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Narcissus and Chamomile

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Dec 25, 2012, 10:36:02 PM12/25/12
Narcissus and chamomile look a lot alike; but their character is very different. Narcissus is firmly self-centered; chamomile is compassionate and soft. Together they make one task complete: Finding and sharing the water.

Narcissus finds his way to the water - which, metaphorically, means the substance of life. Chamomile then follows and extends the finding to others behind her. The character of both is essential for the role. Narcissus, as the discoverer, needs to be self-determined and think for himself. Chamomile, as the sharer, needs to be compassionate and extend to others this discovery.

Narcissus and chamomile make a constructive pair. One explores the new frontier, the other extends the blessings. In that regard they are soulmates as well as partners. And the rest of the world blossoms through the actions of both.
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