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Irrellius Spamticon

Jun 22, 2022, 9:26:02 PMJun 22
I didn't mean to get him, but I had a $20 credit from work for a single "food" purchase that had to be done online, but I don't do delivery apps. So I wanted to see if I could plug it in tot he work register, and I could despite the warnings that I could not.

So he's packaged in robot mode, with small window box, a tie at his knees, each forearm, and across his chest diagonally. His back goes through a T shape in the cardboard, and you're either detatching the wings from their articulated sub-arms or you're tearing the cardboard.

He comes with 2 guns, a big red gun that is just a big chunk making it look like a 92 GI Joe accessory, and a smaller thinner clear painted gun. The lear gn can peg to the side of the bigger gun, both guns have a 6mm handle, 5mm side peg, the small gun has a 5mm side port, and the bigger gun has a 5mm port in the back.

His jet is slightly more complicated than it looks, but not too much. His legs rotate around and the shins slide up to form most of the jet body, his chest and back unfold to form the canopy with the nose unfolding from behind his abdomen, and the arms fold under. In robot mode he has little ankle wings which can fall off, in jet mode his back wings take the place of the ankle mini wings in a swap similar to TR Mindwipe's mini-wings. Big bat wings on the back end in a shape similar to TLK Megatron,

Of course you can put his wings in the middle and use the ankle mini wings as tail stabilizers if you want to.It looks good like that

He is C.O.MB.A.T compatible, with all the proper 5mm ports, and he's the same size as Siege Soundwave, his case-mate.

Overall he's a lot better than expected and I need to go find my G2 comics, but I also need to read the new BW series before TFExpo next week.


Jun 23, 2022, 12:39:49 PMJun 23
On Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 7:26:02 PM UTC-6, wrote:

> Overall he's a lot better than expected and I need to go find my G2 comics

Don't forget, he's also in the TRANSFORMERS: REGENERATION ONE comics as well.

Hasbro Pulse and BBTS don't show him as shipping until November. I wonder if they're just being extra conserative to account for potential shipping delays. Then if we all get him in August or September, we'll feel like they're going above and beyond.

So, congrats on getting him early. I am hopeful that wave two of Legacy will start to hit market saturation soon. We're already halfway into the year and it feels weird to only have gotten one wave for Legacy so far. I'm itching for some new toys. Good thing a bunch of that stuff went on clearance on so I'll have something coming in the mail this week...

Zob (and I've got some more G1 Micromasters on the way, too, so that's always nice)
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