If you're GOP and don't vote, yer a fuckin' terrorist that needs to be executed

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Nov 3, 2022, 1:55:31 AM11/3/22
MD in the wild:

No excuse not to vote, unless you'd vote Dem/liberal anything, in which
case, you shouldn't even have the right to vote.
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Some fuckwit:

Hey dip shit nothing has ever been by election, but only by selection.
The two party's are all in the same bed and are there but for one
reason, to divide and concur.

Wake the fk up you Idiot!
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there are enough outsiders on tickets all over the place this time
around but they _still_ have to be part of the majority party to get
anything done, male fecal impactor -- and that means ya shoulda
registered and voted this time around

maybe next time you'll follow real conservative news instead of hanging
out at gay bars lookin' for some shit to pack
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 82213871

Upset fuckwit:


Hide behind a monitor and peck at a keyboard is what cowards like you do.

Say something like this to someone face to face in real life and you'd
get your eyeball popped out and smashed on your cheek.

Just keep eating shit and barking at the moon and remain the laughing
stock that you truly are.

Fucking COWARD!
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<tosses grenade>

after I run what's left uv ya through a stump grinder, why don't I git
yer sister and momma in the ass, sPuRmGaRgLeR

<jacking off furiously to throbbing temple veins>



didn't even get started and this guy's prolly already impaled himself

point being -- if you claim to be a conservative you'd better damn well
get out and vote
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