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Oct 22, 2002, 1:01:05 AM10/22/02
The following story is fictional and any resemblances to actual people
and/or events are purely accidental. This story does contain material that I
classify to be of "adult nature" and may be viewed as "sexually suggestive"
material and was written for an "adult audience". Therefore I must require
that you be of "legal age" to continue reading. If you are not yet of "legal
age", if you are offended by "adult content", and/or if you are in an area
that forbids you to posses or have access to "adult material" read no
further than this point. Different areas have different laws covering “legal
age” and “adult material” and you are responsible for knowing what the laws
are in your respective areas. By reading the story you do affirm that you
are of “legal age” as defined by your local laws and your local laws do not
forbid those of “legal age” to view and have access “adult material” and
agree the author should be and is free from any and all liability.

The author copyrights the following story and claims that it shall not,
under any circumstances, be sold, traded, marketed, or bartered in any way,
shape, or form, without the author's prior expressed approval (and this
includes pay-internet sites, too). The author does allow you to re-publish
this story, free of royalty or compensation, provided that no payment or
profit of any kind is generated or collected, the story and disclaimer
remain intact and not edited in any way, and the author receives credit for
the story. You may re-publish this story via email, message boards (free
sites only), newsgroups (Usenet) and personal web pages (free sites only).

Enough of the legal mumbo jumbo, enjoy the story!!!!
Jennifer's Medical Exam
Jennifer was at her apartment, filling out collage forms, which begins 2
weeks later. Jennifer is a very pretty 19 yr old girl with long flawless
brown hair, as well as a very warm and caring personality. Jennifer saw that
one of the forms required her to have a complete medical exam within the
past 12 months. Jennifer's last medical exam was about 18 months ago, so she
would need to have another physical for collage. She called her local doctor
and was told that with a recent and serious flu epidemic, he was quite busy
and could not see her for 3 weeks, unless she herself, had taken ill. She
called doctor after doctor and was told the same thing. Out of desperation,
she called her old child-hood doctor, Dr Karen Morris. The receptionist she
spoke to said that Dr Morris generally worked with adolescents, but she
remembered Jennifer quite well and would love to see her again, and made an
appointment for that afternoon and advised Jennifer to bring her collage
forms, medical records, and insurance with her. Jennifer spent the rest of
the morning filling out the forms and got a quick shower and ate a sandwich
on the way to the doctor's office. Luckily, the traffic was not as bad as
Jennifer had anticipated and arrived at the office a few minutes early.
She parked her car and went inside and filled out the patient forms at the
receptionist window and sat down, thumbing thru one of the office magazines
and about 5 minutes later, a nurse called her name and escorted her to a
back room and took her height, weight, and blood pressure. "Ok, baby", the
nurse said, "I am going to take your temperature now". The nurse pulled out
a rather large thermometer and Jennifer said "How is that thing going to fit
under my tongue"?. The nurse said "Sorry sweetie, but that's not how we do
it here, and you know that". Jennifer did know that, and she had it done
that way before, but she is older now and insisted that the nurse do it
another way, but the nurse was not about to budge. "Ok", the nurse said in a
commanding tone, "Be a good girl and step out of your jeans for me and you
can hold on to the rail, if you need to". Jennifer pulled down her denim
blue jeans and kicked them off and took a deep breath and held on to the
rail. She could feel the nurse as she pulled her panties down around her
ankles and saw her lubricate the thermometer and then she spread Jennifer's
butt-cheeks apart and Jennifer winced and whimpered slightly as the nurse
slid in the thermometer. She held it in place for a few minutes, which to
Jennifer seemed like a few hours then removed it and checked the temperature
and said "So far so good. You can get dressed now and follow me". Jennifer
pulled her panties back up and put on her jeans and followed the nurse to an
examining room. "The doctor will be here in a few minutes", the nurse said,
"so go ahead and un-dress down to your bra and panties".
Jennifer took off her denim blue jeans, shirt and shoes, neatly laying them
on an empty chair, leaving only her bra and panties on. Jennifer studies
some of the doctor's degrees and credentials that adorned the wall. She was
studying a plastic model of a skeleton that was in a corner when the doctor
walked in. "Scary, isn't it", the doctor asked. "Yeah", Jennifer giggled,
perfect for Halloween. Dr. Karen Morris or "Dr. K", as she was
affectionately known at the clinic was Jennifer's doctor when she was a
little girl up thru her adolescence. Time and mother nature was very kind to
Dr. K, as she was about 45 years old, but could very easily pass for late
20s- to early 30s. They made small talk about her life and plans during and
after collage. "Well", Dr. K said, "I see that you are here for your collage
physical exam. There are some new tests that we have to administer, so this
may take longer than you have anticipated". Jennifer asked, "Why will this
need to take longer"? Dr. K looked up from the medical chart she was reading
and said "It's nothing for you to be worried about. It's just these collage
physical exams get more and more detailed every year it seems. These tests
are designed to make sure you can handle the stress and rigors of collage".
Jennifer seemed to accept that answer. "OK, now", the doctor said, "no sense
in taking any longer than needed, so why not get started". Jennifer replied,
"Sounds good, Dr. K".
The doctor had Jennifer climb up on the exam table where she took her pulse
and peered into her eyes and ears with a little light and tested her
reflexes with a small rubber mallet and noted the reactions. The doctor
instructed Jennifer to remove her bra and lie down on the examining table.
Jennifer hesitated and Dr, K said "There's no need to be embarrassed. I have
seen you many times before and have seen my share of young women, so go
ahead and remove your bra and lie down for me". Jennifer un-fastened her bra
and lied down as Dr K listened to her heart and breathing and gave her a
very thorough breast exam. Then Dr K. felt and pressed around Jennifer's
tummy, ribs and abdomen area and Jennifer burst out with laughter and almost
jumped right off the table HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then the doctor had
Jennifer raise up and Jennifer could feel the doctor slide her hands inside
Jennifer's silk panties and pulled them down to her ankles and pressed and
felt around Jennifer's thighs and pussy areas. Jennifer had to bite her lips
to keep from laughing as she did not want anybody to know that she was
extremely ticklish "down there". "OK Jennifer", the doctor said, "We are all
finished here. Go ahead and put your clothes back on and follow me".
Jennifer got dressed and followed the doctor down a maze of hallways and
corridors and arrived at a larger examining room, complete with a cushioned
exam table with leather straps and cuffs. The doctor escorted Jennifer
inside who looked at the table with a confused look. The doctor instructed
Jennifer to completely and totally undress and to lie down on the table.
Jennifer was confused, but did so. The doctor told Jennifer to stretch her
arms behind her, as far as she could. The doctor strapped down her arms and
locked her wrists tightly in a leather cuff, but not so tight that it cut
off the circulation. The doctor then strapped down Jennifer's legs and
tightly locked her ankles in a leather cuff. Jennifer had a look of fear and
said "What kind of test is this"? The doctor strapped Jennifer down some
more, making her completely immobilized and the only movement she could make
was to wiggle her fingers and toes and said, "Jennifer this is a tickle
test. Collage can be a very stressful period and any stress you have now,
will have to be tickled out of you". Jennifer was panicked, for she was
insanely and unbearably ticklish. She fought against the restraints for all
she was worth, but could not move a muscle, except for her fingers and toes.
The doctor spoke into an intercom and said "Ashley, I think we are ready for
A few seconds later a response came over the intercom "I am on my way, Dr.
K". A few minutes passed and a knock on the door was heard and Dr. K opened
the door and a nurse stepped in. She looked to be about 25 yrs old, with
long black hair. Ashley asked the doctor "Is this her 1st test" And the
doctor replied "Yes it is". Ashley came over to where Jennifer was strapped
down and said "Hi, Jennifer, my name is Ashley". Jennifer mumbled a nervous,
"Hi". Ashley said, "Here is how this works. The test itself lasts about 2
hours and we will not start to tickle you too hard right away, but every now
and then you will hear a "beep". When you hear that beep, we will tickled
you a bit harder and eventually we will be tickling you very hard. But if
you are good, you will get a surprise". Jennifer said "I don't think I can
take any more surprises today". Ashley giggled as she gently brushed a
strand of hair out of Jennifer's face and said said "You will like this
surprise". Dr K said "Let's get started". Ashley place a pair of night
shades over Jennifer's eyes so Jennifer could not see a think. Ashley said,
"Sweetie, just take some deep breaths and relax".
A few minutes had passed and a high pitched beep was heard and Jennifer
could feel fingers lightly stroking her kneecaps and feet
That went on or a few minutes then another "beep" was heard and Jennifer
could feel fingers stroking her breasts and thighs and Jennifer was trying
to suppress the laughter, but could not any longer and she burst out
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Then Jennifer could feel the fingers
stroking her feet and underarms HAHAHAHAHAHA
. Then about 10 minutes later another "beep" was heard and Jennifer was
being tickled like she had never been tickled before and felt fingers circle
her clit and tickling her inner thighs and tummy as she exploded with
laughter and laughing so hard that it hurt and tears were pouring down her
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Ashley gently wiped Jennifer's face and
whispered, "You're doing just great. Hang in there". Jennifer could feel
fingers dig into her ribs and butt area and she was going just insane with
That went on what seemed like forever and Ashley took a damp cloth and
gently wiped the sweat off of Jennifer's body and said "You are doing
great". Jennifer could once again, feel fingers dancing around her inner
thighs as her body was quivering and twitching HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Jennifer's tormented wails of laughter in echoed
across the room as the doctor and Ashley have no signs of stopping as
another "beep" is heard and Jennifer screamed with laughter as every single
inch of her body was being tickled HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Then
Ashley said "You are doing good and I have that surprise for you. Jennifer
braced herself, not knowing what was going to happen and a whirring sound
was heard as Ashley inserted a vibrator into Jennifer's clit and gently
massaged her inner thigh areas while Dr. K continues her relentless tickle
test. Jennifer had never felt anything like this before and was going wild
with tickle torture and pleasure at the same time. She thought such
sensations like these were never possible and Jennifer had a screaming,
earth shattering orgasm as the doctor continued to tickle Jennifer silly.
Then another long "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" was heard.
Then the tickling subsided as Jennifer was shaking and quivering
uncontrollably. They gave her a few minutes to regain her composure before
removing the night shades and releasing her. Ashley helped Jennifer get
dressed and Jennifer made another doctor's appointment for the next week.
The End

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