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Aug 10, 2003, 2:27:25 PM8/10/03
By Morandilas


Frank Porter watched in silence as the young woman struggled against
her bonds. Screams of protest were muted by the thick cloth gag that
covered her mouth. Beads of sweat covered her forehead and new tears
trailed across the dried tracks of previous ones.

The young woman was bound facedown to a old dirty cot in the cellar of
Frank's isolated farmhouse. Her wrists and ankles securely lashed to
the corners with thick leather straps.

Frank admired the young woman's beauty. She was particularly fetching
in her school's cheerleader uniform. In fact she wore the same uniform
he had seen her in during the state football finals.

Frank positioned his stool in front of the struggling woman and sat
down facing her.

The young woman pleaded through her eyes as she watched Frank sit
before her.

"Calm down sweet one." Frank said soothingly.

"Let me try to explain your predicament." Frank paused and waited for
the young lady to compose herself. After several minutes he continued.
" I intend on torturing you mercilessly." Frank said allowing the
words to be fully absorbed by his frightened captive.

The young woman's eyes widened and she began to tremble in horror.

"Are you ticklish?" Frank grinned.

The young woman froze. The question took a few moments for her to
comprehend and then she shook her head with a vigorous no.

"You mustn't tell Frank lies. I know that you are ticklish. I seen
last weeks game." Frank whispered.

The frightened woman gasped and began to franticly pull at her bonds.

"I see that struck a cord with you my dear. Perhaps you may want to
reconsider your previous answer." Frank asked.

His captive began to plead incoherently through her gagged mouth.
Tears welled in her eyes and she struggled with all her might.

" I seen you tickled at the game. I watched as you struggled to escape
the grasp of the football jocks as the chased you down on the field
after their victory. I listened to you beg for mercy once they had you
cornered. I delighted in your shrieks of laughter as they pinned you
down and dug their wiggling fingers into your sides." Frank paused and
let the horror of her situation sink in.

" Remember when they began to remove your shoes? Your shrieks turned
into frantic screams for mercy as you desperately tried to scrunch
your toes and keep your shoes from being taken. You were so utterly
desperate as your shoes were yanked from your feet. I watched as a
surge of adrenaline allowed you to temporarily break free of the jocks
holding your arms and I relished the way you beat upon the back of the
player that sat on your legs as his buddies danced their fingers upon
your socked feet." Frank paused and cleared his throat. His captive
had stopped struggling and stared in disbelief as he described her
post game tickle torture with amazing detail.

"Oh yes poor ticklish Tracy. I absorbed every moment of your ticklish
plight on the field that day. I particularly enjoyed watching you try
to reach over the jock pinning your legs and try to cover your
ticklish soles with your hands. The fiendish rib tickling you received
for your efforts was devastatingly effective as a deterrent for future
attempts to protect your ticklishness." Frank chuckled as he

"But alas all good things must come to an end and you were rescued by
the coach. How sad." Frank finished.

Frank suddenly stood up and stepped over the cot straddling it. Tracy
began to scream into her gag and struggle again.

"This is just a test" Frank said as he dug into Tracy's ribs with his

Tracy squealed through her gag and arched her back in response to his
ticklish touch.

Frank's fingers scrambled over her rib cage until the young woman's
squeals turned into hysterical laughter. He continued the brutal rib
tickling for several minutes and then paused his hands still holding
her rib cage as he felt her heavy breathing and allowed her to catch
her breath.

Just as the pleas began to tumble from her muted lips. Frank spider
danced his tickling digits into the hollows of her ticklish pits.
Tracey's hands gripped the edge of the cot her knuckles turning white
as he tickled.

Frank tickled her armpits mercilessly. Tracy squeezed her eyes shut
and screamed with unabated laughter into her gag. Frank chuckled at
her reaction and tickled until she was utterly exhausted. He then
stopped and removed her gag.

Tracy gulped a lung full of fresh air and tried not to giggle from the
tickling after effects. Frank had tickled her worst then anyone had in
her entire life. She weakly began to beg her captor for mercy.

"Please no more. I can't stand anymore. I am so ticklish you just
don't understand. Please no more tickling. Please let me go." Tracy

"Listen carefully sweet Tracy. I do understand. I fully understand
that tickling is a very fiendish form of unbearable torture. I also
understand that for you it is particularly tortuous." Frank laughed as
he repositioned himself near the foot of the cot.

"Please I beg you mister. Don't tickle me anymore! I am just too
ticklish! I'll die!" Tracy begged.

" I promise you will not die." Frank paused "You might wish that you
would" He finally snickered.

"No, no more. I'll do anything you want!" Tracy cried out!

Frank stepped away from the cot and back into Tract's view. He
crouched down near her face and patted her head gently.

Tracy had buried her face into the cot and was sobbing hysterically.
The thought of continued tickle torture was more than she could bear.

"Tracy…" Frank whispered and waited for a response.

Tracy lifted her head and stared at Frank through tear filled eyes.

"Your feet are next." Frank said and swiftly stood up and approached
the foot of the cot laughing out loud.

Tracy renewed her attempts to escape and rattled the cot violently as
she began to feel Frank unlacing her tennis shoes. She screamed with
terror as he began to slowly remove her shoes popping each heel off,
one at a time.

"Please not my feet! Anything but that!" Tracy Screamed.

Tracy once again relied on the tactic of scrunching her toes within
the shoes to keep them from being slipped off.

"Scrunch those toes Tracy!" Frank chuckled.

Frank slipped an index feel beneath each partially removed heel and
began to snake and wiggle them on Tracy's white socked soles.

Tracy Squealed and began to giggle uncontrollably trying to hold back
the unwanted laughter.

"My are we a bit ticklish?" Frank mocked and ripped both shoes off her

Tracy screamed at the top of her lungs and her toes began to wiggle
wildy within the confines of her socks.


Frank began to viciously scramble his fingers on the soles of Tracy's
ultra sensitive feet Sending poor Tracy into fits of hysterical
laughter. He concentrated his efforts at the very center of her soles
and dug in with a single minded vengeance.

The sensations that ran up Tracy's legs and exploded in her cerebral
conscience were overwhelming. Her feet were excruciatingly ticklish.
Frank tickled and tickled driving the poor girl to the brink of

Suddenly Tracy was gripped with the sudden and powerful urge to
relieve her bladder.

"Please stop! I'm going to pee if you don't!" Tracy managed to blurt
out before dissolving into a long silent laugh while shaking her head
from side to side.

Frank abruptly stopped and waited long minutes for Tracy's Laughter to

" Are you ready for your bare feet to be tickled?" Frank asked.

"No, please no more. Not my bare feet! " Tracey whined.

Frank slowly began to pull at the toes of Tracy's socks. Tracy could
feel them slowly being pulled down her calves and then slowly over her
heels. She cried and pleaded desperately but Frank tediously continued
the removal of her socks. Tracy could feel the cool cellar air as her
vulnerable bare feet were slowly exposed.

Frank marveled at the flawless tender soles that stared up at him. Her
toes actually trembled with ticklish anticipation of the torture that
was soon to come.

Frank gently placed an index finger on each bare heel and began to
trace a winding path across her exposed soles. Tracy screamed and
passed out as her mind shut down from sensory overload.

Tracy's tickle torture had barely begun………


Associated Press December 17th, 1986
NEW YORK , N.Y. - Tracy Mixson, a seventeen year old high school
student from Brooklyn was rescued today, after police raided the home
of Frank Porter, a twenty-nine year old New York State resident. Tracy
was abducted from her home two days earlier by Mr. Porter . The
seventeen year old woman was neither raped nor sexually molested
during her two days of captivity. What did take place however could
only be described as "Pure Torture". "He kept me bound to an old dirty
cot in his basement. I was allowed to keep most of my clothes except
for my shoes and socks. He fed me three times a day during my
kidnapping. I was also allowed restroom breaks and given eight hours
of sleep with one four hour rest period in the middle of each day. The
rest of the time I was tickle tortured. The man had no mercy on me and
I am unfortunately very ticklish. The tickling was pure torture for
me." Miss Mixson told the police. Miss Mixson is said to be home and
resting while Mr. Porter awaits his hearing locked behind bars.

Eleven Years Later

Tracy awoke and was instantly seized by terror. She screamed but the
gag muted all sound. She struggled , but her upper body had been
enclosed in a straight jacket which was also strapped with heavy
leather bands to the seat in which she occupied. Her legs would not
budge, for they had been thrust forward and locked into place by a set
of homemade wooden stocks. Her feet had been bared and each toe tied
to a series of metal eyelet's above them. But worst of all, Frank was
back, standing not two feet away from her bare, vulnerable and very
ticklish feet. Tracy continued to scream into her gag and struggle
futilely with her bonds as frank smiled and produced a wicked looking

"How could this happen again?" Tracy Thought The police and the
doctors had assured her that Frank porter was rehabilitated and cured
of his extreme tickle fetish. He was no longer a threat to society nor
her. Yet 3 months after his release she has been abducted from her
home and taken who knows where by a man who promised in court that he
will get her again and this time there would be no pity.

" Hello Miss Mixson." Frank said

" I told you I would be back." He snickered.

" I have decided to tickle only your feet today." He continued while
he began to lightly drag the feather up and down her ticklish right

Tracy had very beautiful size six feet. Her soles were flawless and
tinged with just a hint of pink to them. Her toes were long and well
proportioned. Her nails painted a lovely shade of bubble gum pink. She
even had begun to wear decorative foot jewelry all of which had
already been removed.

Tracy shook her head from side to side and desperately pleaded with
her eyes and muffled screams for Frank to stop running the feather
across her soles. She could not budge her feet and the tickling
sensations began to cause her to break into pitiful giggling.

"Tickles doesn't it?" Frank taunted

Frank began to insert and saw the feather between his captive's toes
and was causing poor Tracy to spasm with uncontrollable laughter.

Tracy was terribly, and hopelessly ticklish. She hated it with all her
soul. She despised it and had undergone years of psychotherapy as a
direct result of her first encounter with Frank porter. For the first
few years after the incident, Tracy would wake up in the middle of the
night screaming. She kept having nightmares of being abducted and
tickle tortured again. But now it was really happening. Tracy was
begging through her gag for mercy.

Frank tickled Tracy's toes with the feather for several minutes and
then discarded it and began to rake his purposefully long fingernails
across her soles. Tracy bucked and fought to escape the tortuous
tickling. But all her efforts were in vain she was not going anywhere.
After several more minutes Frank suddenly stopped , got up and removed
the gag from Tracy's mouth.

"The gag was a tease. I love to hear your begging and pleading." Frank

"Please Frank. No More. I'll do anything you want! I can't stand it
anymore!" Tracey Begged.

Frank pulled a chair over to her feet and sat down with a smile and
produced a toothbrush.

" Dear, dear Tracy. I know you can't stand it my sweet. That is why I
am doing it" He chuckled and began to scrub between her toes.

Tracy began to scream with the most ticklish laughter to ever exit a
woman's lips. The brush was absolutely horrible. She was so ticklish
between her toes. She just could not take it.

"Help me! Somebody Help me!" She screamed

"No one can help you poor Tracy" He laughed

"Stop it! Make it stop oh please" Tracy pleaded.

"Never my sweet! I will never let you go and I will never stop
tickling you!" Frank yelled and threw down the toothbrush and began to
claw her soles with his nails again.

Tracy was hysterical. She struggled to escape the tickling but could
not get away. Her feet tickled so bad she was becoming delirious from
the torture. Her face was dripping with sweat and tears. A mad
expression of utter anguish had gripped her features and she squeezed
her eyes shut almost as if that would some how block the ticklish
sensations which were running through her body and exploding in her

"This is what hell must be like" Tracy thought during a fleeting
moment of sanity.

Franks fingers scrambled up, down, and across Tracy's soles. He would
spend time tickling at the base of her toes and watch Tracy scream in
agony. Sometimes he would stop and hover his wiggling fingers just
above her feet and watch Tracy continue to buck and scream with
laughter at the gesture.

Suddenly Tracy began to violently shake her entire body in a last
ditch effort to escape the tickling sensations which were driving her
crazy. Tracy 's screams of uncontrolled laughter were drowned out by
silence. Tracy was receiving such a fiendish tickling that her vocal
cords refused to respond and she just sat there struggling against her
captivity and screaming a silent laugh.

Frank continued the infernal tickling for a few long seconds and then
abruptly stopped allowing Tracy a few minutes to get hold of herself.
Tracy attempted to take in Huge gulps of air as she sat back drained
and sweaty.

"Please, Please Mr. Porter stop tickling me it's torture....I can't
take anymore." Tracy wept.

"Mr. now am I. Forget about it....I plan on me tickling you for the
next ten years Miss Mixson." Frank sneered as he ran a finger beneath
her right foot making Tracy jump and squeal.

"Ten Years! Please I beg of you! Have pity on me! Not ten years I will
go mad! Please let me go I won't tell anyone." Tracy pleaded.

"Yes Ten long years. just like the ten long years I spent in prison.
But worst for you, much worst. Because I will tickle you each and
every day for the next ten long ticklish years. I will have no mercy.
No pity. You will beg me to put you out of your misery." Frank said

Tracy looked on in horror. She listened to Frank's words but her mind
did not want to comprehend them. Ten years of tickle torture. No this
can't be happening she thought to herself. Please god let this be a
nightmare. Suddenly Tracy snapped..........

"Noooooooooooooooooooo Don't do this Pleeeease! I hate to be tickled!
I can' t stand
it! Please I'll do anything you want! I'll be your sex slave. I'll
suck you off! Please no
more I will do anything. No more tickling! I beg you. Please!

Frank looked with cold and unfeeling eyes. He enjoyed to watch her
suffer like this. He eagerly began to apply a coating of thick sticky
honey to the bottoms of her soles with a wide paint brush.

Tracy had been too frantic to notice the brush and bucket Frank had
retrieved from one corner of his basement. Now she could not help but
notice now that he was brushing a sticky substance onto the soles of
her feet. The stiff bristles of the brush was lightly tickling her
feet but she knew that a more sinister purpose was behind the brush.

"What are you doing" Tracy shouted holding back giggles.

"Do you really want to know?" Frank asked.

Tracy began to tremble with fear and began to shake her head no.

"Too late!" Frank stood up and laughed. he walked over to the
staircase which led upstairs and he proceeded up the steps.

"Don't leave me alone down here!" Tracy screamed.

"Oh I won't" Frank chuckled as he opened the upstairs door.

"Come on boys, come on, dessert is being served." Frank shouted as
Tracy heard the scrambling sounds of two large dogs descending the
staircase. The two Great Danes appeared at the bottom of the stair way
and Tracy began to scream in terror.

"No Please, Please don't leave them down here!" Tracy screamed

"Hear that boys....keep the young lady comfortable." Frank shouted as
he dead bolted the basement door from above.

Tracy sobbed silently as the two large dogs approached sniffing around
her feet. then suddenly one and then the other started to lick her
feet. The feeling of their huge raspy tongues licking across her
captive soles was entirely unbearable for Tracy and she began to
scream and laugh like never before. the dogs were relentless in their
attempt to lick the honey off of poor Tracy's ticklish bare feet. they
left no ground uncovered. Each wrinkle each fold of bare ticklish skin
was thoroughly investigated for the tasty honey. Each toe was licked
repeatedly the wildly licking tongues penetrating between each toe
throwing Tracy into wild and hysterical laughter.

When Frank returned one hour later he found Tracy unconscious but
still giggling as the dogs continued to sniff and lick her completely
polished soles.


Tracey awoke to the sharp odor of smelling salt. She found herself
totally nude. Her wrists suspended from shackles above her head. She
was kneeling on a thick padded mat. Her ankles locked into a sturdy
wooden set of foot stocks which was bolted to the ground behind her.

Frank Porter stood before her waving a bottle of smelling salt below
her nose.

"That's my girl. Rise and shine. Time for your tickling my dear."
Frank chuckled.

"Please Frank. Please I beg you. No more tickling. Anything but that!"
Tracy begged

'Tell me dear is that belly of yours still as ticklish as it use to
be?" Frank asked

"NOOOOOOO! Please you promised! No more tickling! "I hate it! I can't
stand it! Please let me suck on you again! I'll do it better! Please
no more tickle torture! Frank for gods sake stop! I can't take it
anymore!" Tracy begged over and over again. Her pleas fell on
merciless ears.

"No pity for you dear Tracy." Frank chuckled as he braced her back
with one hand and began to tickle her belly vigorously.

Tracy tightened her abdominal muscles and screeched with ticklish
laughter. She swung from her shackles as she jumped and giggled from
the belly tickling.

Frank stopped after a few minutes and let her catch her breath. Tracy
rested her head against his chest and whimpered for him to stop. Frank
just laughed and reached up tickling her underarms.

Tracy twisted and turned to escape his tickling fingers, but Frank
followed her relentlessly throwing her into a fit of hysterical
ticklishness. The slightest touch sent her screeching at the top of
her lungs. She snorted, whooped, and babbled incoherently.

Frank's fingers explored her ticklish torso. His fingers scrambled
beneath her armpits. Then he changed direction and tickled the sides
of her breasts making her scream uproariously. He had dreamed of
taking revenge on Tracy for ten long years and now here she was his to
tickle torture indefinitely if he so choose.

Frank lowered his hands to her sides and squeezed. Tracy arched
forward and squealed. He then tickled his way back to her smooth
hollows and whirled his digits within them.

Tracy hung from her shackles and laughed until she was utterly
exhausted. She could no longer form the words to beg her captor to
stop the horrible torture. Frank expertly brought her to the edge of
passing out and then stopped.

He stood back and admired his handy work.

Tracey hung limp and debilitated. Her nude body glistened with sweat
her tears mingled with her perspiration the salt stinging her eyes.

Again Tracy's torment had only just begun.


Six Months Later

Associated Press June 20th, 1997
NEW YORK, N.Y.- After Richard Price received his order from a Miami
based porno fetish production company. He made a startling discovery.
Miss Tracy Mixson who had made headlines across the country after she
disappeared last December along with her suspected abductor Frank
Porter. Was the starlet of a new video Mr. Price had just received
from the fetish company which specializes in tickle torture tapes.
"There was no doubt about her identity" Said Mr. Price. Police acting
quickly on Mr. Price's tip made a daring raid/rescue of the production
company's headquarters in Miami earlier today and Rescued Miss Mixson.
Miss Mixson is said to be resting in the psychiatric ward of New York
Hospital, and officials decline to comment on her condition spokesman
from the police mentioned that hundreds of hours of video tape were
also seized at the production headquarters, Speculation is that they
are all of Miss Mixson being tickle tortured by Mr. Porter. Police
official refuse to confirm the rumor. Mr. Frank Porter is said to be
still at large, but police officials are hopeful that the current
nation wide manhunt will soon be over.

-The End-


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