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Re: Istanbul police fire tear gas, disperse 'banned' Pride parade; 25 said arrested

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Feb 22, 2024, 4:05:05 AMFeb 22
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Police in riot gear on Saturday blocked streets and fired tear
gas to try to disperse marchers at a Pride parade in Istanbul.

Authorities have banned Istanbul Pride events since 2015, citing
public security, and more recently, COVID-19 pandemic
restrictions. The Cumhuriyet newspaper said at least 25 people
were detained.

According to activists, security forces detained several of the
protesters who had gathered in Taksim, a district that has
traditionally hosted Pride marches.

Carrying rainbow flags and chanting slogans, the protesters had
attempted to bypass the police blockade through the back
streets, but were violently dispersed.

Footage from the march showed police storming the crowd and
arresting participants.

According to AFP, one of the news agency’s photographers
covering the event was also briefly arrested during the parade.

After being released from the Istanbul police headquarters,
Bulent Kilic said he had filed a “violent arrest” complaint
against the police who pinned him to the ground and pushed their
legs into his neck and back during the arrest.

AFP management protested against the “violent arrest” of Kilic
“while he was only doing his job as a journalist.”

The Turkish branch of campaign group Reporters Without Borders
also condemned his arrest.

Images showed Kilic being held on the ground by officers, who
were pressing down on his body with their knees.

Kilic also said that his camera was damaged during the arrest.

After a spectacular Istanbul Pride parade in 2014 joined by more
than 100,000 people, Turkish authorities have banned the march
in recent years, officially for security reasons.

LGBTQ groups accuse the Turkish government of waging a “hate
campaign” against them, encouraging violence against a
vulnerable community.

"gay" is a personal choice.

Don't make bad choices.

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