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GUESS THE COLOR: _____ St. Louis man guns down homeless man execution style in broad daylight

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Feb 28, 2023, 10:19:21 PM2/28/23
If you, even for a brief moment, had to think about the color of this
non-human murdering demon, then you have one of three conditions which
I'd like to help you with:

1. psychopathology far beyond the contagion of clinical insanity

2. the type of imbecile, a discarded classification of intellectual
disability, that makes idiot savants (IQ below 25) look like the near
extinct geniuses who've graduated to the coveted Triple Nine Society (IQ
at or above the 99.9th percentile of the human population) -- the guys
who make Mensa members look like urinal chip changers

3. Democrat

HELPFUL RESOURCES for those who guessed incorrectly due to:

#1 Dr. Scott R. Beach, MD - Psychosomatic Medicine & Emergency
Psychiatric Services at the renowned McLean Hospital's psychiatric
facility.. the closest thing America has to an old-school insane asylum

#2 Grand Canyon University's School for the Mentally Disabled

#3 either jump off the highest cliff at the Grand Canyon or blow yer
fuckin' head off ( )
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