You tried to hit my child. she struck you out

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Dec 6, 2010, 1:27:28 PM12/6/10
You can't hit my child. Her knuckleball goes against the 2nd Law Of

She is 6. Her knuckleball is hard to hit. She gets it over the plate
and in the strike zone from 25 feet soon to be 66' 6".

No She is 7. I am raisin her to be the first NON-LERSBIAN female
major league baseball player. She throws it side arm like a snake.

Steve Howe of the LA Dodgers was/is became/got picked off at 1st/
rounded 3rd base was thrown out from the outfield by an 8 yo

That made him feel like he was not a good 9 yo running pitcher who
bunted and made it on base. They didn't pinch hit for him. He didn't
want that, to be relieved of the adrenaline rush of pressurized
situations. He was the saver.
But He personally lost that game to the Kansas City Royals and took it

I had bet $7.77 on the Dodgers. I am still a Steve Howe fan.

The other Dodgers were devastated. Orel Hershiser could have had his
30th win of the season.

Steve Howe watched a sickening large number of girl-on-girl action XXX-
while high high on powder cocaine. That was his reputation. I did
that too. But He became a boy lesbian from all that; And this gave
him paranormal skills.
I tend to manage paranormally skilled people because I understand
Steve Howe. I am called a "card player" by "Ativan and Klonopin
seeking" supposedly committed mental hospital patients (Spies will
wonder how confused is possible?)

When I arrive on a Wed they in 3's start arriving on thurs.

Steve Howe kept getting thrown out and readmitted to major league
baseball because he was the most paranormal left handed relief pitcher
since Al Hraboski and his IQ = THAT OF Mark "the Bird" Fidritch
(Tigers 1976).

More about my daughter:
I am teaching my daughter how to secretively (away from the umpire)
doctor the ball with vaseline and sinister fingernail cuts like
Gaylord Perry and have no remorse for the fool umpire or for striking
out power hitters
like the Atlanta
Brave knuckleball pitcher Phil Niekro didnt.

My daughter's knuckleball isn't currently "hopping" (she must have a
boyfriend and that pisses me off and she lies) so I am forced to Toot
her Ritalin and concentrate on intimidating all 3rd grade boyfriends
that come around.
The Philadelphia Phillies have not offered her a contract yet but are
intimidating her and me and trying to invade us from Huntsville, ALa,
A didvide and conquer us and saying "hey,
she cannot throw a brush back pitch her fastball is exactly 7.77
mph." What about aggressive (negro or spic) batters that need
concussions? And hurt Rascist homo-phobes eye's like what happened to
tony conigliaro of the boston red-sox?

She is on You-Tube demonstrating how it works when she is high on

Q. Can she hit a guy in the batter's helmet really hard if she wants
to? A. She's going to be 5'4" 110 lb with green eyes and dyed white
hair when she grows up.

If there was more of her Ritalin for the 2 of us and i didn't let her
drink, we wouldn't both be alcoholics.

I am ready to sign her over to an agent if i get enough money. But
not a Pennsylvania agent.

Ever seen the movie "firestarter". ? drew (the hard-partying 9 y.o.)
barrymore was in that and did a religious experience job of convincing
me she could start fires
with her 9 y.o. drunken brainwaves.

It's because she is starting fires with her mind again.

Alf Alienated

Dec 6, 2010, 2:26:09 PM12/6/10
On Dec 6, 1:27 pm, birdhaldol <> wrote:
> You can't hit my child.  Her knuckleball goes against the 2nd Law Of
> AEROdynamics.
> She is 6.  Her knuckleball is hard to hit.  She gets it over the plate
> and in the strike Yzone from 25 feet soon to be 66' 6".

OF COURSE she had to Start a fire in her own camp Just so the umpires
feel for her. The ruskies also downed their ballet birds to avoid
suspicion, as the Ball's plotted course thickens. Screw a low one mid-
air. And Yes, Its a relatively chap shot. Get her honored for gaming
skills, she will be a part in the PROGRAMME... Thats Just sKILLZ

Alf Alienated

Dec 6, 2010, 3:26:16 PM12/6/10

My Dick Was thinking about It as It thickenED.

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