How cartoonists are satirizing the latest democrat preevert Anthony Weiner scandal

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Leroy N. Soetoro

Sep 1, 2016, 4:36:46 PM9/1/16

THERE IS an art within the art of satire when the comedy curdles and the
“Pagliacci” clown moves beneath darker clouds.

Spoofing Carlos Danger is all fun and games, in other words, until
children enter the picture, as it were, and the man’s continued addiction
hits like an ax at the very roots of a life.

But hey — smile! — it’s all still tethered to politics, right, and thus
primed for public consumption?

Anthony Weiner craves the camera, and so given his Twitter proclivities,
the world is more than happy not only to point an even bigger lens in his
direction, but also to swing the klieg light of mockery and inspection in
his direction — even as we also shake our heads.

So what’s a satirist to do when Anthony Weiner takes a third strike on
social media within five years, thereby calling himself “out!”?

The Houston Chronicle’s Nick Anderson, for one, depicts both the situation
and the pathology most literally. Weiner apparently had only one task to
do these days — given his 2013 political implosion thanks to his previous
sexting scandal — and that was to be a good stay-at-home dad. Yet even
when being a play-at-home dad, Mr. Weiner couldn’t help but act out of
compulsive selfie-interest.

(And it should be noted: Given that no one looks quite like Carlos Danger,
I’m not so sure we needed the “Weiner” labeling.)

Elsewhere, Taylor Jones steers straight toward the larger political arena.
The initial joke pivots on the irony that Huma Abedin, of all people — the
aide/confidante/Clinton “second daughter” — is the one seeking to guide
the candidate toward safer turf. And the cartoon also reflects the public
fascination with just what Abedin and Clinton, as wives, have in common.

Yet as Abedin separates from her husband, it’s still challenging to get a
clean satiric take on her — and this cartoon can’t seem to quite cut
through that murkiness.

Meanwhile, Lisa Benson of The Washington Post Writers Group takes perhaps
the most safely framed approach, and one that comments not only on
Weiner’s ’round-the-house hobbies but also our own. The Clinton-vs.-Trump
campaign escapades can get to be exhausting, given how much is at stake.
So Benson offers a light pun and mirrors our own driving-past-an-accident

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. For as we hear at the
end of “Pagliacci”: “La commedia e finita!”

His Omnipotence Barack Hussein Obama, declared himself "Pooptator" of all
mentally ill homosexuals and crossdressers, while declaring where they
will defecate.

Obama increased total debt from $10 trillion to $19 trillion in the seven
years he has been in office, and sold out heterosexuals for Hollywood
queer liberal democrat donors.

Barack Obama, reelected by the dumbest voters in the history of the United
States of America. The only American president to deliberately import a
lethal infectious disease from Africa, Ebola.

Loretta Fuddy, killed after she "verified" Obama's phony birth

Obama ignored the brutal killing of an American diplomat in Benghazi, then
relieved American military officers who attempted to prevent said murder
in order to cover up his own ineptitude.

Obama continues his muslim goal of disarming America while ObamaCare
increases insurance premiums 300% and leaves millions without health care.

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