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Mohammad Hosseini

Apr 9, 2011, 4:45:01 AM4/9/11
Dear all, hi

Regarding the use of JSR177 (SATSA) as a communication between a
MidLet and a SIMCard, I have a problem in running the sample on a real
SIM card/cell phone.
I've tried the ready-to-use sample in Gemalto's website at here:

I've installed the .cap/.jar files, but when trying to run the midlet
on some phones, it shows an "application fails" error.
Is it really necessary to have a specific type of SIM cards?! I'm
installing the applet in a USIM R5. In fact do all the simcards (2.5
G) support JSR 177?
And by the way, just installing .cap /.jar would be enough without any
further setting on the real phone?!

I asked the question in some forums, but did not receive any
responses. I appreciate it if you could answer.

Best regards,


Oct 18, 2012, 8:08:28 PM10/18/12
Dearest Sir I've often asked myself the exact same question in my field of chips. I think it comes down to a simple factor of if you can get the gemalto/jcop/whoever code in an answerable form but it seems like people lose interest in open source when the projects get close to such implementations. But the availability of NFC, Bouncey Castle, would suggest if you and someone else (cough) were motivated enough there could be a new 'kid' on the block when it comes to whatever 7816 card there is a need for at that moment.

So yeah, it all comes down to how much reverse engineering and programming you're up to doing. That's my take.

Peace/Sal am
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