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Aug 4, 2008, 7:53:40 PM8/4/08

Well, as promised, here is the Summer '08 Love Dummy Times. A lot has
happened since the last issue. I'll hit the highest (and lowest)
points to keep it brief.



Thanks for reading the Love Dummy Times to all new and existing
subscribers to this newsletter, a monthly update on the life and times
of Bill Payne and friends and the album (CD), "Naughty And Nice",
which has taken on a life of its own. There are a large number of new
subscribers, and I'm tickled to have everyone on board!

WEB SITE NEWS will soon undergo a transformation to new
graphics and a streamlined, more informative format. Why? Hehe - good
question, since the site has recently experienced more hits than ever
- more than twice as many as the heaviest months in the past. It
typically gets over 30,000 hits in a month now, even though I've
turned off the guest book to avoid the hackers' (failed) attempts to
commandeer the site. I now enter people's comments myself upon
receiving them via responses to my newsletter. If you have something
to say, I'd love to hear it! But, to answer my own question, it's
because I'm following instructions from those who know better than I
do in order to make the web site a more effective sales tool. There ya
have it.


As we advance in age, we find that we lose more and more folks along
the way. I spent some of Christmas day with my good friend Lillian
Banks, who passed away a few days later. Lillian was the inspiration
for my #1 selling song, "Lillian". I've adapted another song written
by friend and compatriot Anthony Elmore, of East Tennessee, which I'll
include on my new CD when it's done. It's a hoot - and titled "Miz

Some of the best guitar work the world has ever known died with the
passing of Barry "Byrd" Burton, a "guitar god" who played with
musical greats and was a highly-sought session player in Nashville for
many years. Byrd was a great friend as well. I hope you'll visit and learn more about this musical magician.

The first weekend in May brought the Shenandoah River Music Fest,
hosted by Pops Walker near Luray Virginia. I was honored to run sound
for the event again and even more tickled to be a featured performer.
I also sold more CDs at this event than any other in the past. On top
of everything, the weather was absolutely beautiful; the setting was
perfect - right on the Shenadoah River; and the audience was as good
as it gets. Thanks, Pops! See some pictures at:
And visit Pops at

Roanoke's Festival In The Park was held the last weekend in May, and
I played 3 times at the event - once solo at the Gazebo Stage and
twice with my group, WOODY, at the Festival Stage and the Gazebo
Stage. As always, the sound was very good - provided by Stage Sound of
Roanoke. It's always fun to play for an appreciative audience. But I
feel that Festival takes advantage of area musicians by asking them to
play for free, in the spirit of "giving back to the community". I
thought that was what I was doing when I played for the League For
Animal Protection, Edinburgh Square Retirement Community, Ronald
McDonald House and others, including Festival In The Park (on the main
stage) in 2007 and several other years. In all fairness, I was granted
a parking pass (good for the time period of my sets). But, a Festival
pass would have been a nice gesture - or at least a cold bottle of
water. Next year? Looking doubtful.

In June, Pattie and I went to the Nashville Songwriters Festival in -
you guessed it - Nashville. Along with my partner-in-crime, P.J.
Steelman, I managed the main stage there, seeing that everything ran
smoothly and running sound in the early and late hours when the sound
company was off. P.J. and I had some terrific help from our
"wranglers" and emcees, too. This festival is unlike any other in that
it's not a contest, and that it's all about songwriting and learning
the craft and networking. There's an "open-door" policy during the
festival by many of the publishers, labels and song-pluggers, and it's
up to the individual to take advantage of the many opportunities
there. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet and greet many of
the star performers, like Tom T. Hall, Stella Parton, Walter Egan and
Grandma Billie. Not all songwriters perform. For example, Bob Hicks
was there again this year. He's written countless country hits for
major performers. He's gotta be tickled to hear artists play his songs
live. I surely would! Visit Popcorn and the crew at:

Plans for the near future are a little muddy right now due to
financial concerns, but should include the Loved Ones Reunion in
Jonesborough, TN as well as some dates in other parts of East
Tennessee, Knoxville and Chattanooga. Unless you're a "Bar Ho"
performer, which I'm not, Roanoke's support of its musical community
is limited, making it necessary to hit the road to get paying gigs.
Let's not talk about the costs of travelling.

One of my favorite annual gigs is the Southwest Virginia Songwriters
Association (SVSA) Songwriter In The Round Series. It's held at 3rd
Street Coffeehouse in Old Southwest Roanoke; it's free; and you get to
hear original songs by the region's best songwriters. Write this down
- October 10, 2008 - 7 PM or thereabouts. Drop me a line if you need
directions or more info. I'll be there.

This department is directed at independent musicians in the hopes of
providing resources for those of us who are "out of the loop" as far
as the major record labels are concerned. Watch out, majors! There are
a bunch of us out here, and we're comin' at ya!

A resource I place a high value on is courtesy of David Hooper of
Kathode Ray Music. One of the things David turned me on to is:

In a nutshell:

How to Use "Everyday 15"

The Concept

The concept behind Everyday 15 is simple... Big things come from
small and consistent actions.

Each day, we'll post a new task which will help you to grow your
music business. Each activity will take about 15 minutes or less to

Simply complete the task and report back with your results. That's

What's in it for you?

* More Music Sold
* More People at Your Shows
* More Money

Sound good? Get started now!


Everyday 15 works, but don't take our word for it. Take our 30 Day
Challenge and see for yourself!

I've started this department in order to offer a special service to
those people who would like to have MP3 copies of "Naughty And Nice"
tunes on their computer and/or iPod.

I'm going to feature "Lillian" again this time, in honor of my great
friend, Lillian Banks, who inspired the song. I hope you'll take
advantage of the free download by clicking on the following link and
selecting the song:

Only 999,559 more sales before "Naughty And Nice" goes platinum!

Thanks to everyone who has bought and/or listened to "Naughty And
Nice". I've finally broken even on the project, passing the 400 mark
(441 at this count). Future sales will actually put a couple bucks in
my kitty for each CD sold. Yay! I actually make more from digital
downloads than CDs. Handled mostly by CD Baby, my digital distribution
approaches 6,000 now - another milestone (mostly listens, of course -
they net me anywhere from .01 to .09 each, depending on the source).
There are links below that will take you to digital music sites, many
of which offer free sample tracks. I hope you'll check them out and
feel compelled to support independent music by making a purchase of a
single track or whole album. Thanks!

I'm pleased to have my music offered at PayPlayFM, a new digital
download site offering over a million independent music tracks. Mine
are easy to find at:

Also new for me is BROADJAM, a popular digital download site for
independent music. Check it out and search me, too:

I'm fortunate to be included on a compilation CD
released by Catawba Records, titled "Blue Ridge
Music Today - The Whole Caboodle". This is a
fantastic collection of 21 songs by Catawba Records
artists and those who have recorded at Catawba
Sound Studio. There are tunes by Steve Virts,
Donna Pearson, Samuel Thomas Mann, Al Coffey,
Heather Berry & Virginia Carolina, the Bluegrass
Brothers, Locust Mountain Boys, and a bunch of
other artists, including WOODY! Check it out at the
CD Baby site, and buy it there if you like, or order a
copy from the Store page at my site:

"Naughty And Nice" is also available by purchase or download (use
your credit card if you like) at my site and a number of internet
locations (about 64, actually):
CHONDO also:
ARTIST DIRECT:,,477679,00.html

At any of my gigs. The gig price is
$10 and, of course, I'll be happy to sign them for you.
By mail: you can send $12 (includes postage) to the
address below and specify how you'd like me to
personally sign it for you. I'll send it out the same day,
if possible.

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