Images of "Creatures Collide" 4-Pack (Target Exclusive)

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Jun 24, 2022, 1:28:56 PMJun 24
Now there are images of the four toys coming up in this set, which has been rumored for a while:

The toys are Autobot Goldbug (Netflix Bumblebee redeco with the Shattered Glass head), Ransack (Legacy Kickback redeco with new head), Skywasp (BotCon Parasite colors) and Predacon Scorponok (1996 Beast Wars toy colors). They're all bugs!

Goldbug is exciting, and it will be nice for the Netflix Bumblebee mold to be made (slightly) more widely available. I'm happy about Ransack, but less excited about the other two. They're rapidly running out of potential redeco ideas for the Kingdom Beast Wars crew. I get that they want to sell the toys to us as many times as they can, but seriously.

But, at least that's better than the previous Worlds Collide set, which only featured one toy out of four that I really wanted. Two out of four is a better average!

Zob (other five Throttlebots when?)


Jun 24, 2022, 3:51:06 PMJun 24
Goldbug and Ransack look great! The other two I have no interest in.
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