Environmental crisis and population crisis and evolution

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May 1, 2015, 3:14:56 PM5/1/15
Charles Darwin was indeed a genius. His ideas changed the destiny of man. With democracy we have freedom of will and thought not subjugated by external objects. However, the population of democracies is increasing to unsustainable levels. Water, sanitation, food, health services and housing all have limits. Too many people and the heavenly system which we have come to have known will show hellish problems. Worldwide population levels are also increasing at a fast pace. Political parties that cope with cutting back the population with one child policies would have to win power to save humanity from a crisis point regarding population. Worldwide food and water will prove in short supply and disease will rise.
Environmental problems such a chopping down too many trees will lead to an increase in CO2 and this means changing weather patterns which we have become used to. In the long term see levels will rise and warming will take place. In the short term weather patterns will become erratic as the usual patterns change.
A lack of space for the increasing population of the world means we are all diminished. Nature which Charles Darwin delighted in will be replaced by concrete and more pollution. Mankind hungry for resources of all kinds will exhaust them. We can change things with the correct will but a burnt out planet with humans perishing just like bacteria in a petri dish exhausting all nutrients for growth.
We need more self control in the world and more learning. You don't need religion for self control as again shown by the brilliant scientist Charles Darwin.
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