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Elmer Gilbert

May 6, 2001, 11:22:27 AM5/6/01

======================== Beast Wars: Transmetals MUSH ========================
Recently switched to PennMUSH for ease of coding, BWTMet takes the
second-season theme of the Beast Wars show and expands on it. In addition to
allowing for Transmetals, Fuzors, Transmetal II and Standard Beast Warriors,
we've also introduced three new species of Transformer: Transmythics,
transformers with mythical animal altmodes; Duoformers, Transformers who
start out as Fuzors, and their beast modes separate into the components.
Think Duocons from Generation 1. And Armormasters: Transformers whose TF
circuitry was destroyed. Special armor was built for them to use over their
beastmode, completing the TF circuitry and allowing them to TF.
We've also advanced into our version of the third season,
introducing two OFC Gestalts (the Horrorcons, a remake of the G1 Terrorcons,
and the Primalbots), 2 Blaster/Soundwave-style OFCs (complete with appable
OC tapes) as well as the Transmetal II FCs and TCs, and moved from the
Axalon and Darkside to the Ark and Nemesis as bases. We support email
applications for FCs, TCs and OCs; we also have online chargen for OCs of
all species-types. FCs are e-mail application only.

You can find us at:


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