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Bill Idgerant

Jul 15, 2022, 10:20:25 AM7/15/22
On 2022-07-14 4:45 p.m., Edward Hernandez Loves Porn wrote:
> Off-topic troll...

Rhino is not a troll. He's a polite, knowledgeable, interesting Canadian
(like me and all the rest of the nation) and the [OT] in the subject
line indicates that the post is off topic, but may perhaps be
entertaining or informative to group participants.

But it's really useful to have someone like you post to the group to
demonstrate your Usenet IQ by revealing all the headers, IP numbers and
other computery stuff and the ensure that everyone adheres to all the
rules. So thank you. (I should have maybe included a sarcasm warning in
the post. Maybe next time.)

Bill Idgerant
(Not a real person)
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