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Aug 23, 1996, 3:00:00 AM8/23/96

Maintained by M Sipher
Version 4

Hello, all. This here is a list of all of the official Transformers and
variations availble worldwide. Let me cut to the chase with the details...

1) The list is organized by faction (Autobots, Decepticons and
Gestalts), and all entries in the list are alphabetized within each
faction. Each entry is set up like this...


NAME : The name assigned to that particular TF. If it was not
assigned an actual name, then the name of the mold used is given in quotes.
SUBGROUP : Most of the TFs are grouped together with others who
share the same "gimmick" or general toy type.
FUNCTION : That TF's "job".
DESCRIPTION : The colors and alternate mode(s) of the TF.
PARTNERS : Several TFs came with vehicles or "sub-characters"...
while these may have been characters in their own right, for the purposes
of this list they are considered to be accessories. Nebulans
(Head-,Target- and PowerMaster components), Action Master partners and
vehicles, MicroMaster vehicles and bases, Pretender shells, and city
mini-vehicles fall under this category.

MicroMasters are listed separately (except when they were
packaged with larger TFs, which only happened near the end of the
Japanese G1 line.) This list also includes Decoys, which are listed under
the TF it was molded after.

For example...

Blurr TargetMaster Data Courier
- Light Blue Cybertronian Racer
w/ Grey & Black short single-barrel "Haywire" TargetMaster figure

2) There are a few variations this list does not cover. Basically,
if the toy itself has not been physically changed, it will not be listed....
- Packaging variations/mistakes and name changes
- "Rub-sign" variations (if the rubsign indent has changed, then
it's included... if only the sticker is missing, I don't bother with it.)
- Copyright information stamp differences (most of the first and
second-year TFs didn't have Hasbro's copyright/trademark stamp on them...
this seems like a REALLY minor change, and not really worth mentioning.)

3) Like Robert Jung's TF list, this list is "American-centric." He
can give you a better reason for this than I can. The TFs in the list
have been classified according to where they were available and what line
they belong to...

(B) - A TF or variation available only in the Brazilian TF
market, which appears to have only been available in 1985. My information
on these is somewhat sketchy, so any help on these would be much appreciated.
(BW) - A TF from the newest line, Beast Wars. All of these TFs
have semi-realistic "fleshy" animalistic alternate modes. Currently, only
the US is getting the BW line, although it appears that BW will hit
Britain and the European market in '97... hopefully even Australia.
(E) - This can stand for "European Market" TF, or, if you prefer,
"Everywhere Else Not Covered By The Other Classifications". The UK,
continental Europe, and Australia are included in this classification.
These are TFs that were generally unavailable in the US or Japanese markets.
(G2) - A TF from the Generation 2 line. With only a few
exceptions all of these are/were availble in the US.
(J) - A TF or variation available only in the Japanese Market.

All of the others are G1s available in the US (and in many cases,
in the Japanese and European markets as well).

There are a few exceptions... shortly before G2 came out, the
Japanese line got several TFs previously available only in the European
market, and vice-versa. However, for the purposes of this list, they're
labeled in the market they originated from.

4) If there is a question mark in an entry, then that means I am
either unsure of the information or simply don't know. If you do, please
e-mail me with the info I need. This also goes with any variations you
know of that I have missed.

5) This list is intended for checklist puposes and general
identification purposes only. If you want a description of the gimmicks
and more information on the state of the TF lines over the toy line's
lifespan, check out Robert Jung's TF List. If you want the complete
tech-specs of many of these TFs, check out either Hex's or the Nixtr's
tech-spec lists. It shouldn't be too hard to find any of these... most of
the TF-related Web pages have links to them.

6) Transformers and all related indicatia (is that right?) are the
trademarks and copyrights of Hasbro/Kenner and Takara, and this list is
in no way intended to be an infringement of those copyrights and
trademarks. This list is considered free for personal usage and inclusion
on Web sites. McDonald's is a registered trademark of the McDonald's
Corporation (or whatever).

7) "That Big Transformers Checklist" is copyright Greg "M Sipher" Sepelak.

8) I want to thank Robert Jung and Hex for their lists (which were
instrumental in the creation of this one), "Dirge", "ranma1449", and Dave
"Zobovor" Edwards for their help, Doug Dlin for two-point-six buttloads
of information on the Japanese TFs, and everybody else who gave me
information when I asked (begged/pleaded) for it, I wish I could remember
who all helped out. And, of course, the whole of
for sucking up a fair deal of my free time and income.

M "I Never Knew Lizards Were So Darn Flammable" Sipher

"Nice shooting, Max. Now let's line up a dozen raw eggs with the
faces of people we don't like drawn on them."
"Oboy! I'll get the hammers!"
- Sam & Max (respectively),
"Sam & Max Freelance Police On The Road"

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