
shoving outraged protesters where arrests were being made near
Washington Square Park.

As two were being arrested for graffiti, protesters intervened
in an attempt to free them, at which point police responded with
pepper spray, multiple witnesses told Gothamist. A legal
observer said at least four people were arrested and 10 others
pepper sprayed—including someone running a fruit stand nearby

Speakers at the Queer Liberation March for Black Lives Matter
told protesters they got word that officers were pepper spraying
people nearby after marching from Lower Manhattan to Stonewall
Inn and ending with a rally at Washington Square Park. NYPD
helicopters circled above during the march.

"The NYPD is going ballistic," said a witness livestreaming on
Facebook. "The situation was at a point where this was almost
Stonewall 2," the narrator added, referencing the uprising at
Stonewall Inn in 1969 nearby Sunday's protest on the weekend of
Pride and 51st anniversary of the uprising.

"There was an excessive amount of police once the march got
here," the livestreamer said.

Witnesses described a dance party before arrests began—a
celebration and march led by the Reclaim Pride Coalition.

"We were dancing right in front of the arch on 5th ave and out
of nowhere, cops started storming into the crowd," Mike Perles,
a 29-year-old city employee, told us. "They pushed everyone in
front of them out of the way and onto the ground. They pushed a
reporter who was taking photos down and started randomly pepper
spraying people. I couldn't see anyone instigating. It seemed
like they felt out numbered after entering a huge group and
panicked and started beating people up."

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