Bildenberg Conspiracy and Class Wars

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Dec 5, 2012, 5:42:30 AM12/5/12
Yet another person has been trying to claim to me that the so-called Bildenberg Conspiracy is running the world.

My response: Even if there is such a thing as the Bildenberg Conspiracy, it is better than Alex Jones.

The biggest class wars on American soil aren't fought by Marxists. The biggest class wars on the American soil are fought by Reagan Republicans - against the so-called "liberal elites." This means scientists, artists and journalists. Meanwhile the business elites enjoy their full support and protection, even in cases when they are engaging in destructive and fraudulent activity. This Republican class war makes it hard for scientists, journalist and artists to do their jobs, resulting in loss in competitiveness, lowered education levels of the population, and a reduction in the quality of life.

In case of Bildenberg, the accusation is nonpartisan. Apparently this Bildenberg Conspiracy includes people of different parties; but as in all cases of elite-baiting we are seeing here not only paranoia but also disinformation. That there are people wielding all sorts of power behind the scenes all the time should not be surprising to anyone. The real problem is in the accusation that it is a monolithic force. A far more likely scenario is that there are any number of groups (banks, CIA, etc.) that wield power behind the scenes and sometimes team up with each other on matters of common interest. And another problem is the claim that these people are universally worse than the people who aren't part of this elite.

Is there such a thing as the Bildenberg Conspiracy? I have no idea. But even if there is such a thing, it is still an improvement over community power, church power, society power and power of imams. Most likely these people have done a lot for the world before becoming as powerful as they did. The same is not the case with your average wife-beater who wants absolute power over his family, your average country preacher who wants absolute power over his community, your average corrupt judge who wants to enter outrageous rulings against mothers and children, or your average bullying Southern Baptist woman who wants to beat down on people who are not like herself and to get black males put away for rape when they have consensual sex with white girls.

There was a comedy show in Australia in which Martin Luther King came back to life and went after today's black youth: "Man, I lay down my life for you, and all you're doing is doing crack and shooting each other. I had 43 jobs; you cannot get one." I think that Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin would have similar things to say about today's Republican constituents. That they've put in huge work and changed the world - only to see any number of American people turn into wife-beaters, child rapists, bullies, warmongerers, KKK and worse. Really, who makes better decisions: Someone who's achieved vast things in his life or someone whose only claim to validity is that he thinks himself culturally American?

And which liberty is more worth preserving: That of fantastic achievement or that of forcing everyone to follow the herd?

The communities in America are anything but free. They are extremely rigid and controlling, and most of them are also completely corrupt. The government has checks and balances on it to keep it from turning corrupt and tyrannical; the communities have no such checks and balances on them and therefore have nothing to keep them from turning corrupt and tyrannical. And this makes them a vastly inferior form of power than either government, which is accountable to the electorate, or business, which is accountable to the consumer.

Bildenberg? Better that than Waco.

What most populists miss is that the "elites" are also people. And another thing that they miss is that most of those in the elites are there, not because of privilege, but because of achievement. Yes there are corrupt people in "higher echelons"; there are also completely corrupt people in communities. And the scrutinous attention that many like to direct against the "elites" must similarly be directed against all sorts of people who are not elites, such as the people that I've described.

Certainly people deserve to know what political forces are out there. But then the people also need to know what wrong goes on in their own towns. Having known both people in highest levels and communities at all levels, I can say clearly that the people at highest levels impressed me the most. As for villainy, the worst acts I've seen came from people who were not part of any elite and considered themselves Reagan Republicans, true Americans or the community leaders in country-town Australia.

Generally we don't see people such as those accused of being a part of the Bildenberg Conspiracy brutally beating their wives or raping their children. Generally we don't see such people demanding that everyone be exactly like them. Generally we don't see such people teaching their children to beat up on "nerds" or rape "sluts." Generally we don't see such people claiming that scientists are devil-worshippers or that global warming is a UN hoax or that people who don't accept Christ as their Lord and Savior do not deserve to live. We see that behavior on the part of people who see themselves as the people and who, by claiming themselves to be the people, practice a vast and unconstitutional power grab - of deigning to speak for the people of a country of 300 million, most of them nothing like themselves.

Then these people - the most corrupt, most malicious, most aggressively ignorant people in America - go around attacking the federal government, or scientists, or environmentalists, or artists, or teachers, or people who've voted for Obama, for not going by their contemptible party line. The real response is that they shouldn't be following their party line, as their party line is a pack of lies.

One way that fascism initiates is by claiming that there is a big threat to one's way of life. With 1930s fascists, it was the Communists and the Jews; with today's wannabee fascists it's UN, liberals, feminists, environmentalists and this Bildenberg conspiracy theory. And what the people who claim to be standing up for your freedom aren't telling you is that they are themselves far more oppressive than Bildenberg people, if there was such a thing, could ever hope to be. They are against science and learning. They are against women's rights. They are against anyone who is not exactly like themselves. And that makes these people a far greater threat to liberty than any possible conspiracy of the super-rich.

Given my connections, if there was a Bildenberg conspiracy I would have most likely heard about it by now from an insider. The same is the case if there was a "Jewish-Masonic conspiracy" to destroy Russia or a "Satanic New World Order conspiracy" to destroy the United States. Yes, there are and will always be people who wield power from behind the scenes, and that is something that people should know about. But then the demagogues who concoct conspiracy theories are worse than even the most venal among these people, and their goal is nothing less than this: Fascism.

So I state here this: I don't know if there is a Bildenberg Conspiracy; but I do know that there are vast abuses of power at all levels, and most of the people who are engaged in these abuses are worse than what the Bildenberg people are described to be. If this possible collusion is to be investigated - and I am certainly in favor of it being investigated - then so must be all the communal and societal organs of power.

And then it will become possible for more people to make an informed decision as to which covenants they want to inhabit and which covenants they want to create.
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