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Aug 24, 1996, 3:00:00 AM8/24/96

Part Four : Decepticons O-Z
Maintained by M Sipher
Version 4

Octane Triple Changer Fueler
- White & Purple Tanker Truck / 767Jet

Octopunch Small Pretender Salvage
- Yellow & Purple Crab
w/ Yellow & Red Octo-man Shell

Onslaught Combaticon Combaticon Leader
- Blue & Olive Cannon Truck, Metal Chest
- Blue & Olive Cannon Truck, Plastic Chest
- Blue & Olive Cannon Truck, no rubsign indent (E Classic)
- Yellow & Purple Cannon Truck (G2)
(Body to "Bruticus" gestalt)

Onyx Primal (BW) Predacon Beast Predacon Assassin
- Black & White Vampire Bat (BotCon 96 Exclusive)
- Black & White Vampire Bat, Gold "BotCon" Stamp on back
(BotCon 96 Dealer Exclusive)

Overbite Seacon Undersea Terminator
- Purple & Blue Monster Shark
(Hand Cannon to "Piranacon" gestalt)

Overkill Cassette Warrior
- White & Blue Ceratosaur

Overlord (J) GodMaster Ambassador of Destruction
- Black, Blue & White SR-71 Jet and Blue & White Tank / Base
w/ Blue & White "Mega" and Blue & Black "Giga" GodMaster figures

Pounce Clone Infiltrator
- Blue, Purple & White Jaguar

Power Punch Micro Battle Aerial Counterattack
- Blue & Black Cannon Transport (Back Half)
(Combines with "Direct-Hit")
(Note: Comes with MicroTrailer #8 and is an Autobot in Japan)

Powerdive (G2) Rotor Force Air Attack Spec.
- Green & Black AH 64 Apache Copter, Black Rotors
- Green & Black AH 64 Apache Copter, Red Rotors
(Called "Blade" in Europe)

Quake Small TargetMaster Ground Assault
- Burgandy & Blue ? Tank
w/ Purple & Yellow lower single-barrel "Heater" (#7) and Black & Blue
lower double-barrel "Tiptop" (#8) Small TM Guns

Rage (E) Stromtrooper Leader
- Black ? Car

Rairyu (J) DinoForce Sea-Devil Soldier
- Black & White Four-Legged Monster ("Birdbrain" mold)
w/ Grey Apatosaur Shell
(Lower body to "DinoKing" gestalt)

Ramjet Decepticon Warrior
- White, Red & Black Modified F-15 Jet
- Purple, Black & Turquoise Modified F-15 Jet (G2)

Rampage Predacon Gunner
- Orange, Red & Black Tiger, Metal Body
- Orange, Red & Black Tiger, Plastic Body
(Right arm to "Predaking" gestalt)

Ransack Deluxe Insecticon Warrior
- Black & Yellow Locust

Ransack (G2) Rotor Force Air Recon Fighter
- Purple & Green F-4 Corsair Plane, Black Rotors
- Purple & Green F-4 Corsair Plane, Red Rotors
(Called "Blitz" in Europe)

Ratbat Cassette Fuel Scout
- Black & Purple Bat, Silver Weapons
- Black & Purple Bat, Gold Weapons
- Black & Silver Bat, Painted Detailing

Ravage Cassette Saboteur
- Black Jaguar
(Called "Jaguar" in Japan)
Ravage Decoy #49
Red Decoy #49

Razorclaw Predacon Predacon Commander
- Black, Yellow & Orange Lion, Metal Body
- Black, Yellow & Orange Lion, Plastic Body
(Body to "Predaking" gestalt)

Reflector Decoy #52
Red Decoy #52

Rippersnapper Terrorcon Terrorist
- White & Blue Land Shark
- White & Blue Land Shark, no rubsign indent
(Left arm to "Abominus" gestalt)

Road Hugger Micro Sports Car Advance Assault
- Purple & Black Ferarri

Road Pig (G2) Laser Cycle Autobot Harassment
- Black Honda Goldwing Cycle

Roadblock Ultra Pretender ?
- Purple & Gold Cybertronian Tank
w/ Purple & Gold Robot / Jet Shell, Green Bulldozer Vehicle Shell

Roadblock (G2) Auto Roller Front-Line Defense
- Green & Grey Payloader

Roadgrabber Pretender Vehicle Gunner
- Purple & Black Cybertronian Jet
w/ Purple Vehicle Shell
Roller Force Micro Race Track Mobile Assault
- Red & Blue Off-Road Buggy

Roughstuff Micro Transport Aerial Defense
- Olive & Blue Military Transport Cab
w/ Olive Missile Trailer / Jet
(Called "Missile Bull" and is an Autobot in Japan)

Ruckus Triggercon Combat Assault
- Tan & Purple Dune Buggy

Rumble Cassette Demolitions
- Red & Black Robot

Runabout Battlecharger Shock Trooper
- Black & Red Trans Am

Runamuck Battlecharger Shock Trooper
- White & Orange Corvette

Sandstorm (J) Battle Gaea ?
- Light Grey M-1A Tank ("Brawl" mold)
(Right leg to "BattleGaea" gestalt)

Scavenger Constructicon Mining & Salvage
- Green & Purple Steam Shovel
- Yellow, Purple & Grey Steam Shovel (E)
- Yellow & Purple Steam Shovel (G2)
- Orange & Purple Steam Shovel (G2)
(Right arm to "Devastator" gestalt)
Scavenger Decoy #43
Red Decoy #43

Scorponok HeadMaster HeadMaster Leader
- Grey, Green & Purple Scorpion / City
w/ Cream & Purple "Zarak" HM figure, Grey "Fasttrack" Mini-Vehicle
(Called "Mega Zarak" in Japan)

Scorponok (BW) Mega Predacon Desert Attack Cmmndr.
- Black, Blue-Grey & Red African Black Scorpion
w/ Blue-Grey & Yellow Bee / Upper Claw

Scourge Decepticon Sweep Leader
- Blue & Light Blue Cybertronian Skiff
Scourge TargetMaster Tracker
- Blue & Light Blue Cybertronian Skiff
w/ Grey & Black short single-barrel "Fracas" TargetMaster figure

Scowl Pretender Monster Sonic Saboteur
- Yellow & Purple Werewolf Monster
w/ Blue Rock Monster Shell
(Right leg to "Monstructor" gestalt)

Scrapper Constructicon Construction Engineer
- Green & Purple Payloader
- Yellow, Purple & Grey Payloader (E)
- Yellow & Purple Payloader (G2)
- Orange & Purple Payloader (G2)
(Right leg to "Devastator" gestalt)
Scrapper Decoy #47
Red Decoy #47

Seawing Seacon Undersea Recon
- Grey & Black Sea Ray
(Called "Kraken" in Japan)
(Left arm to "Piranacon" gestalt)

Shockwave Decepticon Military Operations
- Purple Cybertronian Ray Gun
Shockwave Decoy #51
Red Decoy #51
Shockwave Action Master Military Operations
- No Transformation
w/ Black & Purple "Fistfight" Robot / Cannon

Shrapnel Insecticon Electronic Warfare
- Black & Purple Lamellicorn
Shrapnel Decoy #40
Red Decoy #40

Shuttle Gunner Battle Gaea ?
- Black & White Space Shuttle ("Blast Off" mold)
(Right arm to "BattleGaea" gestalt)

Sinnertwin Terrorcon Sentry
- Yellow & Blue Two-Headed Dog
- Yellow & Blue Two-Headed Dog, No Rubsign indent
(Right leg to "Abominus" gestalt)

Sixshot Six-Changer Solo Assault Group
- Green, Black & White Jet / Tank / Car / Gun / Puma
- Lt. Blue, Black & White Jet / Tank / Car / Gun / Puma (J)

Sizzle (G2) Laser Rod Street Warfare
- Black & Green ? Car
(Called "Fireball" in Europe)

Skalor Seacon Amphibious Assault
- Pink & Blue Coelacanth
(Called "Gulf" in Japan)
(Right leg to "Piranacon" gestalt)

Skullcruncher HeadMaster Swamp Warrior
- Green & Red Alligator
w/ Balc & Green "Grax" HeadMaster figure
(Called "Skull" in Japan)

Skullgrin Pretender Siege Warrior
- Grey & Purple Cybertronian Tank
w/ White, Grey & Purple Skeletal Minotaur Shell
(Called "Douros" in Japan)

Skydive (E) Predator Scientific Advisor
- Purple ? Jet
(Called "DarkJet" in Japan)

Skyhopper Micro Base Aerial Assault Cmndr
- Grey & Olive ? Jet
w/ Tan & Purple Helicopter / Base

Skyjack (G2) CyberJet Spy
- Black & Red F-117A Fighter

Skyquake (E) Predator Air Commandant
- Green & Gold ? Bomber Plane

Skystalker MicroMaster Interstellar Assault
- Orange & Purple Porsche 911
w/ Grey & Blue Space Transport / Base
(Called "Thunder Arrow" in Japan)

Skywarp Decepticon Warrior
- Black & Purple F-15 Jet
Skywarp Decoy #33
Red Decoy #33

Sledge Micro Constructor Battlefield Fortification
- Orange & Yellow Dump Truck (Front half)
(Combines with "Hammer")
(Note: Comes with MicroTrailer #7 and is an Autobot in Japan)

Slicer (E) Action Master Massive Assault Spec.
- No Transformation (? "Wheeljack" AM mold)
w/ ? 4WD / Exosuit

Slog Pretender Monster Combat Artist
- Gold & Black Two-Legged Triceratops Monster
w/ Red Spike-Armed Monster Shell
(Upper body to "Monstructor" gestalt)

Slugfest Cassette Messenger
- Green & Red Stegosaur

Slugslinger TargetMaster Air Defense
- Grey & Blue Cybertronian Twin Jet
w/ Blue & Grey "backpack barrel" "Caliburst" TargetMaster figure

Snapdragon HeadMaster Horrorcon Interceptor
- White & Black Cybertronian Jet / Dragon
w/ White & Purple "Krunk" HeadMaster Horrorcon figure

Snapper (BW) Predacon Beast Infiltration
- Olive & Red Snapping Turtle

Snaptrap Seacon Seacon Leader
- Blue & Pink Turtle
(Called "Turtlar" in Japan)
(Body to "Piranacon" gestalt)

Snare (E) Predator Surveilliance
- Red Grumman X-Z9 Jet
(Called "FlareJet" in Japan)

Snarler Pretender Beast Assault Warrior
- Gold & Purple Boar
w/ Green Boar Animal Shell

Soundblaster (J) Decepticon Intelligence Officer
- Black & Silver Cassette Player ("Soundwave" mold)
(Note : Comes with Buzzsaw cassette.)

Soundwave Decepticon Communications
- Blue & Silver Cassette Player
(Note : comes with "Buzzsaw", who is listed separately
because he has a separate tech spec)
(Second Note : Came with "headphones" in Japan)
Soundwave Decoy #36
Red Decoy #36
Soundwave Action Master Communications
- No Transformation
w/ Black & Red "Wingthing" Bat / Cannon
Soundwave (G2) Go-Bot Communications
- Yellow, Blue & Purple NASCAR Stock Car
- Yellow, Grey & Red NASCAR Stock Car (J)

Space Case (G2) CyberJet Air Recon
- White & Red XF-29 Fighter Jet

Spaceshot Micro Combiner Ground Infantry
- Grey & Blue B-1 Bomber (Back half)
w/ Tan & Green Assault Tank
(Combines with "Blackout")

Sparkstalker Firecon Cryptologist
- Red, White & Grey Insect Monster
Sparkstalker (E G2) Sparkabot Saboteur
- Blue, Transparent Pink & Green Insect Monster

Spectro Reflector Reconnaissance
- Red & Black Camera Shutter
(Combines with "Spyglass" & "Viewfinder" to form "Reflector")

Spinister Small TargetMaster Aerial Assault
- Purple & Blue AH 64 Apache Copter
w/ Purple & Grey lower double-barrel "Hairsplitter" (#9) and
Black &
Grey upper double-barrel "Singe" (#10) Small TM figures

Spyglass Reflector Reconnaissance
- Blue & Grey Camera Flashcube
(Combines with "Spectro" & "Viewfinder" to form "Reflector")

Squawktalk Cassette Translator
- Green Condor
(Combines with "Beastbox" to form "SquawkBox" gestalt)

Squeezeplay Small HeadMaster Saboteur
- Purple & Blue Clawed Cobra Monster
w/ Purple & Blue "Lokos" Small HeadMaster figure
(Called "Cancer" in Japan)

Stalker (E) Predator Communications
- Blue & Red Missile Launcher Truck

Starscream Decepticon Aerospace Cmndr
- Grey, Red & Blue F-15 Jet
Starscream (G2) Decepticon Air Commander
- White, Red & Grey F-15 Jet
Starscream Decoy #35
Red Decoy #35
Starscream Classic Pretender Aerospace Cmndr
- Grey & Blue F-15 Jet
w/ Green & Brown Human Pretender Shell
Starscream Legend Aerospace Cmndr
- Grey & Blue F-15 Jet
Starscream Action Master Blaster Ground Assault
- No Tranformation (Red, Blue & Grey F-15)
w/ Blue & Black "Turbo Jet" Jet / Missile Launcher

Staxx (E G2) Power Master Highway Destruction
- Blue & Olive Tractor-Trailer Cab

Stonecruncher Micro Constructor Battlefield Fortification
- Yellow & Orange Crane (Front half)
(Combines with "Excavator")
(Note: Comes with MicroTrailer #7 and is an Autobot in Japan)

Stormcloud Micro Air Strike Espionage
- Purple & Black Rafale A Jet
(Called "Starcloud" and is an Autobot in Japan)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #15 in Japan)

Stranglehold Small Pretender Enforcer
- Yellow & Green Rhinoceros
w/ White & Red Human Pretender Shell

Submarauder Pretender Undersea Warfare
- Purple & Blue Cybertronian Submarine
w/ Blue Fishman Pretender Shell
(Called "Gilmer" in Japan)

Swindle Combaticon Munitions Expert
- Tan & Grey Jeep, Metal (Purple) Chest
- Tan & Purple Jeep, Plastic (Grey) Chest
- Tan & Purple Jeep, no rubsign indent (E Classic)
- Red & Purple Jeep (G2)
(Right leg to "Bruticus" gestalt)

Tailwind Micro Air Strike Espionage
- Blue & Grey A-10 Warthog
(Called "Windrim" and is an Autobot in Japan)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #15 in Japan)

Take-Off (E) Action Master Aerial Recon
- No Transformation (Grey & Red ? Car)
w/ Blue & Green "Screech" Vehicle / Backpack

Talon (E) Predator Advance Fighter
- Dark Green F-15 Jet
(Called "MoonJet" in Japan)

Tantrum Predacon Fueler
- Yellow, Red & Black Bull, Metal Body
- Yellow, Red & Black Bull, Plastic Body
(Left leg to "Predaking" gestalt)

Tarantulas (BW) Deluxe Predacon Ninja Warrior
- Purple, Grey & Olive Spider, yellow paint on elbows
- Purple, Grey & Olive Spider, no paint on elbows

Target Hawk (J) Battle Gaea ?
- Olive Green Sikorsky Blackhawk Copter ("Vortex" mold)
(Left arm to "BattleGaea" gestalt)

Tentakill Seacon Undersea Demolitions
- Pink & Blue Squid Monster
(Left leg to "Piranacon" gestalt)

Terradive (G2) SkyScorcher Advance Fighter
- Black & Green A-7 Corsair II Jet

Terror-Tread Micro Combiner Demolitions
- Green & Red Dump Truck (Front half)
w/ Cannon Transport / Base
(Combines with "Cement-Head")

Terrorsaur (BW) Predacon Beast Aerial Combat
- Red & Black Pteranadon

Thrust Decepticon Warrior
- Burgandy & Black VTOL-Modified F-15 Jet

Thundercracker Decepticon Warrior
- Blue & Black F-15 Jet
(Note : the mail-in version did not have any springs in
the launchers)
Thundercracker Decoy #34
Red Decoy #34
Thundercracker (E) Action Master Warrior
- No Transformation (Hideously Colored "Starscream" AM mold)
w/ ? Jet / Exo-Suit vehicle

Thunderwing Mega Pretender Aerial Espionage
- Grey & Blue Cybertronian Jet
w/ Grey & Purple Robot / Jet Shell

Tracer Micro Military Front Line Assault
- Black & Tan AH 64 Apache Helicopter
(Note: Comes with MicroTrailer #3 and is an Autobot in Japan)

Treadshot Action Master Gunslinger
- No Transformation (Black & Grey Snub-Nosed Revolver)
w/ Black & Grey "Catgut" Panther / Cannon

Triggerhappy TargetMaster Gunner
- Dark Blue Cybertronian Gunship
w/ Grey & Blue double "backpack barrel" "Blowpipe" TM figure

Trypticon Decepticon Assault Base
- Black & Purple Battle Station / City
w/ Purple "Brunt" Tank & Purple "Full-Tilt" Mini-Vehicle
(Called "Dinosaurer" in Japan)

Turbo-Master (E) Action Master Elite Aerial Marauder
- Red & Grey Cybertronian VTOL Jet

Vanquish Micro Battle Aerial Counterattack
- Black & Blue SR-71 Jet (Back half)
(Combines with "Fireshot")
(Note: Comes with MicroTrailer #9 and is an Autobot in Japan)

Venom Deluxe Insecticon Psychological Warfare
- Green & Yellow Cicada

Viewfinder Reflector Reconnaissance
- Blue & Grey Camera Lens
(Combines with "Spectro" & "Spyglass" to form "Reflector")

Vortex Combaticon Interrogation
- Grey & Purple Sikorsky Blackhawk, Metal Chest
- Grey & Purple Sikorsky Blackhawk, Plastic Chest
- Grey & Purple Sikorsky Blackhawk, no rubsign indent (E Classic)
- Blue & Purple Sikorsky Blackhawk (G2)
(Left arm to "Bruticus" gestalt)

Waspinator (BW) Deluxe Predacon Aerial Attack
- Green & Yellow Wasp

Weirdwolf HeadMaster Tracker
- Yellow & Green Wolf
w/ Grey & Green "Monzo" HeadMaster figure

Whisper Micro Air Strike Espionage
- Black & Purple Stealth Figher (?)
(Note : Comes with MicroTrailer #15 and is an Autobot in Japan)

Wildfly Pretender Monster Aerial Assault
- Yellow & Red Bipedial Winged Monster
w/ Purple & Green Insect Monster Shell
(Left arm to "Monstructor" gestalt)

Wildrider Stunticon Terrorist
- Black & Red Ferarri
- Yellow & Blue Ferarri (G2, Unreleased)
(Right leg to "Menasor" gestalt)

Windrazor (G2) SkyScorcher Leader
- Grey & Blue F-16A Jet
(Called "Tornado" in Europe)

Windsweeper Triggercon Air Defense
- Red & Brown F-111 Jet

Wingspan Clone Data Processor
- Blue, Purple & White Hawk

Yokuryu (J) DinoForce Light-Speed Soldier
- Blue & White Bipedial Winged Monster ("Wildfly" mold)
w/ Brown Pteranadon Shell
(Right arm to "DinoKing" gestalt)


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