Age Of Innocence: 1997 Bob Forward Interviews

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Jan 15, 2001, 1:15:13 PM1/15/01
I used to conduct one-on-one interviews with Bob Forward, back during season
one of Beast Wars. Out of some fascination of mine to go through old
TF-related things, I decided to repost these AOL interviews, to see where
our heads were back in January of 1997...

[Note: These are from the interviews that were _approved_ and posted to my
website. I had interviews where our conversations involved spoiler-ish, or
simple theories, in the future of BW, which were _not_ posted to my website.
I cannot find these interviews _anywhere_, so I'll just assume they're lost
forever. Shame. Oh, and BeastBob1 is no longer Mr. Forward's e-mail
address, so don't try to find him.]

Real interviews with Bob Forward, no carbon-copies here...

BeastBob1: Thanks. That's what we were striving for. To be honest, few
companies besides Mainframe would have followed through.

HooksX: Well, let's just say I converted many adults to the Transformer
mythos. I am glad Mainframe accepted the concept, and you and Larry have
both created a great show!

BeastBob1: Now let's just hope we can continue it..:)

HooksX: I was wondering, why hasn't Beast Wars gotten the type of press
shows like "Reboot" have gotten? Beast Wars is definatly breakthrough, and
has a maturity to be appreciated. (I am definatly hoping for a second season
as well...)

BeastBob1: Economics. Mainframe owned Reboot but Hasbro owns BW. Mainframe
isn't going to push publicity for a show that they don't have a big piece
of. And Hasbro figures they're already spending enough.

HooksX: Well, I would AT LEAST like to see some reviews in the TV Guide, or
on variety shows like ET. Well, with the season ending, that's unlikely.
Speaking of which, any word on the 2nd season yet? Larry's a.t.t. posts were
kinda cryptic...

BeastBob1: Second season is still iffy. Hasbro wants one, but they want it
for less money since that is standard animation procedure. Mainframe is
willing to do it but they want more money because CGI is expensive. We'll

HooksX: So in other words, if a second season comes to effect, it will most
likely have either less episodes, or less quality in its animation?

BeastBob1: Chances are it will only be 13 or 14 episodes, since 40 eps are
all they need for a European strip. The animation may be the same but
spectacle shows like "Trigger" may be out.

BeastBob1: All this is pure speculation, you understand.

BeastBob1: Larry and I are not employees. They don't want us to know

BeastBob1: If we find out they have a decent deal, they're afraid we will
ask for more money.

HooksX: I understand. Not many realize that in animation, it isn't just the
art but the views, the angles, the cuts... everything. The Trigger was
definatly good, and I hear Other Voices might be of the same calibre.
Episodes like this make for good viewing. Hasbro has a lot of things they
need to get clear in their heads. Perhaps a meeting of sorts would clear
things up...I mean, communicationis important when it comes to things like

BeastBob1: "Trigger" meant building a lot of new "sets" or landscapes. We
were able to justify it because it was spread over two episodes.
I think Hasbro and Mainframe ARE having meetings. We're just not included.

HooksX: Well, being story editors and the ones whom essentially create the
new TF stories, shouldn't you and Mr. DiTillio be included? Or does the fact
that you are not employees keep you from having any decisions or insight

BeastBob1: You have to understand that as freelancers we're basically hired
guns. While we are willing to support the show on our own time because we
like it, we can't really be asked to discuss a new season unless a deal is
in place. We're usually working other shows at the same time. Frankly, not
bringing us in is a sign of respect, not discourtesy. When they have a deal,
we'll get the job done.

HooksX: Okay, thanks for clearing that up for me...and many others don't
seem to understand either. I know MACHINE WARS hasn't been discussed as
well. Would you be willing to write such a show?

BeastBob1: I think it is premature to speculate on MW. It would depend on
the parameters. The problem might stem from the CGI restrictions. With BW,
the fact that we were restricted to 14 characters caused us to crash them on
a barren planet. We had no choice. It worked okay with animals. But a
similar restriction in MW would be rough.

HooksX: I can see. An entire planet of "characters", most being different in
appearance, would be difficult. While there does exist a "Cybertron" of
sorts on file at Mainframe, I doubt there are several dozen CGI molds of
robotic creatures and their alternate modes. Even though there could be
characters with similar appearances, just subtle differences , it would get
repetitive in that respect.

BeastBob1: Even the "Cybertron" was just a brief glimpse of slightly revised
"Reboot" scenery. The restriction on characters will eventually disappear as
the equipment continues to upgrade. But for now it is one of the hurdles.


HooksX: Has there been any developments on the new Beast Wars season, if
there is one?

BeastBob1: I was speaking to Jonathan Goodwill friday. Hasbro is only
willing to put up half the money of the previous season at the moment. But
they are continuing to negotiate.

HooksX: There have been many debates on a.t.t. about the next season and
Hasbro's "stupidity." In effect, isn't it true that the show would bring in
MORE money for them? (More shows= more exposure, more kids buying more toys)

BeastBob1: Who knows? I don't pretend to be an accountant. The show's not
cheap. The first 26 cost, I believe, 18 million dollars. That's a lot for
syndication. I think the money's on the screen, but I can only hope it is
cost-effective. Hasbro claims they are not getting the european financing
because the toys haven't been released there. Maybe. It could also be their
belief that a second season should cost less because so many characters are
already created. That is standard animation logic.

HooksX: Yeah. Usually comparing first season episodes to second or third
season shows in ANY series and it can show, unless it gains a large
popularity base, such as Star Trek. 18 million is a lot, and 9 million would
be a dramatic cut. It does indeed show on screen, however, with such quality
being put into the show (story-wise and animation-wise).

BeastBob1: Not that Larry and I saw much of that 18 mil. :) But we had fun,
and we'd like to continue.

HooksX: The fun shows in your stories. I mean, sometimes it looks like you
have TOO much fun...and really want to take things to the limit.

HooksX: Tell me the truth: How MUCH Indiana Jones do you people watch?

BeastBob1: Oh, just wait until "Low Road" airs. I like doing "one-offs" like
"Call Of The Wild" and "Low Road." Kind of sends the message "don't take us
TOO seriously" and gives the production team a chance to do something fresh.
"Low Road" was just plain designed to be funny, because so many episodes
were coming out kind of grim.
Not too much "IJ." :)

HooksX: Speaking of getting grim: It is no secret that many of the Predacons
have come very close to final deactivation. Will any of the Beast Warriors
meet their demise in the three-part finale? Were there ever plans to kill
any Beast Warriors?

BeastBob1: Oh yes. For a while there Hasbro was planning to make the Inferno
toy the new Megatron. We were going to kill Megatron and bring him back as
Inferno. A few other deaths were planned as well. But I don't want to give
away too much.

HooksX: Okay. A question that has been bugging me: Who was the TF who was
speaking at the beginning of "The Probe"? And who is the other classic
character who will appear? If you cant say anything, at least a few hints
would help. :)

BeastBob1: The TF speaking in "The Probe" is one of the Maximal Elders but
we never specified which one. The other "classic cameo" isn't quite what you
think. It sort of is, but also isn't... and that's all I'll say.

HooksX: "Maximal Elders"? I have never heard about them before. Now I know
what Mr. DiTillio meant by saying that some elements will need to be put
into a second season. :)

BeastBob1: The Maximal Elders are briefly mentioned in "Possession." They
are the leaders. They mean well, but they make unintentional errors. For
instance, in order to prevent corrupting influence, they wipe all records of
Starscream from the Maximal data banks. They were also responsible for the
programming glitch that caused all the rouble in"Call Of The Wild."

HooksX: Not too-bright leaders, are they? Did you, Larry, and Ian
incorporate ideas from "Ghost in the Machine" into "Possessions." You KNOW a
lot of people are looking for ANY continuity glitches...

BeastBob1: Ian may have. I'm not familiar with "Ghost In The Machine." I
treated "Possession" as a new story in its own right, which I think is the
only way to go.

HooksX: The only thing about "Ghost in the Machine" is that Starscream got
his body back...even though in the end he was hurling through space.

BeastBob1: Mmph. Well, he is sans body at the beginning of "Possession"
though that could have happened at some point while hurtling thru space for
300 years --maybe more, depending on his space-time position. In any case, I
haven't seen the episode myself. A lot of the writing was deliberately vague
because we were not sure how much Starscream animation could be done,
afforded, etc. -- if any.

HooksX: That is understandable. Besides, Galvatron DID shoot him on his
decent through space, and Starscream was screaming for a while in his final
scene. So one can assume he died...again.

BeastBob1: It'll work.

HooksX: Any plans on the next season?

BeastBob1: Quite a few. You'll understand when you see how we ended the
first one. And even at that we had to drop a great Dinobot subplot, just for

HooksX: Dinobot is a great character, and someone who really has many
complexities. He has more characterization than many characters on "more
adult" tv shows. :) On that note, will Beast Wars end in a cliffhanger?

BeastBob1: Cliffhanger? Oh yes. We are expecting to hear audible screams of
frustration from fans.

HooksX: Just hearing THAT is a frustration! And if there is no second
season, that would really kill me. Much like the end of SPACE: Above and
Beyond, or the original series with Galvatron and Scorponok ready to conquer
the galaxy after the Bots retook Cybertron.

BeastBob1: Yes. All you can know is that we do have a resolution if a second
season happens. But we tell no one. For freelancers, this is all the job
security we have. ;)

HooksX: That's great. Simply PRIME. :) And to think that a single season
would have to be simple for a "kids show." Then again, nothing with this
show is "simple."

BeastBob1: Well, until "Low Road."

HooksX: The "humor" episode. Can't wait! Last humor episode was, what,
"Better Mousetrap"? I really thought the Rat was caught in a
trap...permanatly. I got an E-Mail from someone about Beast Wars names.
Before they landed on this planet, what were the original names of the
characters? .

BeastBob1: As I think I've said before, Larry had worked out some names
along those lines but I don't remember what they were. It was impossible to
work it all in and only got confusing so we dropped it. There is such a
thing as too much detail.

HooksX: Yeah, that is true. Besides, the characters seem to fit into their
new names comfortably, and kids would get confused with these little details

BeastBob1: I had to write it short anyway since we didn't want to get a good
look at them prior to their replicating animal forms. Otherwise Mainframe
would have had to design a whole set of characters with no animal
attributes. $$

HooksX: What, ANOTHER 18 million? What fun. Let me guess...those characters
in "Beast Wars Part One" were not even fully designed; they were partial
characters, and the shadows were placed in just the right spots. :) Save

BeastBob1: Right. Part of the writing and setup had to take the production
into account. The landscape had to be rocky for a while because trees took
longer to "build." By episode 3 or 4 we could start throwing jungles around.
We were told at first that the robots would not have mouth movements to save
animation -- that's why Larry and I wrote them in Beast form a lot in the
early eps. We wanted some facial expression. As it turned out, the animators
did a better job and the robots were cool.

HooksX: I missed the characters in robot mode in the beginning. I thought
that it was harder to animate them in robot mode, so I assumed that is why
Beast forms were used mostly in the beginning and the whole subplot of
"energon build-up" was used. I noticed it has faded in the background a bit
overtime, and the "Maximize" and "Terrorize" is less of an activation code,
and more of a battle cry. :)

BeastBob1: I like the Energon build-up problem but Larry is irked by it, so
it kind of goes back and forth depending on who supervised the script. The
"Maximize" and "Terrorize" just became a given and we didn't feel the need
to do it every time.

HooksX: Thats great. Writers' conflict! :)

BeastBob1: Actually we get along surprisingly well. We just have
preferences. I think that it makes for a more rounded show.

HooksX: Well, I have a Super Bowl party to go to! Bye! Nice talking to you!

BeastBob1: Packers. Bye!


BeastBob1: Hi. Was just going to catch up on the NG.

HooksX: A lot of people have been posting "LARRYBW (and BEASTBOB too)"

BeastBob1: So I see. Although Larry has been responding to some of them, so
I don't need to answer those.

HooksX: and some people disbelieve my page's credibility...

BeastBob1: Really? In what way?

HooksX: "well, if we can trust HooksX's page..." "If Hooks is telling us the
truth..." "Depending on if Hooks is lying or not..."

HooksX: umm....Im not saying anything, YOU are!! :)

BeastBob1: My goodness. Perhaps you have previously established a reputation
for falsehood? :)Of course, if they are questioning MY remarks, then I can
simply plead idiocy.

HooksX: Actually, I have a thing for truths... I hate liars.

BeastBob1: More ethical than me, then. :) But so far as I remember, we've
both stuck to the truth as far as we know it.

HooksX: Yup. The whole truth. In fact, I printed the letter you sent me and
Wacko, but what I did was block out all the important things. :)

BeastBob1: Doorbell. Hold on.

BeastBob1: Solicitor. Yes, I noticed the slight edits. Well done.

[NOTE 1/15/2001: The letter involved the confirmation of season two of Beast

HooksX: Thanks. People got annoyed, but OH WELL!! Not my problem. :) So, how
is Hulk going?

BeastBob1: Full bore. Wrote a script this week and another starts tomorrow.
After that I should be pretty much through. They're only doing eight.

HooksX: only 8 episodes? thats, well....short for a season. Oh, I
am going to send you an e-mail and I'll need ya to ask you to fill some
things out. It is just a Creator Profile for Beast Wars, so people can know
a bit about you...if you dont mind, that is.

BeastBob1: That will be fine.

HooksX: ok, great! So, afraid to ask...well, you know the question.
The one we all are worried about.

BeastBob1: Oh, didn't I tell you?

HooksX: UNofficially, yes.

BeastBob1: Then it is still in that state. Off the record, the top brass are
not happy with some of the middle management and want to lay off or transfer
some people before anyone knows there is a new season. That's why no
announcement yet.

Also, the reason for the whole delay is as follows:

BeastBob1: Also off the record: HasKen is swamped with the Star Wars toys
for 1997. And the new Star Wars movie comes out in 99. So Hasken wanted a
new season of BW, but they wanted to hold off until 98, when they had an
opening. Mainframe finally convinced them that would be death. So we're
doing the 97 season. But in the back of my mind, I keep thinking -- they
still have that hole in 98... :)

HooksX: BUT THIS IS GREAT NEWS!! I mean, not onlyhas it finally shown that
HasKen DOES listen to people , but the second season WILL air!! oh, and
there's that little ol' Star Wars movie...
What will happen in 98? Have the Second season episodes been ordered yet?

BeastBob1: See, right now we're still waiting. We know we will be doing them
but we don't know when. Since the production process has gotten so much
better they actually don't need to start until almost May now.

HooksX: So, it WILL happen, we just dont know when. Short and simple,
basically. Sometimes things do go our way. Just a little luck and hope, I
guess. But even though we dont know when it will air, I can wait.. :) Any
news on the "production problems" with OV?

BeastBob1: Gee, was it having prod problems?

HooksX: said that part of the reason OV was pushed back was because
there was going to be a big surprise for G1 fans, and depending on whether
the animation could be done or not would depend on if the surprise would
occur in that form or not.

BeastBob1: The big surprise is not the reason for the push back. OV is just
an effects-heavy climax and is taking extra work. The surprise is a
throwaway -- blink and you'll miss it type -- which wouldn't affect prod

HooksX: ahh..I see. Is it more of a cameo-type thing like Starscream, or an
instant-type thing like the Swarm, which can be done easily in CGI?

BeastBob1: Just a quickie. It may not be done -- I requested it verbally; it
wasn't in the script. But if it isn't I'll work it into next season.

[NOTE 1/15/2001: The cameo was for Megatron to gloat Primal while in the
stasis pod- by linking a direct communique with Autobot leader, Optimus
Prime! Prime was to show on Primal's viewscreen as Primal raced for the
false moon and met his demise.]

HooksX: ok, thats understandable. Any plans for neXt season?

BeastBob1: We need to see what new characters will be introduced.

HooksX: even MORE characters, huh? Either that will mean a bigger
load or we are saying "bye-bye" to some oldies...

BeastBob1: That is a decent point. We will be discussing that with the
producers, who may not wish to have to keep so many characters alive. More
than 3 in a scene is a CGI headache.

HooksX: As long as you dont do repaints. :) But, if you do kill characters,
like I've said before, make it meaningful and for a cause. I've seen some
cartoons where characters were randomly either killed or just went away
somewhere. Will these issues be addressed in OV?

BeastBob1: No.

HooksX: oh, and there is a problem with BW deaths: what with characters like
Waspinator getting "slagged to the inferno" so much, it would be hard to
find a way to kill of one of these characters.


HooksX: Well, Law of the Jungle was great, a solid "A." I actually was sad
at the really are pushing things.

BeastBob1: Missed it -- damn. Remembered an hour late. One of Larry's shows,
a total rewrite.

HooksX: Really? What was it originally about?

BeastBob1: Same premise, but the writer didn't really deliver what Larry
wanted. The final script is almost all Larry.

HooksX: Really? Why wasn't it in the credits?

BeastBob1: Point of pride. We get no residuals so there is no financial
reason to do so. And there are too many story editors in
this industry who will change a few words and put their names on everything.
Larry and I won't do that, no matter what.

HooksX: That is really respectful and honest. I like that. And, I saw the
last Hulk episode for the season. The cliffhanger was left kinda open-ended.
Will BW be like that?

BeastBob1: Wait and see... :)

BeastBob1: There will be more Hulks, though.

HooksX: Will BW's cliffhanger be a major one?

BeastBob1: We like to think so.

HooksX: Okay. Thanks! I liked the alien reference in The Law of the Jungle.
It leads into Before the Storm in a way, doesnt it?

BeastBob1: Yep. Now things get really interesting.

HooksX: I can tell. Why didnt you just have Other Voices be a 3-parter,
rather than have Before the Storm?

BeastBob1: It was supposed to be a four-parter. But Claster shot that down
at the last minute (really messed Larry's schedule up.) Apparently anything
more than a two-parter is too hard to schedule.

BeastBob1: Before The Storm had to be made into a stand-alone ep.

HooksX: A four-parter that ends in a cliffhanger that will be resolved in a
second season not yet scheduled? Wow.
What is Before the Storm basically about?

BeastBob1: I think the title is as much of a hint as I'd like to give. It
will be airing soon.

HooksX: Yea, that's true. Okay, what is Other Voices basically about?

BeastBob1: A lot of the stuff that is hinted at through the series gets
explained. Then we toss in a bunch more stuff just to frustrate everybody
and give us lots of new possibilities for a second season. As a side note,
G1 TF has been done, and done well. While everyone keeps asking why we don't
go that direction, if we HAD, everyone would be asking why we couldn't come
up with something more original. In any case, production problems were
paramount. Even the brief, non-animated glimpses in "Possession" were a
fight to get through. You will see how we had to work our way around
production problems in "Other Voices" too.

BeastBob1: BW is a different show. The scripts are half as long as the old
TF series, live-action length (22pages) rather than animation length (45pp)
We stick with character-based rather than plot-based stories and try to get
in some mystic elements because we feel they work better in the CGI medium.

HooksX: Well, I have heard about G1 references in Other Voices. I am
surprised you have gotten as many Cybertron scenes as you have. I am glad
you feel that way. The fact that you have stuck to new, original stories has
been more satisfying than having old plots redone, etc. The aliens plot is
one of the best you have done, and the fact that there is so much that has
not been answered causes questions. Many of TNG's original plots have been
the best, and while people yearn for original Trek characters,

HooksX: the new stories were always best. Many old TNG plots werent resolved
right away, and they didnt need the strength of the original to thrive. That
is how I view BW. A new series with old ties to an old series, but heading
towards a new direction.

BeastBob1: And that is what we are hoping to achieve. There is supposed to
be one big thrill for the original TF fans in OV, but production
difficulties may scrap it. I won't say what it is but if it doesn't work out
I'll tell you what was intended.

BeastBob1: Gotta get off now -- need to check the rest of ATT and get back
to work.


[NOTE 1/15/2001: This was the genesis of a possible X-Files-type
Transformers-series that was later shot down.]

BeastBob1: Hi there.

HooksX: Well, all I can say about Before the Storm is that you did a real
fine job leaving us frustrated.

HooksX: in a good way, of course.

BeastBob1: Oh joy. Then you will probably really enjoy OV.

HooksX: I really LOVED Before the Storm! I was feeling anxiety and
frustration at the same time. This was the grandest BW ep yet, in my

BeastBob1: Thanks. It was really Larry's setup.

HooksX: When will Other Voices air, anyway? I've been confused on the dates.

BeastBob1: You and me both. Last I heard it would be something like March 31
and April 1. But I'm going to be keeping a watch on the other days too.

HooksX: I will set my VCR Mon, Tue, and Fri just in case. It seems kinda
weird leaving us hanging for a month after such a great set-up, only to end
the last two episodes in a cliffhanger. Are there ANY developments on the
second season?

BeastBob1: Regrettably, no. I'm actually having a meeting with a Mainframe
top exect next week on a completely different matter and I will be asking
him point blank at that time. And if I know top execs, he'll probably say
something like "we're still hopeful" or something. But I'll let you know.

HooksX: Thanks. It HAS taken a while, and with the way animation and stories
have been the last several episodes, there is no reason to give it the ax.
As for OV, has the animation problems on the "surprise for old TF fans"
cleared up?

BeastBob1: I'm afraid I don't know. I won't know until you do. They send us
the tapes after the shows air. And they keep them pretty tightly wrapped
until then.

HooksX: O-kay, that is understandable. For some reason, I had the
preconception that creators of the shows get the tapes prior to their

BeastBob1: We did, earlier on. They were ahead of schedule then. They're a
lot closer to the bone now, because thigs got tight (as always happens with
finales) and the shows got richer and more complex.

HooksX: The animation in BTS was superb, and I expect nothing less in OV. In
fact, I like the fact that you and Larry hide lots of elements from things
like OV and cameos and the such. It gives us a reason to enjoy the show even
MORE. Imagine the surprise if you NEVER TOLD ANYONE about Starscream's
cameo. Heck, no one knew Unicron would be in it. :)

BeastBob1: We'd have liked to have kept Starscream a secret but we really
needed the fans' help on that one. The TF mythos is a huge wad of info to
try to absorb, especially for freelancers who are not exactly getting paid
by the hour, if you know what I mean. But we've learned a lot since then,
and can handle more stuff on our own now.

HooksX: That's good. Jeez, I think about how much BW has strengthened the TF
mythos and it is incredible. Just the season finale will be a spectacle in
itself. Tarantulas' schemes, Megatron's plans, the Aliens, the Golden

BeastBob1: Well, that's the hope. And so far, the Mainframe animators have
really come through. A lot of things the fans have liked were the animator's
touches -- Megatron talking to his hand, for instance. We never thought of
that. But it worked.

HooksX: Wow, I thought you and Larry put that in to resolve the whole "yess"
and "nooo" problem with Meggy

BeastBob1: No, we never considered it any more that a complacent quirk. But
adding the hand gives him a real schizophrenic edge, doesn't it? We'll be
glad to take the credit for it and may even start pushing him toward that
Norman Bates persona. Maybe.

HooksX: oh you really want parental groups going after you for
having a psychotic robot with a thinking hand running things? Megatron's
hand is the sock puppet to the nth degree. :)

BeastBob1: Well, they did it in Red Dwarf with Rimmer's Mr. Flibble...
seriously though, its a decision I only wish we will have to make.

HooksX: I hope you have many more decisions to make with Beast Wars...I love
this series. Its one of the only television programs WORTH watching...I wish
the US would play it in prime time, but alas, thats not the case.

BeastBob1: Things have to go by stages. I suspect that there will be a CGI
show in prime time before long. And the way things progress these days, it
will probably make BW look like grade-school work. But BW will have helped
get it there.

HooksX: Here's something you might try: Watch Beast Wars at night. The
entire experience is much different than watching it during the day.
.........heh, someone mentioned that Megatron's "a.t.t." and "Beyond
Imagination" quotes were tips of the hat to the group readers and to me.

[NOTE 1/15/2001: "Beyond Imagination" was the name of my old TF
Fanfic/BW/Bob Forward interview website.]

BeastBob1: Well, of course they were. I work these things in where I can --
why not? Inside gags are dangerous and I avoid them, but in these cases they
were unnoticable to the general audience and of amusement to a select few.
Couldn't lose.

HooksX: Really? How I feel honored. And so does the rest of a.t.t., I am
sure... :) What other projects are you working on right now?

BeastBob1: I find whenever I talk about a new project it gets killed, so I
have grown superstitious. Forgive me. I would rather stick to forgone

HooksX: Well, I hope you didn't talk to anyone about Beast Wars prior to it
being released. It would get ME superstitious, as well. :)

BeastBob1: Well, I did -- but the contract was signed, which is good enough
for me. Personally, I would like to see BW taken to a conclusion and then a
new line developed -- would it not be much cooler if a line of Transformers
that looked human in one mode could be developed, and a "film noir" show
taking place on Earth with Transformers waging a secret war in our society
be developed? The developments in CGI during BW could almost handle that
now. Now THAT would be a cool prime time show.

HooksX: THAT is intense. I have never imagined Transformers being taken to
that extreme before. And I could imagine it having a STRONG continuity. Wow.
Would that ever be possible?

BeastBob1: Yeah, they could probably do it now. Either live-action/CGI or
pure CGI -- they're getting better at things like group shots and realistic
people and hair. And of course there would be one hell of a toy market... :)

HooksX: Hey, you know what? Why dont you bring an idea like this to HasKen?
Or maybe even Mainframe/Alliance would be interested in doing a program like
this. It would really up the intrigue and respect for TF, and that is one
hell of an idea.

BeastBob1: Well, I'll mention it. Kind of takes "Robots In Disguise" to its
ultimate limit, doesn't it? Generally they are not receptive to outside
ideas, and there may be all sorts of tech problems that I don't know about.
But TFs cross a full generation now -- the originals came out when the
current adult audience were kids and they will still remember.

HooksX: Actually, it makes the Transformers far more than meets the
makes them beyond imagination. As for tech problems, I see the Transformers
as more than Autobot-Decepticon, Maximal-Predacon. There could be different
forms of Cybertronians running around the galaxy. A few years ago, I know
people would have had a problem with part-organic Transformers, especially
BEASTS, and state tech problems with that. This idea that you have is a
great one. It could be a step up in the entire evolution of the
Transformers-development. Secret agencies, government officials, etc...all
being run from behind the scenes by Transformers. Perhaps a bit too
X-File-ish, but your basic premise is definatly a step up.

BeastBob1: Yes, I would see them as yet another refinement, with the BW TFs
as the earlier prototypes. Gee, maybe that's what the Maximal Elders were
planning all along...:) I don't think there would be any problem with
actually doing it -- if someone wants to spend sufficient money. But there,
as always, is the rub.

HooksX: With this idea, I can see Beast Wars slowly evolving
into...what?...Earth Wars? Earth Force? Many ideas can stem from this. The
money made from Beast Wars can be used for the new idea. A lot of marketing
that is used for dead toy ideas can be used for this. I can see HasKen
actually making an event from this. It can be done.

BeastBob1: Ah, the enthusiasm of youth. [NOTE 1/15/2001: I was 16 at the
time.] There is a propensity among execs to shoot down new ideas on sight.
They much prefer repaints, which don't involve as much thinking and risk.
But, as I said, I'll mention it. And you might want to find out what kind of
interest there would be from people you know. It might help the pitch.

HooksX: Want me to repost this interview on a.t.t. and put it on my Beast
Wars page? I think it will definatly help things. I really have hopes for
this, and even though new ideas get shot down, it is the genesis of these
ideas which bring exciting things to reality. Lucas took a risk with Star
Wars. Roddenberry took a risk with Star Trek. Risks are things that people
need to make, in order for possibilities to occur.

BeastBob1: Yeah, but they were not taking the risk so much as the studio
putting up the money. In this case, remember that these are characters
someone else owns. They, and only they, can say yes. But it would be fun,
wouldn't it? And it feels like something people would really get excited
about if done well. Like nothing ever seen on prime time. So sure, post
this, and let's see if anyone else feels the same.

HooksX: I will be honored to. Man, this feels so exciting. I can almost feel
like I am a part of something big. I really think this idea would be a great
one, that TF Fans and people who know nothing of TF would enjoy. Amazing.
You are simply amazing. :)

BeastBob1: And what I admire about you is your perception, he blushes
modestly. :) Don't get too worked up -- many's the idea never made it
further than this. For now, let us run it up the flagpole and see if anyone

HooksX: Well, this flag fly high in the skies of hope, hoping even a single
voice will sing its anthum.

BeastBob1: As long as it's in the exec suite at HasKen. Talk to you later?

HooksX: Yup! Definately! Maybe we can discuss this over e-mail.

BeastBob1: First lemme broach it at this meeting Friday. Will let you know
the initial response.

HooksX: Okay.

BeastBob1: Rhinocerous fart? You ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!



Jan 15, 2001, 2:05:19 PM1/15/01
In article <R6H86.194$>,

"Hooks" <> wrote:
> I used to conduct one-on-one interviews with Bob Forward, back during
> one of Beast Wars. Out of some fascination of mine to go through old
> TF-related things, I decided to repost these AOL interviews, to see
> our heads were back in January of 1997...

Hey Hooks. ^_^ Thanks for posting this. Brought back a lotta memories.


"Hmm. Now I'm in mood to watch these.. =)"

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Jan 15, 2001, 6:33:56 PM1/15/01
These are great. Thanks for posting them.

"Hooks" <> wrote:
> [I had interviews where our conversations involved spoiler-ish, or

> simple theories, in the future of BW, which were _not_ posted to my

Was there anything particularly cool that you remember from these
interviews? Ideas that didn't make it into the series or something
like that?


PumaMan UCB

Jan 15, 2001, 7:44:15 PM1/15/01
Dude, it's Hooksx! I read about you! Your name was mentioned in Beast Wars as a
subsector. That is so cool, I've been meaning to ask about you. You know, if
any of the names taken from this board are still used here. rock on dude.


Jan 16, 2001, 2:18:02 AM1/16/01

Retrax <> wrote in message

> Hey Hooks. ^_^ Thanks for posting this. Brought back a lotta memories.

Hopefully not bad ones!



Jan 16, 2001, 2:22:28 AM1/16/01

PumaMan UCB <> wrote in message
> Dude, it's Hooksx!

Dude, it's PumaMan!

> I read about you!

Did you read about me on If so, I was rather
shocked to see them mention me in their Botcon report. Of course, it also
means that they're stalking me and they must die a quick, sudden (yet
painful) death.

> Your name was mentioned in Beast Wars as a
> subsector. That is so cool, I've been meaning to ask about you. You know,
> any of the names taken from this board are still used here. rock on dude.

No doubt.



Jan 16, 2001, 6:55:04 PM1/16/01
I don't think at 16, I could have suppressed the enthusiasm long enough to
ask a decent question. I'm very impressed Hooks, you did a great job.



Jan 17, 2001, 2:48:38 AM1/17/01
In article <>,

And that means he's only 20 today.

I've always been impressed with his presence on ATT, but I never knew
he was so young. (Hey, a few years can make a lot of difference 'round
that time.)

Hooks (with or without the "X")... shine on, you crazy diamond.

- Jackpot

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Jan 19, 2001, 3:03:17 AM1/19/01

Zepherimus <> wrote in message

> I don't think at 16, I could have suppressed the enthusiasm long enough
> ask a decent question. I'm very impressed Hooks, you did a great job.




Jan 19, 2001, 3:03:44 AM1/19/01

Jackpot <> wrote in message

> In article <>,
> "Zepherimus" <> wrote:
> > I don't think at 16, I could have suppressed the enthusiasm long
> enough to
> > ask a decent question. I'm very impressed Hooks, you did a great job.
> And that means he's only 20 today.
> I've always been impressed with his presence on ATT, but I never knew
> he was so young. (Hey, a few years can make a lot of difference 'round
> that time.)
> Hooks (with or without the "X")... shine on, you crazy diamond.

Bling bling!


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