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transgender research

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Dana Leland Defosse

May 25, 1994, 10:32:12 AM5/25/94
I am currently researching several aspects of transgenderism and
am seeking help with my work in the following areas:

1) I am interested in theoretical works addressing transgender issues
that contain critical, systematic analyses of the oppression of differently
gendered persons (historical or cross-cultural welcome). In particular I would
like to find studies of political, social, economic and cultural aspects
of the subjugation of transgendered persons that explore reasons for
oppression and transphobia and prescriptions for liberation and empowerment.
I will share and acknowledge contributions made to this search.

2) I am trying to assess campus climates for the transgender
community, both at my own institution and at other campuses. Any
information regarding this subject would be tremendously helpful to this
effort. Personal testimony, activism, organizations, experience of
providers and human service workers, etc. Issues of interest are
transphobia, hostility, general knowledge and understanding, attitudes of
the queer community and cisgendered people, etc. I am interested in
building coalitions and will share any info with others.

3) Queer scholarship--I am also trying to determine the degree to
which lesbian and gay studies programs contain material relevant to
transgenderism and what the quality of that material is. Experiences from
prof's TA's, students are helpful. Syllabi are really appreciated and I
will disseminate syllabi I receive to others who request it.

4) I would appreciate finding out about any listservers or other
bulletin boards that deal with any aspects of transgender issues.

Please forward if you can!

Thanks to those who can help--it is very appreciated and I will do my
best to reciprocate!

University of Minnesota

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