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Dec 28, 2012, 2:13:43 AM12/28/12
The war midst the particulates
Goes on inside my head
The feeling and the intellect
The living and the dead

The silent and the shouting
The fearing and the strong
The certain and the doubting
The intact and the torn

The distand and the proximate
The mountain and the sea
The theorem and the postulate
The bound and the free

The finite and the infinite
The present and the past
The known and the definite
The narrow and the vast

The beautiful, the difficult,
The sure and the unknown,
The clear, the inarticulate,
The new and the outgrown,

The caring, the unbearable,
The luminous, the dark,
The passionate, the terrible,
The fire and the spark,

The fearful, the valiant,
The arrogant, the meek,
The ugly and the elegant,
The healthy and the sick,

The seen and the intuited,
The known and the construed,
The germ and the immunity,
The sight from every view,

The science, the philosophy,
The factual, the unseen,
The facile, the impossible,
And everything between -

The war goes on, and every day
Another me is made
Another mix - another way -
Another path to take -

And every dawn, another me
Arises with the sun
To feel, to think, to see, to be,
And forge, from many, one.
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