Zob's Thoughts on the Kingdom Spoiler Pack (Megatron and Fossilizer Skelivore)

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Jun 23, 2022, 6:11:49 PMJun 23
I don't consider myself a completist. There are toys that I'll pass up on if they don't tickle my fancy. Sometimes I end up acting as a completist, if there's an entire range of great toys released and I have an active desire to own them all. Generally, the G1 tributes make me happy, and divergences from that make me a little less happy. So, I skipped the Kingdom spoiler pack initially, as I absolutely did not need Yet Another Siege Megatron, and the Fossilizers have been a little less interesting to me than the weaponizers (especially ones based on G1 characters like Cog, Six-Gun, etc.)

However, when Walmart put this toy on deep discount for like sixteen bucks, that changed the threshhold of desirability versus cost for me. It was like buying the Fossilizer and getting Megatron for free. (Walmart's response was absolutely insidious, and jacked the price up to like $150, after this set garnered some interest, which was even higher than what it originally sold for! Terrible, terrible marketic tactics.) I got my set two days after I ordered it, which is pretty impressive.

So, Megatron is a redeco of the Siege toy. I've honestly lost track of how many of them we've gotten at this point, but I want to say it's a number close to 10. That's a lot. Where the original Siege toy was a matte light grey color, this version is painted almost all metallic gunmetal colors, looking closer to the Netflix version than any other release. The airbrushed deco on the lower legs is the same, the silver splotch on the fusion cannon is the same, the silver speckles on the pelvis are the same, and even the Decepticon symbol that looks like the paint has been scratched off is identical. The biggest change is the tampograph on the chest, which has faux bullet holes on his right breast and two scratches on his left, as opposed to the nondescript criss-cross hatching on the Netflix version.

The coolest thing about this Megatron is that he comes with a Matrix accessory with bandilier straps affixed to it, so he can wear it proudly strapped across his chest, as per the Netflix animated series. This is the spoiler part of the spoiler pack, since he seizes the Matrix from Prime to make this happen. On the toy, wearing the Matrix is accomplished with four rubbery clips that hook onto existing cavities in his armor, so no remolding was necessary. The Matrix is all one piece, rubbery like the bandolier straps, which means it lacks the light pipe of other Matrix accessories we've gotten recently.

He also comes with about five ounces worth of black Play-Doh. Dig about halfway into the Play-Doh and you get a plastic baggie containing three blast effect pieces. One is the same Dungeons & Dragons 20-sided AllSpark die that came with the Worlds Collide set. It's arguably more appropriate packed with Megatron, since he actually interacted with the AllSpark as it appeared in the Netflix show. The others are glittery light blue versions of the explosions that came with the Battle Master toys Doublecrosser and Slitherfang. (The instructions talk about sticking them into Skelivore's feet when he's in weapon loadout mode, but you can't actually do this.)

Like those Lost Kitties toys Hasbro was selling for a bit, though, the Play-Doh isn't in a resealable container. Once you open it, it's pretty much doomed to dry out, unless you transfer it to a different storage medium with a lid. (I was buying Lost Kitties for a while, because of reasons, and I would usually open the package and just dump the Play-Doh element right in the garbage.)

This wasn't a must-have addition to the collection by any stretch of the imagination, especially since it's so similar to the Netflix release. If nothing else, I have an extra head I can pop off of this toy and use on my Earthrise Megatron, which had an absolutely terrible face sculpt.


Not surprisingly, Skelivore is a redeco of Paleotrex. The dark brown color on the original toy has been swapped out for a solid fuschia color, while the lighter bone color has been replaced with a translucent purple. Not very authentic to what a dinosaur fossil would look like, but very cool-looking nevertheless. Almost like something Bandai would have come up with for the DinoZaurs toy line.

Where other Fossilizer toys have sometimes gotten remolded parts to differentiate them from the previous releases, Skelivore is physically identical to Paleotrex, and has the same robot face, the same Optimus Primal mace mask, the same dinosaur head, etc. He's more robotic-looking this time, though, especially with the addition of silver paint for the dinosaur teeth, the spikes on the robot head and chest armor, and the dinosaur pelvic bone and spine (which form the shoulders for the robot configuration). Within the confines of operating on a budget, they actually did a really good job of differentiating this toy from Paleotrex.

Zob (ain't nobody gonna pay $150 for this set, Walmart, you boneheads)

Irrellius Spamticon

Jun 23, 2022, 9:26:28 PMJun 23
I've gotten Paleotrex for like $4, I'm not paying $150 for a purple version. Even with the 7th version of that Megatron it's not worth that. I don't imagine a shotglass of play-doh could be that much. Though Walmart is only to blame if you count them allowing scalpers to sell on their website as their fault. It is their fault, but they didn't specifically choose the $150 price.
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