New Transmission from Kwajwhal Khule to All People of Goodwill

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Jul 13, 2015, 7:21:54 PM7/13/15
[EDITOR'S NOTE: This message was transmitted from the Ascended Master Kwajwhal Khul, a Fourth Ray Constabulary Inheritor cousin of the Master commonly known simply as The Tibetan. Kwajwhal Khule Ascended in December of 2007 and has since transmitted three messages through composer Michael Alcandor, concerning the continued advancement and evolution of mankind through culture. This latest message was transmitted on July 8, 7862 YODKVIII, and prepared for publication at this time in accordance with the wishes of its author.]

Greetings again Michael, and to people of Goodwill the world over,

I bring to you tonight an urgent communique regarding the restoration of Gaia to her natural, balanced support levels.

Recently, the world was awakened again by a powerful 6th Ray operative about the plight, the sickness, and the anger of Mother Gaia. Hans Schellnhuber, Scientific Advisor to the Vatican, shook humanity from its willful slumber when he spoke openly of the need to restore Gaia to balance, and of the New Era fields of scientific enquiry, such as Geophysiology.

We know that the true nature of Cosmic Evil finds its major expression in wrong thinking, and false values. This falsity leads inevitably to imbalanced outcomes, and this is what the Lords of Compassion have perceived within the Gaian organism for many decades.

The present situation has developed in such a manner that the required choices can now be made. The choice is presented by the Masters of Widsom, to the evolved and thinking people of every nation, if they could but understand the danger.

Let this never be forgotten: Global change for the evolution of mankind carries with it certain dangers. Specific physical restrictions must sometimes be imposed on the individual, for the greater good of the whole. There is no escape from Universal Law: While evolution advances in accord with Law, those who cling to crystallized ideas and ideologies equally incur the retributive aspects of that same Law. These restrictions must sometimes be imposed by Light Workers on the 3rd, 4th, and even 6th Ray, and certain people on lower evolutionary levels may interpret the actions of these leaders as cruel, or even evil.

Remember that Light Workers in world leadership are vehicles for the Shambhalla force on Earth. While we sometimes refer to them as dictators, tyrants, or mass murderers, it was their actions, on the plane of Will, that brought about the necessary destruction of the old order, and paved the way for the New Age, enabling the next step of the Divine Plan for human evolution. Stalin, who liberated millions from their inferior physical vehicles to take the next step in Divine Evolution; Mussolini, who brought needed economic changes; Hitler, who raised an oppressed nation upon his shoulders; Pol Pot, Mao, and others, who freed millions from their puny crystallized existence, allowing them to shed the hopeless physical vehicles of their present earthly half-lives, and assume new vehicles on a higher plane in subsequent incarnations: All these men, operating on the plane of Will, eliminated roadblocks to the advancement of the greater whole, if you could but understand it in the depths of your ignorance.

The current menace to world freedom will not be solved by complaints, demands, or financial manipulations. That would be but the senseless prolongation of ancient wrong and material possessiveness.

The great philosopher, peace activist, and population control advocate Bertrand Russell once said ""Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's." And it is in exactly this spirit of high-mindedness that the Ascended Masters have decreed the wholesale and systematic extermination of all Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Lucis Trust members and employees, Communists, Socialists, Satanists, Freemasons, Pagans, Wiccans, Grateful Dead fans, people who live at Findhorn, Subgeniuses, Chameleon Club members, adult Harry Potter fans, anyone who has ever given a TED talk, population control advocates, homosexuals, climate change activists, David Spangler, Rick Rubin, Peter Singer, and - last, but not least, Jews and others who cling to crystallized forms of division and separateness - to help restore Gaia to a balanced and sustainable resource lifecycle, and bring a new and more evolved humanity into the New Age heralded by the Universal Light Worker at this time of great urgency.

This is a call to arms: Will you continue to support the forces of separatism and division? Will you go on energizing the crystallized forms of a past era? Will you continue to allow the plunder and pillage of our great Matron Gaia, or will you stand with me, the Ascended Masters and the Maitreya, and join people of Goodwill the world over, to defend our Cosmic Earth and return our resource usage to sustainable levels, by taking the needed evolutionary action?

The choice is yours, and the time is now for the necessary evolution of the greater whole of mankind to advance beyond the lifeless and crystallized thought-forms of the 1960s, and advance, finally and begrudgingly, into the New Age of liberation from these frozen and barren ideas and ideals of the past.

- Kwajwhal Khul, Fourth Ray Constabulary, New Inquisition Implementation Project Lead

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