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Douglas Lorenz

Feb 12, 2001, 5:34:00 PM2/12/01
You should look for "Point Blank : Guns and Violence in America (Social
Institutions and Social Change)" by Gary Kleck. It is unlikely that you
will find this work, but it's worth a try. Failing that, here is a link
that has some information on the subject. It appears to be a fairly
complete summary of Kleck's book. This should be a good starting point for


Also look for John Lott's study "More Guns Equal Less Violent Crime".

Douglas Lorenz
California Chairman
Republican Liberty Caucus

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Hello, my name is Mark Lind and I am currently working on a college
thesis on "Why Gun Control Does Not Work". I have done several searches
trying to locate information on this subject. I am required to have three
sources from scholarly journals and I am not sure if they exsist for my
subject matter. I also need three other credible publication sources of
information. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you,

Mark Lind

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