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The Truth About Dr. Suchindran "Chat" Chatterjee

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May 29, 2002, 10:51:43 AM5/29/02
The Truth About Dr. Suchindran "Chat" Chatterjee

Suchindran Chatterjee is currently living and
working in the Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona area as of May 2002

Dr. Suchindran "Chat" Chatterjee has an very impressive resume. His
resume claims he is a Cisco Certified CCIE router technician, but when life
required him to actually fix any T1 or
DS3 problems he failed every time. In one incident a T1 went down for
several hours. Chat was unable to fix the T1. When I arrived the net light
on the DSU/CSU was red. This is a
major clue to any minimally experienced router tech. Green means GO! Red
means STOP! I turned the power off on the DSU/CSU for about 15 seconds and
then turned it back on.
The T1 immediately restored to service. A beginner assistant would have
known to do that, but not Suchindran Chatterjee.
On a second incident Chat and his assistant swapped two DSU/CSU's for
two working T1 circuits. Both T1 circuits were working prior to the swap.
After the swap both T1s were
down. One T1 was servicing about 300 modem dial-up customers at an ISP, and
the other was providing a 512k point-to-point T1 to a business customer..
Twelve hours later the
circuit was finally restored when Shawn Manning (a switch tech with no
router experience) came down and discovered that the DSU/CSU for the frame
relay full T1 was still configured
for a 512k point-to-point T1 with internal network timing. The other
DSU/CSU was still configured for a full T1 with network timing, and it was
plugged in to the 512k point-to-point
T1. Suchindran Chatterjee did not bother to reconfigure the DSU/CSU's
before swapping them, and twelve hours later he still had not figured it
out! The assistant resigned about two
weeks later, and Suchindran Chatterjee (the CTO) was asked to resign at the
end of the month by the company President.
Suchindran Chatterjee told several employees including me (I was the
Senior ISP System Administrator, and I had been running the ISP division
for three years without him) ;"...he had
forgotten more computer know how than we had ever learned in our whole
lives". A few moments later I was teaching him key stroke for key stroke
how to use the "Vi" text editor
in Linux/Unix, and I was teaching him how to add a single DNS entry (an A
record for www) to a customer's domain record under Bind. Vi is the
Unix/Linux equivalent of Windows
notepad! Everything in Unix/Linux is configured with the text editor. He
claims to be a computer guru of major proportions, and he does not even
know how to use the text editor in an
operating system his resume claims he is proficient in! Bullshit!
I strongly recommend against hiring him for any technical Internet
related job or management job. His judgment is horrible, and he cannot
control his ego or his mouth. He ran Dancris
Telecom in to near bankruptcy.
At Chat's previous business, 21st Century Software in Omaha, Nebraska, he
was sued by both Microsoft and one of his customers for fraud and software
piracy. Microsoft even kicked
him out of their Windows reseller program! You have to be pretty clueless
for Microsoft to ban you from selling Windows to your customers! You can
read all about it on Microsoft's
web page at;

On another bragging session, Suchindran Chatterjee claimed to have been a
fighter pilot in the Vietnam War in front of several Dancris Telecom
employees, but when I asked him about
it in front of his father he said; "Uhh...Father..When was it that we were
testing those aircraft for the military." Although I never pursued it
further, I suspect he really was just helping his
father out at his father's job. Apparently he told a similar load of crap
to another employer.


Mr. Chatterjee is suppose to be the chief technology officer of, but if you check their web page they don't seem to have one.


================================== Not Available

The domain which you are trying to access is currently
unavailable. This may occur for several reasons -- the name may have
or it may have moved to a new location. Please try to access the site
later, or contact the site's administrator.


It appears that Mr. Chatterjee's wonderful business skills lead yet another
business down the tubes, as Competix's office furniture is up for sale at;

In a posting to the newgroups Suchindran Chatterjee has someone believing
he has an MBA from Harvard, and a
Ph.D.from Vanderbilt. Below is the posting listed on DejaNews;

From DejaNews

From: Mahesh S Koppula (
Subject: Employment Support Network
Date: 1993-12-22 23:10:15 PST

Employment Support Network
(Columbus, OH)

We would appreciate any publicity you can give to our activities in
under "Support Groups", "Forthcoming Meetings" etc.

The Employment Support Network is a support group for job seekers
that meets at 7 P.M. on thursdays at the address given below:
Peace Lutheran Church
455 Clark State Road
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

All are welcome to attend. (The Church has only graciously given the
room for our use for our meetings and is not associated in any other

The Speakers in the next few weeks are:

Jan. 6, 1994 Mr. Michael Braunstein (MBA Harvard '70),
Chairman, Braunstein Group.
Jan. 13, 1994 Mr. Michael Cunningham, Managing Director,
Inroads Columbus, Inc.
Jan TBA, 1994 Dr. Suchindran Chatterjee, (MBA (Harvard),
Ph.D.(Vanderbilt)), Director, Nationwide Insurance

For more information Contact:

Mark Johnson Mahesh S. Koppula
M.B.A., C.P.A. M.B.A.
62 Verdin Ct. 616 Sycamore Mill Dr.
Gahanna, OH 43230 Gahanna, OH 43230
Phone: (614) 475-8386 Phone: (614) 475-6305
E-mail: KOPP...@OSU.EDU

So.....Lets review;

1) Suchindran Chatterjee claims to have the highest most prominent Cisco
router certification you can get (Cisco CCIE), but he does not know how to
diagnose and fix a down T1 or
program a DSU/CSU.

2) Suchindran Chatterjee claims to be proficient with Unix, but he does not
know how to use the basic text editor "vi". Almost everything in Unix is
configured with the text editor.

3) Suchindran Chatterjee claims to have been a fighter pilot in Vietnam for
the U.S. Air Force, but if you ask him about it in front of his father he
changes his story.

4) Suchindran Chatterjee tried building and selling home and business
computers for 21st Century Software in Omaha, Nebraska, but Microsoft found
him so incompetent they kicked
him out of their reseller program. When Suchindran Chatterjee continued to
sell computers with unlicensed copies of Windows 95, Windows NT and
Microsoft Office loaded on them,
Microsoft filed charged against him in U.S. District Court in the District
of Nebraska and shut him down. Also one of own his customers, Lynn Peterson
at Premier Health Associates
simultaneously filed charges against him for fraud.


I knew there was something wrong, said Lynn Peterson, president
of Premier Health Associates. I tried over and over to get the
disks and the software licensing that I needed to be legal. Mr.
Chatterjee simply never provided them. It’s just unacceptable.
Premier subsequently fixed a lawsuit against 21st C entury and
Chatterjee alleging breach of agreement and fraud. That lawsuit is
pending in Iowa District Court for Polk County.

5) Dancris Telecom was a profitable long distance telecom and Internet
service provider prior to Suchindran Chatterjee's employment as CTO (Chief
Technology Officer) in the first
quarter of 2001, but a year an a half later they were on the virge of
bankruptcy. Suchindran Chatterjee was asked to resign in May of 2002

6) Suchinindran Chatterjee was listed as the "Chief Technology Officer" for but they went out of business.

7) According to a post in the news groups dated 1993-12-22 23:10:15 PST ,
Suchindran Chatterjee has someone believing he has an MBA from Harvard, and
Ph.D.from Vanderbilt.

8) On another web page Chat has someone believing that he held "senior
management and technical posts in the technology, insurance and aerospace
industries" such as Chief Engineer
with the Boeing Company, CIO at the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company in
Omaha, NE and was also the CIO for Nationwide Insurance Company.

My my Chat! Where do you find the time to have so many degrees, and
certifications? Generally when someone finds something they are successful
at they stick with it and make lots of
money, but you just keep bouncing from job to job to job to job. Maybe you
shoudl consider going back to India and weaving baskets or building mud
huts, because you suck at
management and Internet technology.

* The information presented on this website is real, and is offered by a
former co-worker who watched Suchindran Chatterjee bankrupt a good
company that was profitable prior to his arrival.

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