Nose Chunder (was Re: Grogan Epidemic at ERR)

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Andrew Shore

Apr 24, 1996, 3:00:00 AM4/24/96

On 19 Apr 1996, Paul Frederick Schnellbecher wrote:

> We were hit by a strange virus this week at The Eternal Rest Room. It
> gave some of the folkez a bad cold. Others it got into the gut tract of
> and gave us the shits.

I think I had that. Wednesay night (4/17) I didn't feel well after
dinner (Hot Pockets), and when I went to bed I started shivering like I
had malaria; the next morning I was sore all over from shaking. I had
been blowing putrid farts all evening, too. I could smell the ones
in my room halfway down the stairs.

I wasn't able to sleep and about 12:45 I felt it coming up. I grabbed the
trash can and said hello to my dinner. I had puke streamers hanging from
both nostrils; it wasn't as watery as my chunder usually is (from
drinking). I haven't puked at all in two years, I haven't been sick from
non-ETOH related illness since I was a kid.

On a particularly strong peristaltic wave I felt a wet fart come out the
other end; as I was cleaning up afterwards I realized I had shat myself,
just enough to smear my cheeks pretty good, no laundering was required.

And when I blew my nose, I found a piece of carrot in the t.p.


And it was still warm...

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