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Aug 14, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/14/97


Looking to earn money without any effort?

Well I have some information you are going to find very interesting.
A few days ago I received the message that will follow this
introduction. This was not the first time I had seen such a message
but I thought that I would review it this time just to see what the
message had to offer. After I read it I didn't see any flaws in the
process. So I decided to give it a go. I went along with the
instructions that were listed in the original message and then
added my address to the list.

If you read the following letter, you will see why I decided to
give it a shot!

And by the way, before you go any further read this first:

Like most of us I was a little skeptical and a little worried about the
legal repercussions of it all. So I checked it out with the U.S. Post
Office (1-800-725-2161) and they confirmed that it is indeed

Now this it the original message that I received and read:

How would you like to earn $$$EXTRA MONEY$$$ just by following
a few simple instructions. It's as easy as reading this message and
making a decision.

A little while back, I was browsing through these newsgroups, just
like you are now, and came across an article similar to this that said:

"You could make thousands of dollars in weeks with only an initial
investment of $5! This is the easiest way to make thousands of
dollars, quickly, legally, and with NO CATCH! Give it a try - just
follow the instructions listed in the following message and mail
$1.00 to each of the five individuals listed below. THIS IS THE

So I said to my self, "What did I really have to lose?..........Well,
the cost of five $1 bills plus postage - not much when I considered
what I stood to gain if the program was genuine. I looked at it this
way. How often have I spent $5.00 and had nothing to show for it
a couple of hours or a day later. So why not invest $5.00. Even if
I only received $10.00 back, I would still have made a profit of $5.00
- not a lot - but a 50% return on my original investment."

As the letter continued it said:

"If you keep reading.....it will change your life, just like it did mine.
It's true! You can make up to (or over) $50,000 dollars in 4-6 weeks,
NOT A SCAM! Most people would think it was, just like myself,
but it isn't."

So, I thought, "Yeah, right, it must be a scam", but I was curious, like
most of us - so I kept reading. Anyway, I was invited to send $1 to
each of the 5 names and addresses stated in the article, then place
my own name and address in the article at the bottom of the list at
#5. And, finally, I was invited to post the article in at least 200
newsgroups or more and there's no cost to do so. There are
thousands of news groups out there.

Remember, there is no catch!

So after thinking it over, and talking to a few people first, I tried it.
I figured, what have I got to lose except for 5 stamps and $5, right?
Well, guess what...within 7 days, I started getting money in the mail.
I was shocked! I still figured it would end soon, and didn't give it
another thought. But then money kept coming in, tripling in size and
multiplying by 10-20 times the amount that I got the first week! In
my first week I made about 20 to 30 dollars. But by the end of the
third week, I had made a total of over $1,000!!!! In the forth week,
I had over $10,000 dollars, and it's still growing. This is my fifth
week (April. 11th) and I've made about $42,000 TOTAL. And the money
is still coming in!!!!!!

Let me tell you how to get started, and most importantly, How it works...
Also, make sure you print a copy of this article now, so you can get the
information off of it when you need it. The process is very simple and
consists of 3 easy steps:

STEP 1:Get 5 separate pieces of paper and write the following on each
sure to include YOUR NAME, AND YOUR ADDRESS to the
paper. Now get five $1.00 bills and place ONE inside EACH of
the 5 pieces of paper so the bill will not be seen through the
envelope to prevent theft/robbery. Then, place one paper in
each of the 5 envelopes and seal them. You should now have
5 sealed envelopes, each with a piece of paper stating the
above phrase with your address and a $1.00 bill.

Mail the 5 envelopes by standard mail to the following

* 1. Tony Smith
W7592 Highview Ct.
Shiocton, WI 54170

* 2. Jorden Brantley
12010 w 52nd Place #2
Arvada, CO 80002

* 3. A.S.
711 Park Avenue
Elizabeth, NJ 07208

* 4. John Welch
1904 Gainsboro Rd.
Rockville MD 20851

* 5. Chauncey Wilson
1241 Main Street Apt. 621
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Make sure that the addresses are correct on the envelopes
that you mail. You wouldn't want someone incorrectly
addressing letters they are going to mail to you.

STEP 2:Now take the 1st name off the above list, move the other
names up(so #5 becomes #4, #4 becomes #3, #3 becomes #2,
and so on..) and add YOUR name and address as #5 on the
list.(If you want to remain anonymous, put a nickname, but the
address MUST be correct. It, of course, MUST contain your
country, state/district/area, zip code, etc., because there are
some idiots who don't put their COUNTRY!!! Again, you
wouldn't want your money to fly away, would you????).

STEP 3:Now post your amended article to at least 200 newsgroups.
Remember, 200 postings is just a guideline. The more you
post, the more money you make! Don't know how to post?
Don't worry, I'm explaining that in an extra section at the
end of the letter.

Now, How It All Works:

Out of 200 postings, let's say I receive only 5 replies (a very low
example). So then I make $5.00, with my name at #5 on the list.

Now, each of the 5 persons who just sent me $1.00, makes the
MINIMUM 200 postings, each with my name at #4 and only 5
persons respond to each of the original 5. So that's another $25.00
for me.

Now, each one of those 25 makes the MINIMUM 200 postings with
my name at #3, and each one gets only 5 replies. Now I make an
additional $125.00!

Now these 125 persons, turn around and post the MINIMUM 200
postings, each with my name at #2 and only receive 5 replies each.
Now I have an additional $625.00!!

OK, now here's the fun part, each of these 625 persons will post the
MINIMUM 200 postings with my name at #1 and they receive only 5
replies each. So, that just made me an additional $3,125.00!!!

So, with an initial investment of only $5.00! THAT'S AMAZING! And
as I said 5 responses each is actually VERY LOW! The average
response is probable to 20 or 30! So let's put those figures at just 15
responses per person. here is what you will make:

at #5 $5.00

at #4 $225.00 (15 times $5.00)

at #3 $3,375.00 (15 times $225.00)

at #2 $50,625.00 (15 times $3,375.00)

at #1 $759,375.00 (15 times $50,625.00) +
Grand Total $813,605.00

Remember it is LEGAL!!!
(Comments from Bob Novak who started this new version.)

"People have asked me if this is really legal. Well, it is! You are
using the Internet to advertise you business. What is that business?
You are assembling a mailing list of people who are interested in
home based computer and on-line business and methods of
generating income at home. Remember, people send you a
small fee to be added to your mailing list. It is legal. what will
you do with your list of thousands of names? That's up to you."

So, build your mailing list, keep good accounts, declare the income
and pay your taxes. By doing this you prove your business intentions.
Keep an eye on the newsgroups and when the cash has stopped
coming (that means your name is no longer on the list), you just take
the latest posting at the newsgroups, send another $5.00 to the names
stated on the list, make your corrections (put your name at #5) and
start posting again Some people have asked me "What happens if the
scheme is played out and none sends money anymore?". BIG DEAL,
so you lose $5.00, BUT... do you know the chances of that happening?
Since this is a brand new program as of January 1st, 1997, you are
on the ground floor! There are millions of Internet users, and millions
of new net surfers every month! The Internet is growing in a
tremendous rate - it doubles in size every 4 months!!! Think about it.
All that growth means profits for everyone who participates. There are
no losers! Let's review why you should do this. The only cost is $5.00,
5 stamps and 5 envelopes. Anyone can afford this with such
SPECTACULAR returns. There really is no risk - eat cheaper lunches
for a week and you've covered the $5.00. The biggest risk is not to try.

Remember, play fairly and honestly and this will work.

Make sure you print this article now, also. (If you don't have a printer,
copy it to your Hard Drive.) Keep an eye on the newsgroups to make
sure that everyone is playing fairly. You know where your name
should be.

Remember, honesty is the best policy. You don't need to cheat the
basic idea to make the money. By the way, if you don't send the
$5.00 to the stated names, you won't receive as much. Someone
I talked to, knew someone who did that and he only made about
$150.00, and that's after 7-8 weeks! Then he sent the 5 $1.00 bills,
people added him to their mailing lists, and he had the expected
amount of money. This is the fairest and the most honest way I've
ever seen to share the wealth of the world with costing nothing but
our time!!! This is the easiest way you can make money, and I
mean good money! Think how excited will you be to open your
mailbox every day! So, start making your plans to receive your
share, because it can (and it will) happen to you.

End of the Letter I received.

So After Reading This letter I Decided To Try It!
Just Think About It Like I Did And Say "What The Heck, Why Not!"

Thanks once again for your time,

Chauncey Wilson.


*1. In some countries, the export of the country's exchange is illegal.
But you can get the license to do this from the post office,
explaining the above statements(that you have an on-line
business, etc...). You may have to pay an extra tax, but that's
OK, the amount of the incoming money is HUGE! And as I said,
a few countries have that restriction.
*2. You may want to buy mailing and e-mail lists for future dollars.
(Or Database or Spreadsheet software.)
*3. If you're really not sure or still think this can't be for real, please
print a copy of this article and pass it along to someone who
really needs the money, and see what happens.
*4. You will start getting responses within 1-2 weeks, it depends
on how fast you get started.


The fastest way to post a newsletter:

Highlight and COPY(Ctrl-C) the text of this posted message and
PASTE(Ctrl-V) it into a plain text editor(as Wordpad) and save it.
After you have made the necessary changes that are stated above,
simply COPY(Ctrl-C) and PASTE(Ctrl-V) the text into the message
composition window, after selecting a newsgroup, and post it! (Or
you can attach the file, without writing nothing to the message


If you have Netscape Navigator 3.0 do the following:

1. Click on any newsgroup like normal, then click on 'TO NEWS'.
This will bring up a box to type a message in.
2. Leave the newsgroup box like it is, change the subject box to
something flashy, something to catch the eye, as
($$$ NEED CASH $$$?!!) (READ HERE!$!$!$) or ($$$!!!MAKE
FAST CASH, YOU CAN'T LOSE!!!$$$). Or you can use my
subject title.
3. Now click on 'ATTACHMENTS'. Then click on 'ATTACH FILE'.
Find your file on your Hard Disk(the one you saved from the text
editor). Once you find it, click on it and then click 'OPEN' and 'OK'.
You should now see your file name in the attachments box.
4. Now click on 'SEND'/'POST'. You see? Now you just have 199 to
go!!!(Don't worry, it's easy and quick once you get used to it.)

NOTE: All the versions of Netscape Navigator's are similar to
each other, so you'll have no problem to do this if you don't have
Netscape Navigator 3.0.

(For Netscape Navigator 3.x and above)

You can post this message to many newsgroups at a time, by
simply selecting a newsgroup near the top of the screen, hold
down the SHIFT, and then select a newsgroup near the bottom of
the screen. All of the newsgroups in/between will be selected. After
that, you follow/do the basic steps, stated below at this letter,
except of step #1. You can go to the page stated below in this
letter and click on a newsgroup to open up the newsgroups window.
Once you've done this, in the same window go to 'OPTIONS', and
MESSAGES'. Now you can see all the newsgroups and you can
apply easier the above tip.

Microsoft Internet Explorer do the following:

1. Go to the newsgroups and press 'POST AN ARTICLE'. To the
new window type your headline in the subject area and then
click in the large window below. There either PASTE your letter
(which it's been copied from the text editor), or attach the file
which contains it.
2. Then click on 'SEND' or 'OK'.

NOTE: All versions of MS Internet Explorer are similar to each
other, so you won't have any problem doing this.

A nice page where you'll find all the newsgroups if you want help
is http://www.liszt.com/ (When you go to the home page, click
on the link 'Newsgroup Directory'). But I don't think you'll have
any problem posting because it's very easy once you've found
the newsgroups. All these web browsers are similar. It doesn't
matter which one you have.(But it makes it very easy if you have
Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later. You may download it from the
Internet if you don't have it.) You just have to remember the basic
steps, stated below.

1. Find a newsgroup and you click on it.
2. You click on 'POST AN/NEW ARTICLE' or 'TO NEWS' or
anything else similar to these.
3. You type your flashy headline in the subject box.
4. Now, either you attach the file containing your amended letter,
or you PASTE the letter.(You have to COPY it from the text
editor, of course, from before.)
5. Finally, you click on 'SEND' or 'POST' or 'OK', whatever is


Chauncey Wilson


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