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Aug 23, 1996, 3:00:00 AM8/23/96

Part One : Autobots A-N
Maintained by M Sipher
Version 4

Afterburner Technobot Gunner
- Orange & Silver Cybertronian Cycle
(Right arm to "Computron" gestalt)

"Afterburner" (J) Block Town TF (#1) ?
- Light Blue & Black ? Jet (SkyScorcher "Afterburner" mold)
w/ Radar Tower block set
(Note: Name unknown at this point)

Air Raid Aerialbot Warrior
- Black, White & Red F-15 Eagle
- Blue & Silver F-15 Eagle (G2)
(Right leg to "Superion" gestalt)
Air Raid (G2) CyberJet Warrior
- Black & Blue F-117A Fighter
(Note: Comes with an extra decal sheet in Japan)

Aquafend (E) Aquaspeeder Espionage
- Maroon & Transparent Green Buggy ("Jetstorm" mold)

Aquastar (J) GodMaster Engine N/A
- Aqua & Blue Robot ("Hotwire" mold)

Aran (J) Micro Six-Liner N/A
- Orange, Grey & Black TVG Express Train
(Right arm to "SixLiner" gestalt)

Armordillo (BW) Maximal Desert Combat
- Orange & Grey Giant Armadillo

Artfire (J) TargetMaster Sniper
- Red, White & Grey Fire Engine ("Inferno" mold)
w/ Grey & Black "Nightstick" TargetMaster figure
(Note: the TM gun is exactly the same as "Fracas",
TargetMaster Scourge's gun.)

Atlan (J) Micro Six-Train N/A
- Silver & Blue TGV-A Super Express Train
(Right arm to "SixTrain" gestalt)

Backstreet Triggerbot Lookout
- Orange & Grey Porsche Racer

Barrage Micro Astro Interstellar Defense
- Grey & Blue Radar Base (Front half)
(Combines with "Heave")
(Comes with MicroTrailer #6 in Japan)

Beachcomber Minibot Geologist
- Blue & Grey Dune Buggy
- Blue & Grey Dune Buggy, no mesh on right arm
- Chrome Green & Grey Dune Buggy (G2)

Big Daddy Micro Hot Rod Highway Recon
- Black & Orange '57 Chevy Bel Aire
(Comes with MicroTrailer #2 in Japan)

Big Hauler Micro Monster Truck Ground Transport
- Green & Yellow Monster Semi Cab
(Comes with MicroTrailer #1 in Japan)

Big Shot Micro Battle Artillery
- Brown & Tan Rhino Tank
Black Heat (J) Micro Super Car Cyber Warrior
- Black & Yellow Ford ("Blackjack" mold)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #12 in Japan)

Blacker (J) BrainMaster Assistant Cmmndr. Knight
- Black & Red Racing Buggy
w/ Red & Black "Blacker" BrainMaster figure
(Body to "Road Caesar" gestalt)

Blades Protectobot Air Support
- Red & White UH-1A Huey Helicopter, Metal Chestplate
- Red & White UH-1A Huey Helicopter, Plastic Chestplate
- Blue UH-1A Huey Helicopter (Unreleased G2)
(Right arm to "Defensor" gestalt)

Blast Master Micro Astro Interstellar Defense
- White Space Shuttle (Back half)
(Combines with "Phaser")
(Comes with MicroTrailer #4 in Japan)

Blaster Autobot Communications
- Red & Grey Ghetto Blaster
(Called "Broadcast" in Japan)
Blaster Decoy # 23
Blaster Action Master Communications
- No transformation
w/ Blue & Yellow "Flight Pack" Backpack / Cannon

Blaze (E) Sparkabot Hit Man
- Transparent Blue & Green Off-Road Racer ("Fizzle" mold)

Blaze Master Micro Air Air Defense
- Tan & Blue Sikorsky Blackhawk Helicopter
(Comes with MicroTrailer #17 in Japan)

Blowout (G2) Go-Bot Pursuit & Capture
- Transparent Silver & Blue ? Porsche

Bluestreak Autobot Gunner
- Silver & Red Datsun 280 ZX
- Silver, Blue & White Datsun 280 ZX
(Note: the blue-sided version is VERY rare. Kudos to you if
you have one of these.)
Bluestreak Decoy # 23

Blurr Autobot Data Courier
- Light Blue Cybertronian Racer
Blurr TargetMaster Data Courier
- Light Blue Cybertronian Racer
w/ Grey & Black short single-barrel "Haywire" TargetMaster figure

Boss (E) TurboMaster Force Leader
- Light Blue Cybertronian Car
(Called "MachRoad" in Japan)

Brainstorm HeadMaster Biomech. Engineer
- Light Blue Cybertronian Jet
w/ Light Blue & Grey "Arcana" HeadMaster figure

Braver (J) BrainMaster Strategist Knight
- Red & Blue Ferarri F-40
w/ Blue & Red "Braver" BrainMaster figure
(Left leg to "Road Caesar" gestalt)

Brawn Minibot Demolitions
- Olive & Yellow Jeep Wrangler
Brawn Decoy #24

Broadside Triple Changer Air & Sea Assault
- Grey & Red CVN Aircraft Carrier / ? Jet

Bullet (J) GodMaster Engine N/A
- Red & Blue Robot ("Lube" mold)

Bumblebee Minibot Espionage
- Yellow VW Beetle
- Red VW Beetle
- Blue VW Beetle (B)
(Note: not sure about this one.)
- Chrome Yellow VW Beetle (G2)
(Called "Bumble" in Japan)
Bumblebee Decoy #26
Bumblebee Pretender Classic Espionage
- Yellow VW Beetle
w/ Yellow & Red Human Shell
Bumblebee Legend Espionage
- Yellow VW Beetle
Bumblebee Action Master Espionage
- No transformation
w/ Blue & Yellow "Heli-Pack" Backpack / Cannon
Bumblebee (G2) Go-Bot Espionage
- Gold & Black Pontiac Firebird

"Bumper" Minibot N/A
- Yellow 15000XG Car
- Red 15000XG Car
- Blue 15000XG Car (B)
(Note: I'm not sure about the red and blue variations. Also
known as "Bumblejumper", and is fairly rare. Came on either
Bumblebee or Cliffjumper cards.)

Camero (B) Minibot ?
- White firebird ("Windcharger" mold)
- Blue firebird ("Windcharger" mold)

Camshaft Omnibot Scout
- Silver Mazda RX-7

Carrera (B) Minibot ?
- Gold Toyota (?) ("Cliffjumper" mold)

Catilla Pretender Beast Surveillance
- Yellow & Grey Sabertooth Tiger
w/ Yellow & Red Sabertooth Tiger Animal Shell

Chain Gun (J) Micro Six-Wing N/A
- Black & Grey AH 64 Apache Helicopter
(Back to "SixWing" gestalt)

Chainclaw Pretender Beast Ground Trooper
- Yellow & Grey Bear
w/ Brown & Yellow Grizzly Bear Animal Shell

Chase Throttlebot Scout
- Red & Blue (?) Ferarri
- Red & Blue (?) Ferarri, no rubsign indent (E Classic)

Cheetor (BW) Deluxe Maximal Jungle Patrol
- Yellow & Blue Cheetah, Blue Cheetah's Eyes
- Yellow & Blue Cheetah, Red Cheetah's Eyes

Chromedome HeadMaster Computer Programmer
- Brown & Tan Cybertronian Car
w/ Red & Tan "Stylor" HeadMaster figure

Circuit (E) Action Master Messenger
- No Transformation (?)
w/ F-1 Racer / Exosuit vehicle

Circuit (J) Micro Six-Turbo N/A
- White & Yellow F-1 Racer
(Left arm to "SixTurbo" gestalt)

Cliffjumper Minibot Warrior
- Red Porsche 924 Turbo
- Yellow Porsche 924 Turbo
- Blue Porsche 924 Turbo (B)
(Note: not sure about the blue version)
(Called "Cliff" in Japan)
Cliffjumper Decoy #28

Cloudburst Pretender Space Defense
- Red & Black Cybertronian Jet
w/ Red & Grey Human Shell
(Called "Phoenix" in Japan)

Cloudraker Clone Sky Fighter
- Red & Tan Cybertronian Jet

Convertor (J) Micro Six-Train N/A
- Red & White Freight Train
(Left leg to "SixTrain" gestalt)

Cosmos Minibot Recon & Comm.
- Green & Yellow Space Saucer

Countdown MicroMaster Aerospace Commander
- White & Red Lunar Rover
w/ Blue Rocket Base & White Rocket vehicles
(Called "Moonradar" in Japan)

Crossblades Mega Pretender Ground Reinforcement
- Orange & White Cybertronian Dragster
w/ Green & White Human / Helicopter Pretender Shell

Crosshairs TargetMaster Weapons Supervisor
- Red & Blue Cybertronian Off-Road Car
w/ Red & Black long double-barrel "Pinpointer" TargetMaster figure

Crumble Micro Construction Ground Reinforcement
- Grey & Yellow Crane Truck
(Comes with MicroTrailer #16 in Japan)

Crush-Bull (J) Micro Six-Builder N/A
- Green & Grey Bulldozer
(Back to "SixBuilder" gestalt)

Dai Atlas (J) Powered Master Supreme Commander
- Blue, White, Black & Orange Jet / Drill Tank / Base
w/ White & Black "Speeder" Super Car MicroMaster
(Combines with other Powered Masters to form "Big Powered")

DashTacker (J) MultiForce Land Warrior
- Red Supercar & Green Halftrack
(Right arm and right leg to "LandCross" gestalt)

Deadhour (J) Micro Super Car Cyber Warrior
- White & Red Indy Corvette ("Detour" mold)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #12 in Japan)

Deadwheeler (J) Micro Base Heliport
- Red & Black Lamborghini Countach ("Freewheeler" mold)
w/ White & Red "Skyhyper" Helicopter / Base ("Skyhopper" mold)

Deftwing (E) Lightformer Tactician
- Tan, Blue & Gold Harrier VTOL Jet

Dego (J) Micro Six-Liner N/A
- Black & Orange Locomotive
(Back to "Six-Liner" gestalt)

Deluge (E) Aquaspeeder Rear Guard
- Green & Transparent Green Porsche Racer ("Drench" mold)

Desire (J) Micro Six-Train N/A
- White, Blue & Red Tokaido "Nozomi" Bullet Train
(Chest to "SixTrain" gestalt)

Dial (J) Cassette Energy Resource Scout
- Green Allosaur
(Combines with "Zauru" to form "Legout" gestalt)

Digger (J) Micro Six-Builder N/A
- Yellow & Red Steam Shovel Truck
(Right arm to "SixBuilder" gestalt)

Dinobot (BW) Deluxe Maximal Frontline Combat
- Tan & Transparent Orange Velociraptor

Discharge (J) Micro Six-Turbo N/A
- Red & White Fire Engine
(Right leg to "SixTurbo" gestalt)

Dogfight Triggerbot Air Combat
- Light Blue & Blue Grumman X-Z9 Jet

Double Clutch (G2) Go-Bot Defense Specialist
- White & Blue Indy Car

Doubleclouder (J) GodMaster Special Assault
- Dark Green Missile Trailer / Eagle ("Doubledealer" mold)
w/ "Clouder" human & "Clouder" bat GodMaster figures

Doublecross Monsterbot Supply Procurer
- Grey & White Two-Headed Dragon

Doubleheader Small Pretender Surveillance
- Grey Cybertronian Twin Jet
w/ Blue Two-Headed Human Shell

Downshift Omnibot Security Agent
- White Toyota Celica Supra, "CELICA" License Plate Decal
- White Toyota Celica Supra, Blank License Plate Decal

Drench (G2) Hydro Power Defense Strategy
- Green & Blue Porsche Racer, Paper decals
- Green & Blue Porsche Racer, Foil decals

"Drillhorn" (E) Rescue Force N/A
- Yellow & Black Drill Tank, Grey Weapons ("Drillhorn" mold)
- Yellow & Black Drill Tank, Black Weapons
- Yellow & Black Drill Tank, Red Weapons

"Dump Truck" My First TF N/A
- Yellow & Red Dump Truck

Eagle Eye Micro Air Air Defense
- Light Blue & White F-15 Eagle
(Comes with MicroTrailer #17 in Japan)

Eject Cassette Electronic Surveillance
- Blue & Grey Robot, Silver Weapons
- Blue & Grey Robot, Gold Weapons
- Blue & Grey Robot, Painted Detail

Electro (G2) Laser Rod Street Defense
- Gold ? Car
- Gold ? Car, Orange Joints (E, not sure about his one)

Erector Micro Transport Construction Engineer
- Yellow & Grey Crane Cab
w/ Yellow & Grey Crane / Gun Enplacement
(Called "Cragun" in Japan)

Esporte (B) Minibot (?) ?
- ? "Elentrix"
(Anybody have a clue as to what an "Elentrix" is? Whatever
it is, it's a design original to the Brazilian TF line.)

Falcon (J) Micro Six-Wing N/A
- Grey & Red Sukhoi SV-27 Jet
(Left leg to "SixWing" gestalt)

Fastlane Clone Road Warrior
- Red & Tan Cybertronian Race Car

Fire Chief (J) Guard City ?
- Red Fire Engine ("Hot Spot" mold)
(Body to "GuardCity" gestalt)

Firecracker (G2) Go-Bot Rapid Assault
- Transparent Red & White Ferarri Diablo

Fireflight Aerialbot Reconnaissance
- Red & White F-4 Phantom II
- Red & White F-4 Phantom II, Sticker Change (G2)
(Left arm to "Superion" gestalt)

First Aid Protectobot Doctor
- White & Red Ambulance Van, Metal Chestplate
- White & Red Ambulance Van, Plastic Chestplate
- White & Green Ambulance Van (Unreleased G2)
(Left arm to "Defensor" gestalt)

Fizzle Sparkabot Military Strategist
- Blue & Light Blue Off-Road Racer
(Called "Wildspark" in Japan)

Fixit Micro Rescue Search & Rescue
- White & Red Ambulance Van
(Called "Pibo" in Japan)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #10 in Japan)

Flak Micro Battle Rapid Deployment
- Olive & Tan Missile Rack Tank

Flame (E) Motorvator Troubleshooter
- Yellow & Red Lamborghini Countach ("Raster" mold)
w/ Yellow & Red Energon figure

Flanker (J) Micro Six-Wing N/A
- Blue, Grey & Black F-16 Jet
(Right leg to "SixWing" gestalt)

Flash (E) TurboMaster Decoy
- Red & Blue Ferarri Diablo
(Called "SpinRoad" in Japan)

Fly-Up (J) Guard City ?
- Blue & White UH-1A Huey Helicopter ("Blades" mold)
(Right arm to "GuardCity" gestalt)

Fortress Maximus HeadMaster HeadMaster Commander
- Grey & Blue City / Battle Station / Spaceship
w/ "Cerebros" HM, "Spike" HM figure, "Cog" Mini-Vehicle
(Note : Came with 1 small & 1 large Black & Red "Master
Sword" in Japan)

Freeway Throttlebot Saboteur
- Blue & Grey Chevy Corvette
- Blue & Grey Chevy Corvette, no rubsign indent (E Classic)
(Called "Runway" in Japan)

Freewheeler Micro Race Car Reconnaissance
- Yellow & Red Lamborghini Countach
(Called "Wheel Run" in Japan)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #13 in Japan)

Full-Barrel Micro Combiner HQ Regional Ground / Air Def.
- Grey Tractor-Trailer (Back Half)
w/ Grey & Blue Assault Truck / Spaceship
(Combines with "Overflow")

Galaxy Shuttle (J) Autobot Interstellar Transport Warrior
- White & Black Space Shuttle

Gearhead (G2) Go-Bot Warrior
- Yellow & Grey NASCAR Stock Car, Transparent Underside
- Yellow & Grey NASCAR Stock Car, Opaque Underside

Gears Minibot Transport & Recon
- Blue & Red ? Pickup Truck

Getaway PowerMaster Warrior
- White RX-7
w/ "Rev" Red & Grey PowerMaster figure
(Called "Lightfoot" in Japan)

Getsuei (J) Trainbot Night Fighter
- Blue & Cream EF 65 Blue Train
(Right leg to "Raiden" gestalt)

Gingam (J) Micro Super Car Cyber Warrior (Leader)
- Red & White X2S ("Hyperdrive" mold)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #12 in Japan)

Glide (J) Micro Six-Turbo N/A
- Blue & Grey ? Motorcycle
(Back to "SixTurbo" gestalt)

"Go-Bots" (J) Go-Bot N/A
- Black, Blue & Dark Blue Dodge Viper
(Note: Unreleased, VERY rare)

"Go-Bots" (J) Go-Bot N/A
- Blue, White, Purple & Olive Police Car
(Note: Unreleased, VERY rare)

"Go-Bots" (J) Go-Bot N/A
- Blue, White & Purple Porsche Racer
(Note: Unreleased, VERY rare)

"Go-Bots" (J) Go-Bot N/A
- White & Red ? Car
(Note: Unreleased, VERY rare. Could be the Go-Bot version
of Rumble, as that's what's printed on his front bumper.)

Gobots (G2) Hydro Power Rear Guard
- Orange & Blue ? Car, Paper Decals
- Orange & Blue ? Car, Foil Decals

GodBomber (J) Autobot Armored Warrior
- Grey, Blue & Chrome Silver Armored Trailer
(Combines with "Super Jinrai" to form "God Jinrai" gestalt)

Goldbug Throttlebot Espionage Director
- Gold & Blue VW Beetle
- Gold & Blue VW Beetle, no rubsign indent (E Classic)

GoShuta (J) HeadMaster Jr. Rescue Commander
- White & Blue Police Car ("Siren" mold)
w/ Blue & Black "Shuta" Small HeadMaster figure

Gran Arm (J) Micro Six-Builder N/A
- Red & White Payloader
(Chest to "SixBuilder" gestalt)

Grand Maximus (J) HeadMaster Solar System Commander
- Grey, Red & Blue City / Battle Station / Spaceship
w/ "Gran" HeadMaster, Black Armored Human Pretender Shell,
"Fortress" HM figure, "Cog" Mini-Vehicle

Grand Slam Cassette Audio Correspondant
-Red Cybertronian Tank
(Combines with "Raindance" to form "SlamDance" gestalt)

Grandus (J) Micro Motor Base Robot Base
- Black & White Command Base / Aircraft Carrier
w/ White, Yellow & Grey "Spinner" Cybertronian Police Car MicroM.
(Combines with "Star Convoy" to form large vehicle)

Graphy (J) Cassette Aerial Intelligence
- Red Pteranadon
(Combines with "Noise" to form "Decibel" gestalt)

Grapple Autobot Architect
- Yellow Crane Truck
Grapple Decoy #9

Greaser Micro Hot Rod Highway Recon
- Orange & Black ? Car
(Comes with MicroTrailer #2 in Japan)

Great Shot (J) Six-Changer Covert Combat
- White, Red & Blue Tank / Rhino / Gun / Plane / Car ("Sixshot" mold)

Grimlock Dinobot Dinobot Commander
- Silver Tyrannosaur
- Silver Tyrannosaur (G2, has G2 Autobot stamp)
- Blue Tyrannosaur (G2)
- Turquoise Tyrannosaur (G2)
Grimlock Decoy #1
Grimlock Pretender Classic Lieutenant Commander
- Grey Tyrannosaur
w/ Grey & Blue Human Shell
Grimlock Legend Lieutenant Commander
- Grey Tyrannosaur
Grimlock Action Master Dinobot Commander
- No Transformation
w/ Red & Grey "Anti-Tank Cannon" Mini-Vehicle / Cannon

Gripper (E) Motorvator Assault Force Leader
- Black & Orange Off-Road Buggy ("Blacker" mold)
w/ Orange & Black Energon figure

Groove Protectobot Scout
- White Honda Goldwing Motorcycle, Chrome Silver Chest
- White Honda Goldwing Cycle, Chrome Gold Chest
- Orange Honda Goldwing Cycle (Unreleased G2)
(Right leg to "Defensor" gestalt)

Grotusque Monsterbot Military Strategist
- Red & Grey Winged Tiger
(Called "Grotess" in Japan)

Groundbreaker Pretender Ground Trooper
- Grey & Black Cybertronian Race Car
w/ Orange Human Tiger-Armor Shell

Groundpounder Micro Construction Ground Reinforcement
- Tan & Orange Payloader
(Comes with MicroTrailer #16 in Japan)

Groundshaker Micro Base Feild Commander
- Olive & Grey ? Jet
w/ Blue & Red Assault ATV / Base

Gunlift (J) Micro Battle Assault Warrior
- Brown & Green Rhino Tank, Grey Gun Barrel ("Big Shot" mold)
- Brown & Green Rhino Tank, Yellow Gun Barrel
(Came with MicroTrailer #11 in Japan)

Gunrunner Pretender Vehicle Squadron Leader
- Yellow & Black Cybertronian Jet
w/ Red Cybertronian Car Shell

Gunrunner (J) Micro Base Tank Base
- Black & Red Corvette ("Road Handler" mold)
w/ Blue "Landshaker" ATV / Base (same as "Groundshaker" ATV)

Gusher Micro Combiner Counterattack
- Orange & Black Ground Digger (Back half)
w/ Tanker Transport
(Combines with "Pipeline")

Guzzle Sparkabot Ground Assault
- Olive-Brown & White ? Tank

Hardhead HeadMaster Ground Assault
- Green & Brown Cybertronian Tank
w/ Green & Brown "Duros" HeadMaster figure

Hardspark (J) Sparkabot ?
- Silver & Black (?) Tank ("Guzzle" mold)

Heave Micro Astro Interstellar Defense
- Grey Radar Truck (Back half)
(Combines with "Barrage")
(Comes with MicroTrailer #6 in Japan)

Heavy Tread Micro Monster Truck Ground Transport
- Orange & Blue Monster Funny Car
(Comes with MicroTrailer #1 in Japan)

High Beam (G2) Go-Bot Tracker
- Green & Black Pontiac Firebird

Highbrow HeadMaster Electronic Warfare
- Blue & Grey Cybertronian Helicopter
w/ Blue & Grey "Gort" HeadMaster figure

Highjump Micro Off-Road Covert Activities
- Grey & Red Jimmy GMC
(Called "Nutshell" in Japan)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #14 in Japan)

Hoist Autobot Maintainance
- Green & Yellow Ford Bronco Wrecker Rig
Hoist Decoy #21

Hosehead Small HeadMaster Emergency Rescue
- Red & Grey Fire Engine
w/ Grey & Black "Lug" Small HeadMaster figure
(Called "Cab" in Japan)

Hot House Micro Station Long Range Defense
- White & Red A-10 Thunderbolt II
w/ Red Fire Station / Assault Tank

Hot Rod Autobot Cavalier
- Red & Orange Cybertronian Sports Car, Metal Feet
- Red & Orange Cybertronian Sports Car, Plastic Feet
(Called "Hot Rodimus" in Japan)
Hot Rod TargetMaster Cavalier
- Red & Orange Cybertronian Sports Car, Plastic Feet
w/ Black & Grey short double-barrel "Firebolt" TargetMaster figure

Hot Spot Protectobot Protectobot Leader
- Light Blue Fire Engine, Metal Chestplate, Red Eyes
- Light Blue Fire Engine, Plastic Chestplate, Red Eyes
- Light Blue Fire Engine, Plastic Chestplate, Yellow Eyes
- Red & Orange Fire Engine (Unreleased G2)
(Note : I don't know if this one ever left prototype stage)
(Body to "Defensor" gestalt)

Hotrider (E) Axelerator Supplies & Support
- Green & Red Truck, Pink Windows ("Turbofire" mold)

Hotspark (J) Sparkabot ?
- Red & White Funny Car ("Sizzle" mold)

Hound Autobot Scout
- Green & Black Jeep Wrangler
Hound Decoy # 17

Hubcap Minibot Communications
- Yellow Porsche 924 Turbo
- Chrome Red Porsche 924 Turbo (G2)

Hubs Micro Hot Rod Highway Recon
- Green & White ? Car
(Comes with MicroTrailer #2 in Japan)

Huffer Minibot Construction Engineer
- Orange & Blue Semi Cab
Huffer Decoy #27

Hurricane (E) TurboMaster Def. Tac. Specialist
- White ? Race Car
(Called "CheckerRoad" in Japan)

Hydraulic Micro Monster Truck Ground Transport
- Blue & Orange Monster Ford Bronco
(Comes with MicroTrailer #1 in Japan)

Inferno Autobot Search & Rescue
- Red Fire Engine
- Red Fire Engine, Fist Launchers Removed (G2)
Inferno Decoy #14
Inferno Action Master Search & Rescue
- No Transformation
w/ Orange & Purple "Hydro-Pack" Backpack / Cannon accessory

Ironfist (E) Lightformer Weaponry Expert
- Khaki, Blue & Green Humvee

Iron Lift (J) Micro Six-Builder N/A
- White & Yellow Crane Truck
(Left arm to "Six-Builder" gestalt)

Ironhide Autobot Security
- Red "Onebox" Van
Ironhide Decoy #7
Ironhide (E G2) Power Master Military Strategist
- Khaki & Black Safari Jeep
Ironhide (G2) Go-Bot Security
- Silver & Blue Nissan Pickup Truck

Ironworks Micro Station Communications Bay
- Yellow & Grey Tractor-Trailer Truck
w/ Grey Mining Station / Communications Tower

Jackpot Action Master Strategist
- No Transformation (Black & Yellow Ferarri Diablo)
w/ Black & Blue "Sights" Falcon / Cannon accessory

"Jaguar" (E) Rescue Force N/A
- Blue & White Off-Road Buggy, Grey Weapons ("Jaguar" mold)
- Blue & White Off-Road Buggy, Black Weapons
- Blue & White Off-Road Buggy, Red Weapons

Jazz Autobot Special Ops Agent
- White & Black Porsche 926
- White & Black Porsche 926, Decal Change (G2)
Jazz Decoy #13
Jazz Pretender Classic Special Ops Sabotuer
- White & Black Porsche 926
w/ Blue & White Human Shell
Jazz Legend Special Ops Sabotuer
- White & Black Porsche 926
Jazz Action Master Special Ops Agent
- No Transformation
w/ Grey "Turbo Board" Mini-Vehicle / Cannon

"Jet" My First TF N/A
- Red Jet, Yellow Eyes
- Red Jet, Red Eyes

Jetfire Autobot Air Guadian
- White & Red "Macross Valkyrie" (looks like an F-14 Tomcat)
Jetfire (G2) CyberJet Air Guardian
- Grey & Blue F-14 Tomcat
(Note: Comes with an extra decal sheet in Japan)

Jetstorm (E) Aquaspeeder Defence Strategy Expert
- Red & Transparent Green ? Car ("Gobots" mold)

Jipe (B) Minibot ?
- Brown Jeep Wrangler ("Brawn" mold)
- ? "Elentrix"

Joe (J) Micro Six-Liner N/A
- White, Black & Red Super Hitachi Train
(Right leg to "SixLiner" gestalt)

Joyride PowerMaster Warrior
- Green, White & Red Off-Road Buggy
w/ Blue & Grey "Hotwire" PowerMaster figure

Kaen (J) Trainbot Heavy Mobile Fighter
- Grey & Orange DE10 Deisel Locomotive
(Lower body to "Raiden" gestalt)

Kaku (J) HeadMaster Head N/A
- Red & Silver Robot

Kick-Off Action Master Security
- No Transformation (White & Black Buggy)
w/ Black & Orange "Turbo-Pack" Backpack / Cannon

"Killbison" (E) Rescue Force N/A
- Blue & Grey Claw Tank, Grey Weapons ("Killbison" mold)
- Blue & Grey Claw Tank, Black Weapons
- Blue & Grey Claw Tank, Red Weapons

Kup Autobot Warrior
- Blue Cybertronian Pickup Truck, Rubber & Metal Tires
- Blue Cybertronian Pickup Truck, Plastic Tires
(Called "Cha" in Japan)
Kup TargetMaster Warrior
- Blue Cybertronian Pickup Truck, Plastic Tires
w/ Grey & Black long double-barrel "Recoil" TargetMaster figure

Landfill Small TargetMaster Materials Transport
-Tan & Brown Dump Truck
w/ Blue ?-barrel "Flintlock" (#5) and Yellow & Brown lower double-
barrel "Silencer" (#6) Small TM figures

Landmine Pretender Asteroid Miner
- White Cybertronian Mining Vehicle
w/ Yellow & Grey Human Shell
(Called "Lander" in Japan)

Laster (J) BrainMaster Skill Knight
- Yellow & Black Lamborghini Countach
w/ Yellow & Black "Laster" BrainMaster figure
(Right leg to "Road Caesar" gestalt)

Leadfoot (G2) Rotor Force Rapid Def. Specialist
- Yellow & Blue Indy Racer
(Called "Hotfoot" in Europe)

Leaf (J) Micro Six-Liner N/A
- White, Green & Red Tohoku Bullet Train
(Left arm to "SixLiner" gestalt)

"LeoZack" (E) Rescue Force N/A
- White & Red F-14, Grey Weapon ("LeoZack" mold)
- White & Red F-14, Black Weapon
- White & Red F-14, Red Weapon

Lightspeed Technobot Data Processor
- Red & White Cybertronian Race Car
(Right leg to "Computron" gestalt)

Lightspeed (E) Motorvator Scout / Messenger
- Red & Light Blue Ferarri F-40 ("Braver" mold)
w/ Red & Blue Energon figure

Lione (J) HeadMaster Head N/A
- Orange & Red Lion

Loafer (J) HeadMaster Head N/A
- Red & Black Robot

Longtooth Small Pretender Undersea Defense
- Grey & Blue Cybertronian Van
w/ Grey & Yellow Walrus Creature Shell

MachTackle (J) MultiForce Air / Land Warrior
- White Space Shuttle and Orange & Blue 4WD Truck
(Left arm and left leg to "LandCross" gestalt)

Mainframe Action Master Systems Analyst
- No Transformation (Blue & Red Computer)
w/ Blue & Yellow "Push-Button" Robot / Cannon

Manta Ray (G2) Rotor Force Ocean Def. Specialist
- Blue & Yellow Hydrofoil
(Called "Piranah" in Europe)

Meanstreak (E G2) Power Master Street Fighter
- Blue & Yellow Drag Racer

Metalhawk (J) Pretender Space Commander
- Blue, Gold, Red & Grey Cybertronian Jet
- Blue, White & Red Human Shell

Metroplex Autobot Battle Station
- White City / Battle Station, Rubber Wheels
w/ Black "Scamper" Mini-Vehicle, White "Slammer" Tank, Red &
White "Six-Gun" Figure
- White City / Battle Station, Plastic Wheels
w/ Black "Scamper" Mini-Vehicle, White "Slammer" Tank, Red &
White "Six-Gun" Figure

Minerva (J) HeadMaster Jr. First Aid Care
- White & Red Porsche 911 ("Nightbeat" mold)
w/ Red & Black "Minerva" Small HeadMaster figure

Minispy Dune Buggy Minispy Spy
- Blue & Black Dune Buggy
- White & Black Dune Buggy
- Yellow & Black Dune Buggy

Minispy Jeep Minispy Spy
- Blue & Black Jeep
- White & Black Jeep
- Yellow & Black Jeep

Minispy Mazda Minispy Spy
- Blue & Black Mazda
- White & Black Mazda
- Yellow & Black Mazda

Minispy Porsche Minispy Spy
- Blue & Black Porsche
- White & Black Porsche
- Yellow & Black Porsche

Mirage Autobot Counter-Intelligence
- Blue & White Indy Racer
Mirage Decoy #20
Mirage (G2) Go-Bot Counter-Intelligence
- Black, Silver & Yellow Indy Car

Missile Master Micro Astro Interstellar Defense
- Red Missile Truck (Rear half)
(Combines with "Moonrock")
(Comes with MicroTrailer #4 in Japan)

Missile Run (J) Micro Six-Wing N/A
- Blue & Black B-1 Bomber
(Chest to "SixWing" gestalt)

Mixing (J) Micro Six-Builder N/A
- Green & White Cement Mixer
(Left leg to "SixBuilder" gestalt)

Moonrock Micro Astro Interstellar Defense
- Red Missile Truck (Front half)
(Combines with "Missile Master")
(Comes with MicroTrailer #4 in Japan)

Motormouth (G2) Go-Bot Backup Support
- Blue & Grey Nissan Pickup Truck, Transparent Underside
- Blue & Grey Nissan Pickup Truck, Opaque Underside

Mudslinger Micro Off-Road Covert Activities
- Blue & Orange Monster Truck
(Called "Footdemo" in Japan)
(Comes with MicroTrailer #14 in Japan)

Neo-Wheel (J) Micro Six-Turbo N/A
- Yellow & Red Lamborghini Diablo
(Right arm to "SixTurbo" gestalt)

Neutro Micro Construction Ground Reinforcement
- Yellow & Grey Bulldozer
(Comes with MicroTrailer #16 in Japan)

Night (J) Micro Six-Liner N/A
- Blue & Grey "Blue" Train
(Left leg to "SixLiner" gestalt)

Nightbeat Small HeadMaster Detective
- Blue & Yellow Porsche 911 Turbo
w/ Yellow & Black "Muzzle" Small HeadMaster figure

Noise (J) Cassette Forest Investigation
- Blue Tyrannosaur
(Combines with "Graphy" to form "Decibel" gestalt)

Nosecone Technobot Assault Vehicle
- Brown, White & Yellow Cybertronian Drill Tank
- Brown, White & Yellow Cybertronian Drill Tank, no rubsign indent
(Left leg to "Computron" gestalt)


M "Oh My God, How Horrible. To Be Killed By A Plush Toy..." Sipher

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