..it's called, "demon possession", not 'gender identity' at the 9yo level

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Oct 3, 2022, 2:38:03 PM10/3/22
anyone else get the notion to run these 'parents' and 'doctors' through
knuckle boom-loaded industrial wood chippers after spraying their naked
bodies with low-caliber buckshot and dipping 'em in turpentine?

kids that want to be (or feel they already are) the other gender need
psychiatric help, at worst, but more than likely just a good spanking
and explanation that:

- we deal with the cards we're dealt

- we don't mess with God's creation by playing with DNA or destroying
body parts and trying to "create" or substitute replacement parts

- boys don't act like sissy girls and girls act dainty and feminine

- boys like blue and girls like pink

- boys chase girls in an attempt to impregnate them and girls pretend to
run from boys so the boys will want them even more, and impregnate them

.and so forth..

not this shit:


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