Out of Body Experiences

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Jun 15, 2015, 3:56:50 PM6/15/15
Sharon Stone claims she has had one. So did the late Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Sellers. Plato wrote about them in Ancient
Greece. In fact all sorts of people claim to have had out-of-body experiences from time immemorial.
The largest and most comprehensive research ever conducted into OBEs is the AWARE study led by Dr Sam Parnia, an intensive care
specialist working at Southampton university in the UK and Cornell University in
Ithaca, New York.
During a caridac arrest, the brain "flatlines" showing no measurable activity. Yet up to 20 per cent of those brought back to life from a
cardiac arrest claim their minds were active even when dead on the hospital table.
In 2008, the AWARE investigators set out to test these claims by placing objects on shelves installed high up in the walls in hospital bays of 25
hospitals in Britain and the US. The objects would normally only be visible to someone looking down from the ceiling.
Patients resuscitated after cardiac arrest who report having an OBE are questioned to see if they recall seeing the
objects. If they can't, the OBEs must be considered to be illusions
"But if there are hudreds of positive reports we will have to redefine our understanding
of the mind and brain during clinical death," says DR Parnia. He is due to
report his findings soon.
Meanwhile, innumerable individuals continue to report their out-of-body experiences.
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